Golf 360

Golf 360
Golf 360 came about from a theory I wrote a decade ago called The Golf Paradigm. It is something I came up with after spending over 30 years in golf and meeting a lot of exceptional people. Some of them were within the industry while others were outside of it but they all had phenomenal information that helped me improve. Whether it was a world-renowned coach, genius club fitter or engineer, ground breaking health professional or therapist, fantastic mental coach or psychologist or someone that understood how to utilize all of these to the benefit of the whole, they are some amazing people. There were also many others, all highly accomplished and from various fields; the business world, other professional athletes, and many more that were kind enough to pass along the knowledge they had acquired over a lifetime of work. Not only did their input help me as a touring professional, it also helped me in life and with my current teaching position with the The Golf Paradigm Academy. I wanted to take my good fortune

008: Andrew Rice - A career in Coaching/Teaching, why he’s OK not teaching PGA Tour pro’s, and how life’s challenges lead to future success.
Aug 12 • 89 min
Andrew Rice (TW - @andrewricegolf, FB- @andrewricegolf, IG – andrewricegolf) Andrew is a Revolution Golf Staff Instructor, a TrackMan Master, and one of nine Trackman University Partners in the world. He is also a Swing Catalyst Ambassador. He is the…
007: Dan Hellman – Physical therapist and Fitness professional on training the best golfers on the planet, the CHEK Institute, and the ‘Magic Bullet’ for golf…ELDOA.
Jul 28 • 132 min
Dan Hellman is the owner of H3 by Dan Hellman; a.k.a. Hellman Holistic Health, and one of the best physical therapists/health and fitness professionals on the planet. He has helped some of the best golfers in the world recover from injury, get back to…
006: Geoff Mangum - Putting Theory, the 4 Skills of Putting, and How to become a great putter
Jul 16 • 160 min
Today’s guest is Putting Theorist, Geoff Mangum. If you’re wondering why he’s a ‘Theorist’ and not a coach or instructor, you will find out during the interview. If you haven’t heard of Geoff I wouldn’t be surprised if you struggle with your putting…
005: James ‘Bubba’ Kroeger: Select the best golf ball, the Foot Joy brand, and the Best Job in Golf
Jul 7 • 121 min
All right all you hackers, today is one of the coolest interviews I’ve done, and it is with my good friend, James ‘Bubba’ Kroeger. One of the reasons this is so cool is because Bubba has had arguably two of the best jobs you could ever want in the golf…
004: Rande Somma: Honesty & Integrity in Golf, Life and the Corporate World
Jun 17 • 139 min
While President of Worldwide Automotive Operations at Johnson Controls Inc., Rande Somma’s first question to his team wasn’t ‘What do we need to do different to achieve these new goals?’ it was ‘What won’t we do, under any circumstances, to achieve our…
003: Ret. USMC Col. Drew Smith: Routines, Discipline and Preparedness and why they are so important
Jun 1 • 121 min
Interview with Colonel Andrew ‘Drew’ Smith, United State Marine Corp. Retired.
002: Coach Conrad Ray-Everything you need to know about college golf
May 19 • 68 min
Interview of Conrad Ray, Head Men’s Golf Coach at Stanford University.
001: Mike Harmon-Playing the PGA Tour, the golf industry, and building a club from the ground up
May 7 • 177 min
Interview of PGA Tour Professional and current Director of Golf at Secession Golf Club in Beaufort, SC, Mike Harmon.