The Missing Peace

The Missing Peace
Kelly and Shelby along with their husbands are parenting children with special needs. Throughout their 10 plus years of parenting a special needs child, they’ve felt isolated with no where to turn. Along this journey they have searched for encouragemen?

Jul 14 • 61 min
Kate and her husband wanted to adopt a special needs child from China…But they ended up with two special needs children from China, come listen to their incredible story!
8-Leslie Moody
Jun 26 • 70 min
Leslie is the mom to 4-year-old Isaiah. She’s somewhat new to this journey and is already a fierce advocate to her son.
7 - Deb Reimnitz
Jun 19 • 51 min
Deb is a school nurse who has seen her share of kids with special needs, but it’s her own special needs that really help her connect to the kids.
6-Mindy Weber
Jun 12 • 75 min
Mindy is a warrior mom that won’t take no for an answer when it comes to taking care of her special needs son Clay.
5-June Stedman
Jun 3 • 51 min
June Stedman has been a mentor to many woman. She has adopted 4 children through the foster care system with special needs. June’s journey inspired us in our parenting journey & she will inspire you.
4-Hunter Hahn
May 14 • 62 min
On episode 3, we talked to Sabrina who has a grown daughter with special needs. Along with Mikayla, she has a few other children as well who are neurotypical. Hunter is one of her children and we chatted with him about what it is like growing up wit…
3-Sabrina Wisher-Dewitt
May 9 • 64 min
Sabrina has been a special needs parent for 28 years. We call her a trailblazer! She’s been an advocate and fighter for her daughter Mikayla who has Acardi Syndrome. She’s a true inspiration and local hero.
2-Shelby Olivier
May 2 • 37 min
Shelby Olivier met her husband in Minnesota but was born & raised in the Montana, Flathead Valley. Married for 16 years, they have three crazy kids that they love fiercely. In this podcast we learn about her special needs son Eli and…
1-Kelly Kirksey
May 2 • 25 min
Two moms with children with special needs introduce their new podcast and themselves to the world!