One in Ten

One in Ten
Engaging the brightest minds working to solve one of the world’s toughest challenges—child abuse. Join us for one-on-one conversations with leading experts on science, law, medicine, morality, and messaging. This podcast is brought to you by National

Prediction as Prevention
Aug 5 • 33 min
In “Prediction as Prevention,” Emily Putnam-Hornstein, an associate professor at the USC School of Social Work and the director of Children’s Data Network, talks about at-risk children, implicit bias in our nation’s child welfare system, and what role big…
Treating the Smoke and Not the Fire
Jul 12 • 43 min
From Darrell Hammond and Michelle Esrick, the duo behind the film Cracked Up, a discussion about how too often society treats the effects of childhood trauma instead of the cause.
The Science of Storytelling
Jun 28 • 44 min
How can we talk about the seriousness of child sexual abuse while still giving ordinary people hope that they can do something about it?
The Failure That Leads to All Others
Jun 19 • 48 min
Child sexual abuse in institutional settings is a problem we know how to fix—the challenge is getting institutions to make child protection a priority.
The Bystander Effect—Why People Don’t Report Child Abuse
May 31 • 33 min
Teresa talks with researcher Wendy Walsh on why people shy away from reporting suspected child abuse—and how we can overcome those barriers.
Faith, Trauma, and the Problem of Evil
May 13 • 35 min
Teresa talks to renowned writer and trainer Victor Vieth from Zero Abuse Project about the intersection of faith and child protection.
Child Abuse as a Public Health Issue
May 2 • 41 min
The case for treating child sexual abuse as a public health issue and not just a criminal justice problem.