Pastor Chris Thomas Sermons

Pastor Chris Thomas Sermons
Listen as Pastor Chris meanders through the story of God each week and explores what it means for our stories.

Sent: God’s Love Abides
Oct 13 • 32 min
Rev. Isaac Chung shares with us in our series about mission. What role does providing for those in physical need play in what God has Sent us to do? As we care for the physical needs of others we show we care for people holistically and earn the right to…
Sent: Pure Religion
Oct 6 • 21 min
I continue to look at our mission as the Church. Jesus was Sent into this world and has Sent us to join in that mission. In this sermon we look at Jesus’ care for those most vulnerable and our responsibility to care for those at risk of being oppressed by…
Sent: How Can They Hear?
Sep 29 • 21 min
In the second week of my mission series I examine how we are sent to proclaim the good news of Jesus to those around us. Jesus saw part of his mission being proclaiming the kingdom and so he sends us with the same mission. When we miss this part of the…
Sent: The Great Confusion
Sep 22 • 16 min
Jesus was Sent to this world on a mission. When he ascended into heaven, he gave that mission over to his Church to continue it in his name. In this sermon, we look at how Jesus saw his own mission through the prophet Isaiah and in turn what our mission…
Encountering God in Bible Study
Sep 1 • 36 min
Today I conclude my short series on ways we practice encountering God daily. In this last of our series we look at why we study the Bible, some obstacles to our study of the Bible, and a few principles to help us as we study the Bible.
Encountering God in Meditation
Aug 18 • 33 min
I continue my look at practices to help us encounter God daily. “Meditation” is talked about the through the Psalms and alluded to in other Scriptures. Church tradition has placed meditation high on the list of spiritual disciplines. This week I will…
Encountering God in Prayer
Aug 11 • 29 min
I start a new series this week on what it means to “Encounter” God daily. We tend to look at our time with God as “devotions” but that puts an emphasis on our side of the relationship and ignores the presence God wants to share with us. Starting our…
The People of God: Family
Aug 4 • 27 min
In this last week of my series on what it means to be “The People of God” I take a look at the analogy used more informally, “Family”. The Scriptures refer to Christians as brothers and sisters, and Sons of God. What do these sayings mean for who we are…
The People of God: Body
Jul 28 • 23 min
In the New Testament Paul uses the analogy of the “Body” when talking about the Church. What can we learn from this analogy to help us better be the People of God? This week I take a deeper look at this analogy and what it teaches us.
The People of God: Bride
Jul 14 • 29 min
God has called his people his “Bride” throughout the scriptures. What does it mean that we are the Bride of God? In this sermon I take a look at the intimate relationship God has invited us into.
The People of God: Temple
Jul 7 • 24 min
What is the Church? For the next four weeks, I will be examining the major analogies Scripture uses to talk about the People of God to better understand our role as the Church. The first in this series is focused on the analogy of being the “Temple” of…
The Life of Billy Graham
Jun 30 • 18 min
Every year I preach two biographical sermons based on Christians from history. During the weekend before the Fourth of July I usually focus on a Christian from American history. This year I preached about the life of Billy Graham and how his life can…
Sing and Rejoice: Set of Practices
Jun 23 • 25 min
Worship is far more than what we do when we gather together. Gathering together for worship is intended to fuel a life of worship outside of our gatherings. This week we take a look at how our lives are supposed to be lived in constant worship.
Sing and Rejoice: Soundtrack
Jun 16 • 31 min
Continuing our look at worship, we explore the role of music. Why is music so important to us and how should we understand music in worship?
Sing and Rejoice: Symbol
Jun 9 • 23 min
The second sermon on a series on Worship, we look at how the Story of God is represented in Symbols during our worship. Our lives also become a symbol of God’s grace and mercy when we live into God’s story for our lives.
Sing and Rejoice: Story
Jun 2 • 20 min
This is the beginning of a new preaching series on Worship. This week we look at how the Story of God plays such a big role in our worship and how our own stories add to the worship of the author of those stories.
The Written Word of God
May 6 • 40 min
What is the Bible? How do we understand how our holy texts reveal God’s story to us and illuminate our own stories. We contemplate the scriptures and try to figure out a healthy way to approach them.
The Living Word of God
Apr 21 • 19 min
What does it mean that God is revealed to us in his word? We start a new series here on Easter exploring God’s revelation to us. In this sermon we examine how Jesus is the living Word of God and therefore the perfect revelation of God to us.
The Last Week
Apr 14 • 27 min
This week we explore Jesus’ last week. What does Jesus’ final seven days speak to our journey on The Way? Jesus’ actions are provacative and enforcing the rest of his three year ministry. Do his actions on Palm Sunday as he entered Jerusalem convict us…
Sinners, Outcast, and the Poor
Apr 7 • 28 min
Jesus ministered to those that were cast out from society and those who were in prominence. Jesus showed all respect and diginity as image bearers of God. Are we too judgemental of those around us? Do we hold on to grudges and hurts, refusing to forgive?…
Calming the Storms
Mar 31 • 28 min
Only God has the power to control the wind and the waves. Jesus shows his power in being able to command the wind and waves of a storm while at sea with his disciples. Do we trust in him in the midst of our own storms in life?
The Kingdom of God
Mar 29 • 25 min
Arguably the central message of Jesus’ ministry and teaching is that God’s Kingdom has come on earth in a new way in Him. Paul takes this message to a universal message later by calling Jesus Lord, a description normally held for Caesar. What does it mean…
Healing Ministry
Mar 17 • 27 min
Jesus was a healing force to all around him. He did not discriminate between the poor or rich but healed all who came to him in faith. He even healed some who weren’t asking for it. Are we willing to be healed by Jesus? Do we believe he can heal us? Are…
Baptism and Temptation
Mar 10 • 25 min
Starting a new series for Lent, we are exploring the ministry of Jesus in the midst of his realy historical context. Come walk the way with us as we start with Jesus’ baptism and temptation. What a weird way to start the ministry of God’s promised…
Hope in the Darkness
Mar 3 • 20 min
Suffering is common to us all but what are we to do in the midst of it? God offers us hope in spite of our various sufferings. How can we lean on God’s promises in the midst of the darkness? God has redeemed suffering by entering into suffering and making…
Fog in the Darkness
Feb 24 • 26 min
In this sermon I examine the feeling of deep loss which comes in the midst of suffering. We experience loss in far more situations than the death of someone we love. A divorce, job shift, or any other life change can trigger a sense of loss. Without…
Surrendering in the Darkness
Feb 17 • 17 min
In this sermon I examine what it means to feel deep sadness in the midst of suffering and yet still surrender to God. This is no easy task and takes discipline and work in times we are not suffering so that we have built the faith which can rely on God…
Living in Denial
Feb 10 • 20 min
Continuing our journey through the shadowlands, this sermon explores the denial we sometimes get trapped in when we don’t like the pain of the shadowlands. Sometimes we need to acknowledge the suffering in order to move through the shadowlands well.
Reacting to the Darkness
Feb 3 • 25 min
Continuing our journey through the shadowlands, this sermon explores the anger which rises up as we experience suffering. How do we handle the anger when it comes and do we let it turn us away from God or toward him?
Plunged into Darkness
Jan 20 • 27 min
Every human being experiences some sort of suffering in this world. When we walk through those times of shadows it can be difficult to navigate life. What does the Christian faith have to say about our journey through the Shadowlands? In this sermon we…
Where Your Treasure Is
Jan 13 • 23 min
Whatever we desire most is what will rule our lives. If we seek after the things of this world, they will become our Lord. Jesus teaches a difficult lesson when he says that we can not serve two masters. We can make Jesus our deepest desire and then all…
We Three Kings
Jan 6 • 20 min
God uses the unexpected to recognize his newly born messiah as King. Do we miss out when we miss the kingship of Jesus in our daily lives? Come explore the story of the magi who visit Jesus as a baby to learn how we can experience Jesus as the king of our…