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The Vast Majority
The Vast Majority hosted by Micah Uetricht

“DSA 2019 Convention Breakdown” with Andrew Sernatinger
Jul 31, 2019
The Democratic Socialists of America’s biennial convention is in Atlanta this weekend. The rise of the DSA is one of the most promising developments in American politics in at least half a century. I talked to Andrew Sernatinger, a member of Madison DSA,…
“They’re Not Just Mad at AOC — They’re Scared of Her” with Miles Kampf-Lassin
Jul 18, 2019
It’s gotten heated this last week between Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the squad, on the one hand, and Nancy Pelosi, centrist Democrats, and the House Democratic Party leadership on the other. But this conflict isn’t empty intra-party bickering. It’s an…
“Why Bernie Was Right to Oppose US Intervention in Central America” with Hilary Goodfriend
Jul 9, 2019
The New York Times recently attacked Bernie Sanders’s record on solidarity with Nicaragua in the 1980s. It probably won’t be the last time we see redbaiting attacks against Sanders in the election season, so it’s important to establish what exactly…
“Elizabeth Warren Can and Should Do Better on Foreign Policy” with Sarah Lazare
Jul 2, 2019
Elizabeth Warren is, by American political standards, a very strong presidential candidate. She has taken up a robust domestic social-democratic agenda — one that, while not as strong as Bernie Sanders’s, is pretty damn good. Foreign policy, however, is a…
“What a Socialist Society Will Actually Look Like” with Sam Gindin
Jun 28, 2019
“Why Bernie Talks About the New Deal” with Seth Ackerman
Jun 25, 2019
Bernie Sanders has been talking a lot about the New Deal lately, mentioning it in his recent speech on democratic socialism. Ironically, the response from many liberals has been to argue that the New Deal wasn’t really socialism. Jacobin’s Seth Ackerman…
“The Militant Minority” with Eric Blanc
Jun 11, 2019
Part two of our discussion with Eric Blanc on his new book Red State Revolt: The Teachers Strike Wave and Working-Class Politics. We discuss the role of a “militant minority” of rank-and-file radicals in Arizona and West Virginia’s teachers strikes — as…
“Red State Revolt” with Eric Blanc
Jun 4, 2019
The teachers strike wave of the last year and a half is the most important development in US working-class politics in decades. And nobody has covered that strike wave closer than Eric Blanc. Eric has been Jacobin’s man on the ground for most of these…
“The Case for Open Borders” with Suzy Lee
May 28, 2019
What should the Left say about borders? Free flow of people across borders has always been a key topic for leftists, perhaps never more so than right now — especially given the realities of climate change. Some on the Left advance a maximalist demand of…
Socialism: The Movie with Yael Bridge
May 20, 2019
Socialism: The Movie with Yael Bridge Yael Bridge is one of the filmmakers behind the forthcoming documentary Socialism: An American Story. She talks with Micah about what she’s trying to do with the film as well as her own transformation from a liberal…
“Chicago’s Socialist Surge” with Carlos Ramirez-Rosa
May 14, 2019
Chicago recently made international headlines for the victories of six — six!! — members of the Democratic Socialists of America running for city council. It’s an astonishing victory, the biggest socialist victory in any American city in probably a…
“Bernie Sanders Wants You to Fight” with Meagan Day
May 7, 2019
If we want to transform the United States in a socialist direction, we’re going to need to do much more than elect Bernie Sanders as president. Nobody harps on this point more than Bernie himself. You can see it in his “not me, us” campaign slogan, or his…
“The Socialist Manifesto” with Bhaskar Sunkara
Apr 30, 2019
It’s the first episode of The Vast Majority, which will be bringing you conversations on American and international politics from a socialist perspective. So who better to have on than Bhaskar Sunkara, Jacobin’s editor, publisher, and founder. Bhaskar is…
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Apr 29, 2019
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