Sending Signals

Sending Signals
A show about music and creativity.

Steve Howe / Steve Hackett
Oct 1 • 49 min
Prog-tastic! This month Steve Howe of Yes discusses his new record with The Steve Howe Trio, picking Yes setlists, and playing gigs in a prison. Also, former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett talks life on the road, his current tour performing “Selling…
Lloyd Cole / Steve Hogarth
Sep 3 • 48 min
And we’re back. Did you miss me? This month Lloyd Cole talks divisive new album “Guesswork” and the challenges of being creative as you get older. Steve Hogarth of Marillion is also on, reflecting on 30 years with the band, as they tentatively start work…
Steve Ferrone / Bob Collum
Aug 6 • 55 min
Episode 10! I’m still here! Delighted to have drummer Steve Ferrone of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers as a guest this week. We discuss growing up, overcoming his addiction, and of course, the loss of Tom. Also on the show, Bob Collum pops in for a chat…
John Illsley / Mike Connell
Jul 30 • 60 min
Hey hey hey! This week John Illsley of Dire Straits talks nostalgia, the pressure of being huge, and whether bass players should make solo albums. Also, you may remember The Connells for their hit “74-75” but there’s a lot more to the band’s career. It…
Grant Nicholas / Tony Banks
Jul 23 • 56 min
Greetings! Episode 8 is here. Grant Nicholas is on the show this week, talking about the upcoming Feeder album “Tallulah”. We talk about the ups and downs of 25 years of Feeder; being creative in the face of tragedy, the process of making some of their…
Bev Bevan / Eric Pulido
Jul 16 • 50 min
The spaceship is landing! Bev Bevan of ELO and The Move is on the show this week. We get real about ELO’s first album, Bev’s ill-advised ELO spin-off band, writing credits for drummers, and the great songs left off “Time”. Also on the show, the very nice…
Jody Stephens / Katie Mullins
Jul 9 • 54 min
Howdy! This week Big Star drummer Jody Stephens is here! Big Star are one of the greatest bands “evs” and they have such a mystique around them; it was so cool to talk to Jody from Ardent Studios where Big Star created most of their records, and where he…
Dennis Coffey / Derek J. Pack
Jul 2 • 45 min
Imagine you could take a pill that reduced or even eliminated your body’s need for sleep. Would you take it? What would be the implications for society if everyone took it? Those are some of the issues raised in “Dead Tired”; the debut novel from Derek J.…
Clarisse Loughrey / Jo Bevan
Jun 25 • 53 min
Wossup! This week we have a member of Desperate Journalist and an actual journalist whom I shall not refer to as “desperate”. Clarisse Loughrey, is here! The Independent’s Chief Film Critic herself, alongside Desperate Journalist vocalist Jo Bevan.
Neil Hannon / Ben Brignell
Jun 18 • 53 min
You’re still here? Welcome back. This week the brilliant and hilarious Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy talks new album “Office Politics”, ELO, Mastermind, and complains about Mike Rutherford’s bass pedals. Also, designer and musician Ben Brignell…
Mike Rutherford / Nils Lofgren
Jun 11 • 49 min
Welcome back! This week, Genesis guitarist, Mike Rutherford indulges my fan-boy questions and we have a guest from E Street…
Colin Blunstone / Adam Duritz
Jun 4 • 43 min
This week Counting Crows’ Adam Duritz talks mental health and creativity, and the future (or possibly not) of the band. Also Colin Blunstone of The Zombies chats ahead of the band’s induction into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.
Trailer - “Is this thing on?”
May 8 • 5 min
Whether you write songs, books, or movies, or you write about songs, books, or movies; aren’t we all just sending signals?