The Analytics Show

The Analytics Show
Welcome to the podcast of The Analytics Show. We will learn from the leading industry experts using data and analytics to solve the problems and create values in practice. We will also learn where their industry is heading to and how data and analytics will shape the industry in the future. Most importantly, how they are preparing their business for digital transformation and disruptions in the future.

E6 - Prashant Natarajan - Healthcare Analytics and the Ever-changing Landscape of Analytics Vendors
Nov 30 • 56 min
Could it be that we are living in revolutionary times? We are on the crest of a wave coming for the last 40 or 50 years… data and analytics have the potential to make a massive impact in all industries. One of the reasons why The Analytics Show works so…
E5 - Dr. Alex Antic - Mission to Train the Next Generation of Data Scientists
Oct 30 • 59 min
Dr. Alex Antic is a trusted and experienced Data Science leader, with a proven record of delivering innovative, successful and sustainable projects in government, industry and startups (including Sports Analytics), that leverage data and Machine…
E4 - Eric Axelrod - Analytics in the Cloud and How the Future of Web Conference is Shifting
Sep 30 • 70 min
Eric Axelrod is the President and Chief Architect for DIGR. DIGR is a BI & analytics consulting company based in the USA, & they help organizations become more agile with end-to-end Business Intelligence solutions. Examples of some of the services DIGR…
E3 - Andrew Swindell - Information Architecture and the Data Ecosystems in Energy companies
Aug 31 • 46 min
Andrew Swindell is a TOGAF qualified Enterprise Information Architect and with over 20 years’ experience in the field of information technology and enterprise architecture. On top of the years of consulting experience in enterprise architecture and data…
E2 - Dr. Warwick Graco - The use of Data Science in Government
Aug 8 • 59 min
Dr Warwick Graco is a senior director in data science at Australian Taxation Office (ATO). He previously worked for what is now called ‘Medicare Australia’ and was manager of a team that built machine-learning and multivariate statistical models to help…
E1 - Damian Morris - Future of Intelligent Transportation System & the Role Australia Can Play
Aug 5 • 51 min
A former CIO and CTO, Damian Morris has 25 years’ experience negotiating, developing and delivering mission-critical technology systems into the road infrastructure, finance, software and gaming & wagering industries. Damian’s career spans commercial,…
Trailer for Data and Analytics in Business
May 4 • 0 min
A short trailer of what the podcast - Data and Analytics in Business, is about. Over the coming months, we will interview the industry leaders and expert how they drive their business with data and analytics. —- Send in a voice message:…