Presence Podcast

Presence Podcast
Challenging past and future head stories; Lovingly Leaning into our edges; and Surrendering to reality one episode at a time. Here on Presence Podcast, you’ve discovered the access point to life’s ultimate hack. Presence is…everything. Presence is t

Look Ma… No Hands, No Feet with Steve Conant
Jul 29 • 23 min
How would you deal with losing both of your hands AND both of your feet?
Unmasking the Man with Dr. Daniel Ellenberg
Jul 15 • 46 min
Diving deep observing the impact of male conditioning on society with Dr. Daniel Ellenberg
The Anatomy of Complaining
Jul 6 • 29 min
Is it possible our human tendency to complain be used for our benefit?
The Seven Day Surrender Challenge
Jun 25 • 36 min
This 7 Day Surrender Challenge is the most effective way I’ve discovered so far to start a mindfulness practice of your own.
Lovingly Leaning into Loss with Doug Smith
Jun 16 • 50 min
In most ways, Doug Smith had to start life over again at the age of 60. His approach to dealing with life’s difficulties and very personal loss is inspiring.
Leveling Up with My Son Morley
Jun 7 • 50 min
I interview my oldest son (20) Morley about his experiences leveling up, leaving religion, life lessons, and being here in the now
The Awakened Heart of Awareness with Dr. Michael Sapiro
Jun 2 • 27 min
In this EPIC episode diving deep into presence, learn from Clinical Psychologist and former Buddhist Monk Dr. Michael Sapiro, PsyD talk about what he has learned working with Christians, Atheists, and everyone in between.
Practicing Presence in Prison
May 27 • 83 min
Adam Butcher has a unique prison experience.
Life Lessons with Noah Rasheta
May 20 • 39 min
Noah Rasheta hosts the popular Secular Buddhism podcast.
God vs No God - and the Winner Is
May 9 • 21 min
Kenn puts himself in the middle of the God vs No God debate, and shares his ‘experienced truths’.
Naked Truth - Part 1
May 2 • 13 min
Ever been to a nudist colony? Kenn takes it all off and rubs surrendered shoulders with the Hippies in the Hottub (Sorry for the visual)
Presence: The Way to Love
Apr 26 • 22 min
It is Always Now, All Suffering is Optional, and Presence is the Way to Love.