Be the Church - Sharon Baptist Church

Be the Church - Sharon Baptist Church
Sharon Baptist in Hampton, VA would like to invite you to “Be the Church.” Instead of just going to “church” we are to be the church. To often the church building is wrongly called the church, but rather God’s people are called to “Be the Church.”

A Sheep in Christ’s flock
May 3 • 43 min
One of the most striking and helpful metaphors used in the entire Bible is that of the sheep and the shepherd. Find out what it means to be a sheep of Christ’s flock.
Church- A Soldier for Jesus Christ
May 2 • 34 min
One of the many wonderful metaphors used in the Word of God to describe the Christian is that of the Soldier. Find out why we are to be a Soldier of Jesus Christ!
Church- A Student of God’s Word
May 1 • 46 min
As we continue to see the metaphor’s that God uses concerning the Christian life, we come to this metaphor, “A student of God’s Word.” Much is lacking in this area today and because of this the people are not able to “Be the Church.”
Church - A Farmer in God’s Harvest
Apr 29 • 41 min
Throughout the New Testament God has given us many metaphors to help us understand what it means to Be the Church. In this episode, Pastor Carroll will help us to understand this metaphor “A Farmer in God’s Harvest.”
Apr 24 • 40 min
This year at Sharon Baptist Church we are looking at the biblical principle “Be the Church.” Many today get the church confused with the church house. Because of this we need to get back to how the Bible defines the local New Testament Church. The church…