How To Start A Podcast by Podcast Insights

How To Start A Podcast by Podcast Insights
Learn how to start a podcast in 9 steps - as well as some fun ways to grow your show! Check out the show link for a detailed written guide on starting a podcast. You can also find the full show at Support this podcast:

May 14 • 6 min
I put “launch” in quotes because this step is really all about submitting your podcast to iTunes (Apple Podcasts). That means that when Apple accepts it, your show will be live and officially launched, even if no one knows about it. As a bonus, we’ll talk…
May 14 • 7 min
You will need to upload your episodes to a podcast hosting platform. This is also the place where you will enter your podcast details and cover art we talked about a few days ago. Action Step: Sign up for Buzzsprout, enter your podcast settings, and…
May 14 • 7 min
Start by downloading Audacity (it’s free and works with Mac or Windows). Then I recommend following this excellent Audacity tutorial. Other Links Mentioned: Ecamm Call Recorder For Skype Software To Record Remotely Resonate Recordings —- Support this…
May 14 • 12 min
Your main goals with your podcast cover art should be to: Stand out Be easy to read (at different sizes) Be easy to understand what your show is about Get people to click and learn more You’ll want to figure out these details: Podcast Title Podcast…
May 14 • 14 min
It’s time to invest in some equipment. Audio quality is more important than most people realize - poor audio quality will quickly turn people off, even if they can’t specifically name why. And you don’t have to spend a ton to get amazing audio quality!…
May 14 • 11 min
Today we’re going to talk about Show Format. There are many different styles and formats you can choose - and many people will combine formats (i.e. a solo episode one day, an interview episode another day). There isn’t a right or wrong way to go here -…
May 2 • 8 min
Quick Recap - At this point we’ve: Come up with ideas we want to talk about and chosen one broad topic. We’ve done research on episode ideas. Before you continue, ask yourself: “Does this interest me? Is this something I could see myself talking about or…
May 2 • 9 min
Based on the broad topic we chose yesterday, we are going to do a little research. We are looking for more specific episode and topic ideas that people will be excited to hear… Listen for little-known tips to come up with amazing episode ideas. Action…
May 2 • 9 min
So you’re thinking about starting a podcast? I get a lot of messages from people looking to start a podcast, but they don’t know: Where to start What to podcast about What equipment to use How to get on iTunes and many other questions Maybe you’re…