Sustaining Creation - Now!

Sustaining Creation - Now!
Sustaining Creation - Now is a weekly update on what is happening in Environmental News, local, and globally, and an action you can implement to make a difference to save our Climate! -Get your Environmental news - both positive and not so… what pe…

OK Boomer, where did we go so wrong/
Dec 2 • 20 min
In this episode, we explore what Boomers got wrong but more importantly what does it take to make it right.
Story of Remarkable Time To Be Alive (without news segment)
Nov 12 • 22 min
What can we learn from our life experiences in this remarkable time to be alive that would move us to embrace a sustainable future for our kid.
News & Story: Remarkable Time To Be Alive
Nov 10 • 34 min
What lessons can we learn from our experiences in this most remarkable time to be alive?
Lies We Tell Ourselves
Oct 30 • 27 min
Our story focuses on the simple uncomfortable fact that we tell ourselves lies, some are everyday kind of liesm and some go away beyond that in their attempt to cover up truly evil intentions.
When Our Stories Collide
Oct 21 • 12 min
I’ve been pondering the escalating clashes and conflicts related to the Climate Crisis as to what might be the root cause and I’m more & more convinced it resides in an inherent conflict between our core stories.
Power of Protest
Sep 26 • 24 min
“Power of Protest” with it’s purpose of moving the Human civilization story to a more equitable & sustainable way of life.
Ignorance is not bliss & Original Sin is not original
Sep 18 • 26 min
Ignorance is not bliss and Original Sin is not original, in the 21st Century both are dangerous & destructive choices. Original Sin is not Original but a result of what we choose to do with the original gift of Free Will.
Wow! The Costs Of Saving The Life Systems Of Our Earth
Sep 11 • 28 min
Using the lens of personal stories, we look at the costs of saving the life systems of our earth
The Problem With Miracles
Aug 28 • 25 min
We explore the problem with miracles specifically what do we expect God to do for us as Vs what is God expecting us to do for all of creation.
Soil and Soul Podcast Aug 2
Aug 2 • 28 min
In our story time this week we are gifted with the wisdom of Rev. Dele as she tells of her Call to create her ministry of “Soil & Soul”.
Becoming Wise
Jul 25 • 34 min
Using my story as an illustrative example, we discuss the challenges and struggles to do this very necessary task of fully maturing into wisdom as individuals and as a society
Water is Life
Jul 18 • 34 min
Our story this week explores our relationship with water, the good, the bad and the ugly.
Uncommon Commons
Jul 11 • 39 min
“The Uncommon Commons” explores what it means to live in community with the others and why its critical for our future.
Episode 8 How are the Children
Jun 27 • 32 min
We explore the essential question posed to human civilization throughout the ages: “How Are the Children?”
Star Fish Throwing & Other Callings
Jun 20 • 31 min
How our gifts and talents become our vocational tools in response to the Climate Crisis.
6. The art of Zen Driving or getting from here to there without harming each other
Jun 12 • 31 min
We take an in depth personal look at electric vehicles leading us into a future without exhaust pipes.
Episode 5 Burning Bushes
Jun 5 • 21 min
Can we understand the lived experience of others sufficient to inspire us to act?
Episode 4; A Land Divided
May 28 • 27 min
How do we assist non-violent civil disobediance if we are not in a position to be arrested?
Episode 3 Drawing A Line In The Sand
May 22 • 26 min
What does it mean to “draw a line in the sand” against the actions of your government? Plus the latest news.
Episode 2 : The Risky Business of Our Individualism and our Hubris
May 15 • 25 min
News as well as a look at the dangerous forces unleashed by our individualism & hubris.
My Story -Why would people purposely destroy their environment?
May 10 • 24 min
News as well as a look at why a people would purposedly destroy their environment.
Sustaining Creation - Now! trailer
May 8 • 4 min
Sustaining Creation Now Trailer
Come and See - original song by Kristin Cotts
May 8 • 4 min
Original song by Kristin Cotts - Come and See