Virtue With Vision

Virtue With Vision
Prolific author, motivational speaker, relationship coach, Mary Lee Vance has a powerful and impactful podcast to help those all around the world live their best lives through Christ. She discusses relationships, goals, life, and a whoollleee lot of Je…

Praise Him Until You See It
Nov 27 • 37 min
Praise Him, But Why?
Nov 16 • 41 min
Work on Your Patience
Nov 2 • 39 min
Part 4: Work on Your Patience
Work on Surrendering to Christ
Oct 19 • 42 min
Part 3: Work On Surrendering to Christ
Work On Your Faith
Oct 12 • 42 min
Part 2: Work on Your Faith
Work on You
Oct 5 • 42 min
Part 1: Work on You
Love Thy Neighbor: What’s Love Got To Do With It?
Sep 21 • 40 min
Love Thy Neighbor: Make Them Pay For What They Did
Sep 14 • 43 min
Love Thy Neighbor: What’s The Gossip?
Sep 7 • 38 min
Faint Not: Persecution to the Promise
Aug 31 • 40 min
Faint Not: Keep the Faith & Don’t Stop Praying
Aug 24 • 47 min
Are you having trouble staying in faith?You have a really cool vision and passion but you have given up?How dedicated are you to the Word of God and your prayer life?This episode is for you!Please don’t forget to subscribe to…
Faint Not: I AM Who I Say I AM
Aug 17 • 41 min
Faint Not Part 3: I Am Who I Say I Am
Faint Not: The Shift is Here
Aug 10 • 41 min
There’s a Shift Coming for Your Life
Faint Not: Lady in Waiting
Aug 5 • 45 min
Is the relationship you are in toxic? Maybe you are unsure, but this episode is designed for the single ladies who desire to be a wife! Faint not, and wait upon the Lord. YOU DESERVE GOD’S BEST BECAUSE YOU ARE GOD’S BEST! —- This episode is sponsored by ·…