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Prove Yourself Wrong
Aug 17 • 1 min
“The true act of discovery comes not from finding new lands, but seeing with new eyes.” Today, Rich Mulholland challenges us to become a student in our own field of expertise. We have a tendency to go on a quest to get good enough at something, and then
Community Matters
Aug 16 • 1 min
Did you know that it costs 5 to 20 times more to acquire a new customer, than to just retain the ones you already have? By building a community, we gain quick and easy access to our customers, which fosters long-term loyalty and retention. In Jeff’s inte
Little Touches
Aug 15 • 1 min
Today, Joe Casabona challenges you to focus on the little details and touches that your client may not even consciously notice. These little details may seem small – but their contribution to the overall customer experience is vital. By focusing o
Why Reading Books is Making You Fat
Aug 14 • 1 min
Today’s inspiration comes from Rich Mulholland’s Get Rich Quick Show As a society, we are consuming knowledge (reading) in the same way we consume calories from food, but we’re not burning the calories we’re consuming in the form of action. We make the
Aug 13 • 1 min
What is your vision? For so many small businesses and start-ups, establishing a vision can be difficult because adaptability and growth take priority early on. Trevor Bragdon mainly works with non-profit companies, helping them develop their fundraising
Episode Zero
Aug 12 • 1 min
Why does your podcast need an episode zero? Joe Casabona, podcaster, course-creator and developer, says there are two reasons that podcasters should start with an episode zero. First, it helps to introduce who you are and what your show is about, in a tr
SEO Investment
Aug 11 • 1 min
Think your website is already optimized for SEO? Think again. Curtis Hays says that installing Yeost, or having an SEO-friendly site doesn’t guarantee that your website is optimized. You have to work optimize it. He suggests purchasing a Yeost guid
The 80% Rule
Aug 10 • 1 min
Today’s tip comes from “The 1 Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib.“ Allan’s rule of thumb is that if someone else can complete a task 80% as well as you can, then you should delegate it. Jeff describes this rule of thumb as a candid way of sayin
Answering Questions
Aug 9 • 1 min
How many emails do you receive with questions from your website’s contact form? These questions are great content material – your audience is telling you exactly what they want to know! Instead of just replying in that email (which you should do pr
Interesting Intersections
Aug 8 • 1 min
Inspired by Alex Bloomberg, Jeff asks: What is it about your video, audio, or copy that makes your audience pause, and find it curious or fascinating? He encourages us to focus on finding the interesting intersections of the story we’re telling. It&#8217
Focus on Craft
Aug 7 • 1 min
“If you think about your business as craft, then you’re constantly looking for ways to improve it.” Today’s snippet is from Jeff’s interview with Howard Mann who is a business coach for entrepreneur businesses at The Business Brickyard. Howard says most
Free Advice
Aug 6 • 1 min
Are you worried about giving “it” away for free? Whether you’re posting free content on your blog or YouTube video, many people are worried they will lose business by giving too much away for free. But, here’s a dirty little secret from Joe Casabona&#823
Tack Back Your Time
Aug 5 • 1 min
Today’s inspiration comes from Rich Mulholland’s Get Rich Quick Show on the road in Washington DC. Rich reminds us to respect the importance of our own time. We are the only ones who are in control of our time and our priorities. And when we respect our
How We Spend Our Time
Aug 4 • 1 min
Though it’s something we hear often, Allan Dibs encourages us to review how we’re spending our time in “The 1 Page Marketing Plan.” He says, “spending a lot of time doing things are aren’t your area of expertise or aren’t a good use of your time can qui
Walt Disney’s Trash Cans
Aug 3 • 1 min
If you’re a huge Walt Disney fan like Joe Casabona is, you may have heard this story before. Disney conducted his own experiment in his park, observing just how many steps people would take before discarding their litter and giving up on finding a trash
10,000 Small Fish
Aug 2 • 1 min
This is a snapshot of Jeff and JT Smith’s frank and open discussion of their opposing business models. JT Smith is a successful entrepreneur and business owner who would rather have 10,000 customers paying him $10 per month, rather than 10 customers payi
Building Community
Aug 1 • 1 min
Today’s inspiration comes from Jeff’s interview with Stephanie Baiocchi, Director of Audience Engagement and Community at IMPACT She stresses the importance of building and organizing a community, simply because conversations always happen in the context
Be Inquisitive
Jul 31 • 1 min
Joe Casabona describes himself as a naturally curious person. He asks a lot of questions, no matter where he is, and he says it makes him a better podcaster, course-creator and developer. By asking HOW and WHY things work – out loud, to people who
Hearing Something Awesome
Jul 30 • 1 min
Today’s inspiration comes from Jeff’s interview with Howard Benson, a popular and successful music producer in the United States. According to Howard, when people come to see bands, they don’t care if they’re faking it or not. They want to hear somethin
Lead-Generating Ads
Jul 29 • 1 min
Today’s Creative Marketing Brief comes again from Allan Dib’s “The 1 Page Marketing Plan.” Dib says that if you try selling directly from your ad, you’d be targeting only the 3% who are ready to buy immediately and losing the other 97%. By creating
Engaging Your Audience
Jul 28 • 1 min
Want to know the best way to engage your audience? Email! Joe Casabona as a podcaster, course-creator and developer and his weekly newsletter is still the most effective means of engagement. Other options include live chats, forums and discussion boards
The Only Morning Ritual You’ll Ever Need
Jul 27 • 1 min
Today’s inspiration comes from Rich Mulholland’s Get Rich Quick Show – it’s a twist on the traditional to-do list. We are inundated with the morning routines of successful individuals – from gratitude or bullet journaling, to setting intentio
What is your purpose?
Jul 26 • 1 min
Web designer and author of “Company of One,” Paul Jarvis, argues that to simply make money is just not a strong enough mission. There needs to be more to your work. There needs to be a purpose. Life won’t always go the way we want it to, and
Know Your Audience
Jul 25 • 1 min
If you’ve been following Creative Marketing Brief, you’ll know Joe Casabona as a podcaster, course-creator and developer. When Joe first struck out on his own, he knew nothing about his audience – literally nothing. Now, ConvertKit allows him to tr
Expanding Your Team
Jul 24 • 1 min
Jeff recently spoke with a prospect joining the Come Alive Creative team and shares two important questions he always asks during the interview process. What have you done in the last 12 months to improve your skills? This gives you an idea of how intr
Jul 23 • 1 min
There is inherent failure in everything. Everything CAN fail, so the more you do something, the better chance you have of succeeding at it, according to JT Smith. JT has built 21 businesses in the past 22 years, including The Game Crafter, Tabletop Event
Beaver Builder
Jul 22 • 1 min
Today’s insider tip comes from Joe Casabona, podcaster, course-creator and developer. Joe shares his favorite tool for building beautiful and flexible landing pages on WordPress – Beaver Builder. There is a free version but most plans will cost $10
The Right Attitude
Jul 21 • 1 min
Today’s inspiration comes from Jeff’s interview with Howard Benson, a popular and successful music producer in the United States. According to Benson, having the right attitude can be the best indicator of success in life. There are many intrinsic princi
Automate or Delegate
Jul 20 • 1 min
If you’re familiar with Creative Marketing Brief, you’ll remember the book, “The 1 Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib.” Today’s brief is taken from page 126 of that book Much of our work can be automated and what can’t be automated should be de
SEO Tools: Google Rank Checker
Jul 19
How often do you check your Google search ranking? When you do, you probably find yourself becoming exhausted with the amount of scrolling and searching you have to do just to find your website. There’s a way to make this problem go away, says SEO Consul
Recording Audio on Video
Jul 18
A video can be a powerful tool for the modern marketer. Face to face is ideal, says Growth Marketer Dan Moyle of Impulse Creative, but video is a close second. When recording, make sure your audio is up to par. First and foremost, make sure there’s any a
Repurposing Content
Jul 17
A constant theme in Jeff Large and the Come Alive Creative team’s work is that you should always find ways to repurpose your content. In fact, this very episode is made from repurposed content. If you aren’t repurposing content, using it in at least thre
Shooting Video on Your Phone
Jul 16
While it’s great to have a professional videographer to shoot your videos, it’s not always possible, even necessary, or even in the budget, especially at a moments notice. Sometimes it’s just best to shoot on your phone. Here’s a quick and easy tip
Utilizing Google Search Console
Jul 15
When is the last time you looked at Google Search Console for your website? Have you even set it up? With Google Search Console, you can find out what searches on Google are bringing traffic to your website. How? Well, first, you have to set it up! From
Conversation Marketing: The First Question
Jul 14
What gets measured gets improved. As marketers, we are trying to measure a lot. The ultimate measurement is usually sales revenue. But, that’s not the only measurement we should be paying attention to, says Dan Moyle of Impulse Creative. What about conve
4 Written Assets For Your Podcast
Jul 13
Even though podcasting is an audio medium, you need to pay attention to the written components as well. Here’s a brief list of copy necessities for your podcast: 1. A title. Should be clear and engaging. 2. An excerpt or summary. The feature text below a
Make Friends by Making Podcasts
Jul 12
“If you’re looking to network with people, it’s really difficult to call up someone amazing and say hey do you wanna be my friend? Can I talk to you about your business and all the things you’re doing? Instead, start a podcast” This quote from Jeff’s tal
Go Narrow, Be Specific
Jul 11
Don’t be afraid to go narrow! Sara Dunn, Wedding industry SEO consultant, used to be afraid of writing articles that were too specific. She was worried that her general audience wouldn’t benefit.However, soon enough she found many online searchers are lo
Email Reply Metrics
Jul 10
If you’re trying to start a conversation with a prospect… how about trying to actually have a conversation. According to Dan Moyle of Impulse Creative, the most important metric to look out for is email replies. However, it’s not as easy to measure repli
SEO Tools & Recommendations
Jul 9
Lately Jeff has been thinking about growth and promotional tools in preparation for his most recent blog post all about podcast promotion on the Come Alive Creative blog. Through his research, he learned a lot, including ways to write better copy and imp
The Right Kind of Traffic
Jul 8
SEO Consultant for the Wedding Industry (and big proponent for niching down), Sara Dunn, has some advice on traffic. It seems like everyone is looking for ways to grow their traffic, as if it is the key to success. But is traffic always the answer? While
Screaming Frog SEO Spider
Jul 7
Jeff recently attended WordCamp Detroit—one of many mini conferences for WordPress users that take place worldwide. In an SEO session led by Curtis Hayes, a pretty helpful tool was presented. It’s called Screaming Frog SEO Spider. This tool is a “website
Cross Promotion Part 2
Jul 6
Cross promotion works with a variety of mediums. For example, a lot of snippets from Creative Marketing Brief are pulled from host Jeff Large’s podcast, The Jeff Large Podcast. This cross promotion, in addition to Jeff being featured on several other pod
Connecting With Video
Jul 5
Dan Moyle of Impulse Creative wants you to use video for more! Video is about more than fleeting viral fame.It is a useful tool for making connections and interacting with customers.From answering sales questions, integration into email, or even as a per
Becoming the Guest
Jul 4
Many positive results can come from being a guest on other people’s podcasts. MeetEdgar posted a study that boasted some pretty impressive numbers. According to the study, by guesting on other people’s podcasts, they were able to accumulate: 1.25 mil s
Always Be Helping
Jul 3
Dan Moyle, Growth Marketer at Impulse Creative, wants you to never stop helping. In today’s relationship-based economy and the digital age we’re in gaining trust is increasingly vital—and difficult. People want to do business with those they know, like,
Cross Promotion
Jul 2
Podcast cross-pollination (aka cross-promotion) can be incredibly effective in growing your podcast. By trading segments or entire casts, you are able to expose new listeners to your voice. You’ll also gain access to prospective audiences that alre
Filtering Your Prospects
Jul 1
While reading “The 1-Page Marketing Plan” by Allan Dib, host Jeff Large found some pretty insightful information. That being: Tell your potential prospect who your product or service is NOT for! This is so important, and often overlooked. While you may f
Conversation Marketing
Jun 30
Conversational Marketing is marketing with the intention of increasing conversions. A lot of the time, this starts with “chatbots”—sometimes this is live chat with real individuals, others it is via automated bots for when real people aren’t available.Th
Consistency Key For Podcast Growth
Jun 29
There’s a ton of information out there about how to grow your podcast, but the problem is a lot of it lacks data and evidence to back it up. Come Alive Creative recently posted an article focused on providing data and evidence based tips on how to actual
Be Discoverable
Jun 28
Are you launching or have you already launched a podcast? If so, you want to be discoverable.In order for this to be possible, your RSS feed must be submitted to the appropriate directories! There are a few directories you definitely want to pay attentio
3 Kinds of Work
Jun 27
Creative Marketing Brief host, Jeff Large, recently spoke at a “Wine and Web” event hosted by Orbit Media. During his talk he found that a lot of people were intrigued by his work process. For Jeff, there are three kinds of work: 1. Work only you can do,
Email Marketing That Converts
Jun 26
Dan Moyle, Growth Marketer at Impulse Creative, wants you to take a second look at email marketing. Think: email marketing that converts. There are a ton of shiny new ways to communicate with prospects, so many so that email often gets pushed to the side
3 Vital Elements of Marketing
Jun 25
“The 1-Page Marketing Plan” by Allan Dib provides an easy to understand refresher on EVERYTHING marketing. A successful marketing campaign has to get 3 vital elements correct: 1. The market – the target market 2. The message – the marketing m
Encourage Online Review
Jun 24
One of the things you should be doing as a business is encouraging online review! Whether it be Google, Yelp, or the App Store (depending on your business), reviews can help other potential customers find your services. The minute you have a new customer
Professional Values
Jun 23
“Why the hell do you want to do this?” Adii Pienaar of Conversio, co-founder of Woocommerce, asks. How do you identify your values as a business professional? If your values aren’t present in your existing marketing, take a second look
Be the Pistachio
Jun 22
In the small-business world, being “Vanilla” isn’t going to allow you or your work to stand out. Smaller companies must be the “Pistachio” of their market. Pistachio may seem polarizing—some people love it, some people hate it—regardless, it stands out.
Stop Guessing
Jun 21
Kaleigh Moore, freelance writer for E-Commerce platforms and software companies, has a simple tip for sourcing content ideas: Stop guessing what you should be writing about! Instead, turn to feedback. Ask your audience and use them as a guide. Hear more
Feeling is Key
Jun 20
“It’s because I hated it that I felt something, the worst thing is to feel nothing…Then you’ve got problems. If you love it or hate it, both of those emotions are valid.” According to Howard Benson, big time American Music Producer, emotional respo
Small Things Matter
Jun 19
The small things accumulate over time and give us the lives that we have. Our experiences matter, even the tedious or boring ones. Once you realize this fact, you must also realize that it’s time to start being more intentional with how you act and what
Consistence and Connections
Jun 18
If they are consistent, and a good connection maker—it’s proof that they’re a good PR person. It is their job to help you get the word out about what it is you’re trying to promote. Are you a connector? A skilled networker? Who have you helped connect la
Follow the Leader
Jun 17
An organization reacts to the qualities and traits of its leader. They observe you as someone who working hard and doing their best to grow the company. However, if they observe someone who doesn’t care or put in effort, they will follow suit. Do you car
Focus on the Absolute
Jun 16
Professional Blogger and teacher, Alex Nerney makes over $100,000 a month through his online blogs and courses. His advice? Only focus on the things that are absolute. One thing that is absolute: you have to get traffic. Whether it be through Pinterest,
Imposter Syndrome
Jun 15
“I had gotten the dream job I wanted, I had failed at it, and I just said ‘yah know what, I’m calling it quits, I’m done’” said Tiffany daSilva on The Jeff Large Podcast. Ironically, Tiffany is actually a bit of an SEO prodigy and an amazing growth marke
Be Empathetic and Humble
Jun 14
“Never forget where you come from, and never take yourself too seriously,” said Charlie Mechem, former LPGA Commissioner and author, during his interview on The Jeff Large Podcast. Most people have the ability to be empathetic and humble—if they try hard
Build a Compelling Story
Jun 13
Business is a story you tell to compel customers. If you’re starting a business, your story should be the first thing you think about, says Simon Dingle, serial entrepreneur from South Africa and author of “In Math We Trust.” Build a compelling story and
2 Types of Content
Jun 12
Here’s a tip from Mandy Menaker, Head of Brand at the networking app, Shapr: you’ve already spent a lot of time creating great content, don’t let it go to waste. There are 2 types of content: 1. Evergreen Content. This kind of content can be read through
Simple Simplicity
Jun 11
In this episode, Paul Jarvis covers some of the most popular quotes from his book, “Company of One.” According to Paul, there is great power in simplicity. The best example of this power comes from 2 sources: Pinboard and Delicious. Paul highlights Delic
Personalization is the Future of Marketing
Jun 10
As users of technology, we can’t really protect ourselves. Marketing is on its way to being held more accountable to the data of users, says Shana Pilewski, Head of Content at Dynamic Yield. Personalization is the future of marketing. People are looking
Aim for Failure
Jun 9
You should be aiming for failure, says Nic Haralambous. Why? Because from there you can get back up and do it again until you succeed. If you only aim for success, you will be even more upset when you fail. Embrace failure, and allow it to inform your de
Positive Encounters
Jun 8
How conscious are you of your effect on others? Kevin McHugh asked this question during his interview on The Jeff Large Podcast. Every time someone encounters you, there’s three options: 1. They can be positively influenced 2. They can be not influenced
The Secret is to Survey
Jun 7
“The secret is to survey your existing audience,” says Copywriter and Marketer, Kaleigh Moore. It’s a simple tactic, but it’s effective. Devoting large portions of time to researching, and learning everything you can, can be extremely beneficial to your
Growth is Not Always the Answer
Jun 6
Paul Jarvis, designer and author of “Company of One,” talks why business growth is not always the answer to all of your problems. It’s often assumed that hard work and smart thinking always results in business growth, says Paul. However, not all growth i
Accessibility is a Priority
Jun 5
Accessibility is a priority, not an option. Kait Paschall works at Epic Games, she is a Professor at University of Barcelona, and an expert in disability. In this episode, she talks about the need for accessible content for individuals with disabilities.
Execute at the Transaction
Jun 4
Know your client base. The better you know how to address your audience, the better off you’ll be. This is the main point that Joanna Wiebe, the main body behind Copy Hackers, brings up in her interview on The Jeff Large Podcast. It all comes down to wha
Shapr: Never Stop Networking
Jun 3
No matter where you are in your career, you should always be working toward building your network. Shapr is a completely free networking app that helps you learn trends and make beneficial connections with other like-minded professionals in your industry
Case Studies are Your Buddies
Jun 2
Once you have the research, pull all of it together and start stacking it up—it’s like LEGO blocks, making the plans is hard, but the fun part is putting it all together, says Joel Klettke. Joel is a well known copywriter, but he also has a company calle
Quit Aspiring!
Jun 1
Adam Croft, an audio implementer for games like “Halo” and the author of “Quit Aspiring,” shared his insights on why we should all be taking the next leap at the things we want on a recent episode of The Jeff Large Podcast. Are you looking to jump into a
Disability Business Resilience
May 31
If we really believe in diversity, then why aren’t we looking at these issues on a societal level? Belo Cipriani went from being a rising star in Silicon Valley to completely losing his vision by his 20’s. In his interview on The Jeff Large Podcast, Belo
Life is Fleeting
May 30
Life is fleeting, so make sure you’re doing the things that you want to do. While work isn’t always wonderful, you should be able to go in and at least feel good about what you’re doing. Joe Simpson Jr., web developer and speaker, was a guest on Jeff’s p
Distribution Strategy
May 29
A lot of people create tons of content without actually having a distribution strategy in place, says Mandy Menaker is the Head of Brand at Shapr. Before you create, identify your target market, how and where you’ll reach them (i.e. a partnership with a
The Alexa Guy on Amazon Echo
May 28
Jeff Smith “The Alexa Guy” talks listening mediums such as the Amazon Echo and the benefits of Amazon Briefing subscriptions. If you are a coach, a digital professional, a marketer of any kind, you want to look at audio to learn new skills or information
White Spaces for Clarity
May 27
Stand up from your computer and take a step or two back. If you can’t read your copy—your auto-emails, your website pages, landing pages, etc—from that distance, then you’re probably in need of some reformatting. Infuse some white space to make things ea
Patience Brings What’s Good
May 26
Creative Marketing Brief is a speedy audio resource for digital marketers. If you’re like Jeff, you want to get places as quickly as possible. However, digital marketing can be a long game. In Gary V’s book, Crushing It, he gives a great piece of advice,
Double Down on List Building
May 25
A lot of business owners get caught up in things like email, landing pages, sequences, automation, chat. But if you get the list wrong, then all of these assets will be much less effective. Every business owner should be doubling down on their investment
On the Brink of Adventure
May 24
Take a moment to enjoy this lighthearted moment of inspiration: Mary Poppins says, “we’re on the brink of adventure, children. Don’t ruin it with too many questions!” Sometimes when you’re coming upon something new, it can be very easy to get distracted
Engage and Retain Customers
May 23
Is there more you could be doing to engage with and retain your current and past customers? Put a pause on your top of funnel strategy and traffic acquisition ideas, says Punchline Copy’s Lianna Patch. Everyone could and should be trying harder to keep t
Working with Pain
May 22
Pain is a tricky subject, especially when it comes to your work. Sometimes trying to get rid of pain can cause even more pain. Howard Mann, a friend and business coach of Jeff’s, provides some great advice on dealing with pain in his newsletter series, T
Email as Copy
May 21
Andy from Orbit Media drops in to give you a quick content marketing tip: save content from the emails you write. It’s important to realize that you are creating content all the time without even realizing it. Everyday people are creating large quantitie
Foreward Momentum
May 20
Jeff Large, host of The Jeff Large Podcast and Founder of Come Alive Creative, is a “big picture” kind of guy. When reading Shane Snow’s Smartcuts, he found a quote that really inspired him. It said, “when there’s no forward momentum in our careers, we g
The “Why” of Your Marketing Copy
May 19
Go through all of your marketing copy. If you were the reader, why would you want to do what is being asked? By looking at it from this perspective, it will be easier to understand what needs to be changed in order to make your copy the best that it can
Thank You, “Thank You” Page
May 18
The “Thank You” page is a great asset to your website, but too many businesses are not taking advantage of it. It is in the moment that a visitor is taken to this page that they are most immersed within your content, at their most loyal—you must take adv
Find Joy
May 17
Jamey Stegmaier, Co-Founder of Stonemaier Games, and Jeff crossed paths when Jeff was more involved in the game making space. Jamey has struggled with deciding on doing things in his work that are practical versus what brings him joy—for example, writing
Don’t Worry Twice
May 16
How often have you had something go wrong with something you were working on? After watching the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Jeff was inspired by a quote made by the main character, “my philosophy is, when you worry, you suffer twice.”
Take it Easy on Them: Use Common Words
May 15
Just because a word sounds fancy doesn’t mean it’s the most effective to get the point that you are trying to make across. When writing, remember who you’re writing for (human beings). Take it easy on them, says Lianna Patch, Head Puncher at Punchline Co
Stare at Your Ocean
May 14
In Shane Snow’s book Smartcuts, he advised his readers to stop and “stare at the ocean” in reference to the practices of professional surfers. How often do you pause to really take a look at your industry—to stare at your ocean? Get your own copy of Shan
Don’t Let Your Relationships Atrophy
May 13
Corey Quinn, Chief Marketing Officer at Scorpion, says that if you’re not expanding yourself each and every day, then you’re contracting. Much like with your body, if you don’t keep things moving, then they will atrophy. Do not let your relationships atr
The Magic Email
May 12
“The Magic Email” may sound kind of hokey, but it’s actually an extraordinarily helpful trick. Here it is: “Since I have not heard from you on this, I have to assume your priorities have changed.” If you’re trying to move ahead on a project or proposal a
The Sales Page as Conversation
May 11
The sales page is all about the product or the service—it has to be a structured in a way that emulates a sales conversation, in order to maximize interest from visitors and create leads. According to Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media, your sales page must:
See Like You, See Like Your Clients
May 10
Jeff recently learned a lesson from his young daughter when she asked him to pick her up so she could see what he sees. This sweet moment begged the question: how often are you putting yourself in the other person’s shoes? In creating—audio, writing, vid