The Matt Guddat Podcast

The Matt Guddat Podcast
Meet people who are bringing social change and discover their journey.

Steven McLeish
Oct 1 • 54 min
Steven is best known for his work as a spoken word artist. He has several viral videos addressing topics like depression, dyslexia, and anxiety. He has worked with BBC, Duke of Edinburgh, TBN, Hillsong and others. Steven is also known as a motivational…
Rebecca Nhep
Jul 22 • 56 min
Rebecca Nhep is Senior Technical Adviser of Bettercare Network and focused on work based around family care and problem solving institutionalization. Rebecca has over 18 years experience with missions work including living for 10 years in Cambodia. This…
Matt Chivers
Jun 4 • 32 min
Matt Chivers is the National Director of Bridges for Peace in Australia. Bridges for peace is a international organisation based out of Israel with the goal to build relationship between Christians and Jews around the world. Matt and I get strait into the…
Tom O’Neil
May 2 • 34 min
Award winning international speaker, New Zealand Herald Columnist, Managing Director of, and published author, Tom O’Neil discusses his business ethos and faith. Tom gives keys as to how we can work to develop our life goals, and balance career…
Julia Grace
Apr 5 • 36 min
Joining me on this episode is Julia Grace. Julia is an award winning singer songwriter, keynote speaker, writer and blogger, and of recent, a mental wellness advocate. We discuss mental wellness and Julia’s journey through depression after divorce, and…