Structural Shifts, by Aperture

Structural Shifts, by Aperture
A podcast discussing the structural shifts in Technology, Strategy, the nature of Work and the dynamics of the Platform Economy.

Hitting Internet Escape Velocity, w/ Brett BIVENS
May 27 • 55 min
Our guest today is Brett Bivens— a venture investor at TechNexus Venture Collaborative, an early-stage venture capital firm — and he is going to talk about why he is so optimistic about Spotify and how the future of audio will be a social experience with…
Post-pandemic Wealth Management, w/ Anna ZAKRZEWSKI, Christine SCHMID, Laurence MANDRILE-AGUIRRE
May 20 • 72 min
Your host, Ben Robinson, sits down with Anna Zakrzewski who leads Wealth Management globally, for Boston Consulting Group; Christine Schmid who heads up Strategy at additiv, and Laurence Mandrile-Aguirre — who heads up Switzerland & Monaco for Citi…
Seeing Around Corners, w/ Rita Gunther McGRATH
May 6 • 54 min
On this week’s Structural Shifts podcast, we talk to the brilliant Rita Gunther McGrath, author of “The End of Competitive Advantage”. In this bestseller, she talks about how the world is moving from one dominated by organizational systems and hierarchies…
Previewing post-Pandemic Finance, w/ David GALBRAITH, Martin McCANN, Thierry ZOIS
Apr 28 • 75 min
For this episode we are discussing the structural shifts created or accelerated by Covid-19 with regards to finance, its relationship with technology and venture capital and the nature of globalisation. We are together with David GALBRAITH - partner at…
Previewing The post-Pandemic World, w/ Nicolas COLIN, Laetitia VITAUD, Ian Charles STEWART
Apr 15 • 73 min
Today, we have a special episode for you on how the post-pandemic world would look like. We are bringing back three of our favorite guests: Nicolas Colin — Co-founder and Director of The Family, which is a platform for European entrepreneurs; Laetitia…
Jumping S-Curves and Inventing the Future, w/ Bill FISCHER and Ian STEWART
Apr 8 • 76 min
How reliable will strategy be in the future? What if tactics were more important than strategy? Are firms obsolete? What about nation states? Can the future of companies be a model for the future of countries? How is the nature of competitive advantage…
Smart Focus Or Pivot Later? w/ Marc GRUBER
Mar 25 • 54 min
According to our guest, Dr. Marc Gruber, Vice President for Innovation at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology — EPFL — you can’t win if you don’t know where to play. Instead of a just-do-it mentality and pivot later if it doesn’t work, Marc speaks…
Putting Marketing Strategy Above Tactics, w/ Paul MELLOR
Mar 11 • 56 min
How often does advertising motivate you to buy? According to our guest, ad and branding expert, Paul Mellor, advertising fails 89% of the time. Hosted by Ben Robinson, this episode unpacks what has gone wrong with advertising and what companies must do to…
Europe is a Developing Economy. But so is the U.S., w/ Nicolas COLIN
Feb 26 • 71 min
For this episode, Ben Robinson is joined into the conversation by Nicolas Colin — Co-founder of The Family — and we argue that developed economies are defined by two major characteristics: they are able to create and accumulate wealth via large, global…
Changing the Business Model of the Internet, w/ Andy YEN
Feb 12 • 56 min
This podcast was recorded at Fongit — Switzerland’s premier innovation incubator. Ben Robinson is joined into the conversation by Andy Yen — Founder and CEO of ProtonMail — and we discuss the inherent trade-offs that the current Internet presents to the…
Future of Work: From GRAFT to CRAFT, w/ Laetitia VITAUD
Jan 29 • 77 min
This podcast is part of our Future of Work series, brought to you in collaboration with Trezeo. Ben Robinson is joined into the conversation by Laetitia Vitaud — renowned author and researcher on the topic — and we explore the role of platforms,…
Future of Work: Building a safety net for the self-employed, w/ Jonathan KEY, Garrett CASSIDY, Gareth MCNAB
Jan 15 • 53 min
This podcast was recorded in London and is part of our Future of Work series, brought to you in collaboration with Trezeo. Ben Robinson is joined into the conversation by: Garrett CASSIDY (Co-founder and CEO of Trezeo :  the financial safety net for the…
The Ethics of Technological Change, w/ Jim LARUS, Philippe GONZALEZ, David GALBRAITH
Dec 5, 2019 • 81 min
This podcast was recorded at EPFL Lausanne and in it we’re exploring the ethics of computer science and broader technological change. Ben ROBINSON is joined into the conversation by: Jim LARUS (Professor and Dean of Computer and Communications Sciences at…
Network effects in financial services, w/ Evgenia PLOTNIKOVA, Martin McCANN, Oliver PRILL
Nov 27, 2019 • 58 min
This podcast was recorded at FinTECHTalents’19 Festival and in it we’re exploring the potential of unleashing network effects in financial services. Ben Robinson is joined into the conversation by: Evgenia Plotnikova (Partner @ Dawn Capital); Martin…
The case for Techno-Optimism, w/ Ian STEWART
Nov 4, 2019 • 74 min
Our guest is Ian Stewart, known for being, among many other roles, the co-founder of WiReD Magazine. Together we discuss WiReD’s journey from zero-to-one(-to-two), the state and future of (centrist) media, China and the geopolitical consequences of its…
Nurturing brands, companies, families and funds, w/ Adrienne PERRAMOND
Oct 17, 2019 • 55 min
Together with Adrienne Perramond, President of Business Angels Switzerland (BAS), we discuss the landscape of angel investing in Switzerland, lessons for entrepreneurs, the changing nature of branding and marketing in the D2C age and more.
Strategy is dead. Long live strategy!, w/ Markus MENZ
Oct 1, 2019 • 62 min
Together with Markus Menz, Professor of Strategic Management at the Geneva School of Economics and Management, we explore the role of corporate strategy in the networked age.
Startup Success Recipes, w/ James MINERS
Aug 20, 2019 • 70 min
Together with James Miners of Fongit Incubator we explore what it takes to transform scientific discoveries into mass-market products.
In Pursuit of Happiness, w/ Mike NOLET
Jul 9, 2019 • 63 min
Together with Mike Nolet, Co-founder of LiveBetter, we’re discussing the limits of what society can achieve through startups, the health risks of founders and the importance of wellbeing.
Switzerland, Wake Up! w/ Martin NAVILLE
Jun 10, 2019 • 49 min
We discuss with Martin Naville, CEO of the Swiss American Chamber of Commerce, whether Switzerland is losing competitiveness in attracting and retaining Multinational Corporations
Playing Devil’s Advocate, w/ David GALBRAITH
May 1, 2019 • 60 min
Together with David Galbraith from Anthemis, we talk about fintech, internet business models, economics, politics, but we do so by playing the role of Devil’s Advocate.