The Revolutionize Podcast

The Revolutionize Podcast
Peggy Caruso is an author and certified executive and personal development coach. In the Revolutionize Podcast, she talks with guests and listeners about living a more fulfilled life in business, relationships, and personal endeavors.

Creating Thriving Communities with Michael Clement from Square One Community
May 16 • 12 min
Michael Clement runs the Square One Communities ( out of DuBois, PA. He has worked across the globe as a missionary and with national political parties. Square One looks to create thriving communities through connections. Peggy…
Life Coaching in the Classroom with Melissa Mulhollan
May 2 • 17 min
Melissa Mulhollan has been a high school english teacher for 27 years and is a certified life coach. Melissa & Peggy discuss the benefits of bringing life coaching to the classroom and the results Melissa has seen in her classrooms. She also discusses the…
Work Life Balance with Mike Buerk (Summit Consulting Services)
Apr 25 • 13 min
Mike Buerk is owner of Summit Consulting Services, an electrical consulting, technical support, and engineering firm. He & Peggy discuss emotions in the workplace, managing a work-life-fun balance, and applying life coaching in the business environment.…
Pros & Cons List - Surprising Way They Really Work
Apr 24 • 7 min
Welcome to the Revolutionize Podcast! Peggy Caruso is an executive and personal development coach and three-time author. In this introductory episode of the podcast, Peggy walks through how to properly use Pros & Cons lists and why things might not be as…