The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast
In The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast, Ana and Klas Kristiansson - apparel industry experts, authors, and speakers will discuss hands-on tactics touching all areas involved in running and growing a meaningful, successful apparel brand. Learn practical strategies about sustainability, design, product, marketing, sales, community, e-commerce, and entrepreneurship. You’ll also hear inspiring interviews with industry experts and entrepreneurs about their tips and journeys in this fast-paced industry. A must-listen for everybody that is running an apparel brand or is working with apparel.

AEP007 - How To Create Raving Fans
Jun 11 • 20 min
How to create raving fan customers. We are talking about what it means to have a cult following instead of regular customers and we are giving you some actionable tips on what you can do as a brand, to gain a cult following. You guys know, we all have our…
AEP006 - How To Start A Clothing Brand - The Complete Guide
Jun 4 • 30 min
The complete Guide To Starting A Successful Clothing Brand. Are you thinking about starting your own brand? Are you already running an apparel brand, but want to revisit the steps involved? Are you already running a business in a different field, and want…
AEP005 - Optimize Your Online Store
May 28 • 29 min
We are talking about selling online and how to optimize your online store. Many of the brands we are working with, and that are launching now, are pure D2C brands. Most other brands, that traditionally have sold wholesale, are also opening up their own…
AEP004 - Sustainability
May 21 • 29 min
Sustainability in the apparel industry. This topic is something that is more relevant than ever. A clear majority of all the brands we work with has this a top priority. Also, there is no other topic that we talk about, that stir up as many conversations,…
AEP003 - Succeed With Your Clothing Line
May 14 • 33 min
How you can succeed with your clothing brand, by avoiding a range of common mistakes. Since the start of Apparel Entrepreneurship, we have worked with hundreds of clients around the world through our monthly membership program and through one-on-one…
AEP002 - Grow Your Apparel Brand
May 6 • 28 min
How to grow your apparel brand. Small brands, medium-sized brands, and big brands all have one thing in common: they want to grow. We have worked with hundreds of brands, and so far we haven’t found any that doesn’t want to grow. When running an apparel…
AEP001 - Introduction
May 4 • 26 min
We present ourselves, so you can better understand where we are coming from and why we are so passionate about clothing brands. We also talk about reasons and motivation of being an entrepreneur, plus tips on how to manage a busy schedule. This is episode…