The Global Investor

The Global Investor
Savvy investors and those who aspire to be successful investors will appreciate The Global Investor. Each episode will focus on a specific theme that will help you enhance and diversify your investing skills and strategies. You will learn from partners…

7: Gavin Strong of Control Risks — Assessing Risks for Corporate Customers Throughout Central America and the Caribbean
Jul 17 • 42 min
Gavin Strong talks about assessing risks for corporate customers throughout Central America and the Caribbean.
5: Brandon Zemp, Interviewing a Crypto Entrepreneur and Author of the Satoshi Sequence
Jul 15 • 42 min
Brandon Zemp on crypto mining, consulting and his book “The Satoshi Sequence”.
6: Greg Adams, founder and CEO of Stabilitas — Making the World Safer through AI Driven Security
Jul 15 • 43 min
We talk to Greg Adams, former Special Forces Team Leader and Founder of Stabilitas, about making the world a safer place.
4: Aly Moore — The Future of Food is Bugs!
Jun 13 • 46 min
Important: It is not too late to register for the Obris Global Investor Summit in Panama from July 15-19. Go to for more …
3: Harris Kupperman on Finding 5x Returns in Undervalued Companies
May 25 • 47 min
Harris Kupperman, founder of Praetorian Capital, explains why undervalued companies are such amazing investments and actionable insights into how to start.
2: Investing in Panama with Kent Davis
May 18 • 59 min
Kent Davis from Panama Equity runs us through what got him involved in Panama, why it’s such an incredible place to build a base for investing and some insights into how to invest in the local markets.
1: Marvin Yee on Deals
Apr 30 • 40 min
Marvin Yee of Obris discusses how he sources, vets and manages investment deals.