The Products of Public School

The Products of Public School
Formed as a service to the public in 2019, the Products of Public School is a show where 3 life-long friends sift through the garbage of the internet so you don’t have to.. as much. Every episode we discuss the weirdest, wildest and outright stupidest ?

Sandwich bag and a rubber band
Aug 16 • 56 min
3 for the price of 5
Aug 9 • 59 min
Farm 2 table
Aug 2 • 55 min
Walmart storiesCustomer scalds Burger King workerMan arrested for condiment attackSecret menu itemsTeen driver couldn’t see and hit a copMom accused of driving with an inflatable pool and kids
The Insid(h)er awards
Jul 26 • 57 min
Tetanus not texture
Jul 19 • 55 min
Daddy daughter date night
Jul 12 • 59 min
McYoga mat
Jul 5 • 44 min
A real gravy boat and laptop kind of guy..
Jun 28 • 53 min
Rant - Pat televisionPhone spam robo calls appsOutrage over worst pizza toppingMan in Iowa child porn gravy coveredBusted for jerking off in churchBrilliant uses for onionsAnnoying gym habit…
Data mining pizza
Jun 21 • 57 min
Super fart 2
Jun 14 • 62 min
Luxury potato camping
Jun 7 • 43 min
IntroRant - Pat avoiding phone callA phone app hushed keeps calls privateSeafood recalls from AlaskaS foods with arsenicSpend the night in the potato20 foods to never put in fridgeW…
Weaponizing a wet burrito
May 31 • 57 min
IntroRant - Glen Buffalo Wild Wing bitchingMillionaire wants to make Fortnite realSuper soaker filled with pee Assaulted with foodViral cookie takes dark twistSuspect denies owning sock…
Scam likely
May 24 • 58 min
The chili bread bowl joyride of doom
May 17 • 48 min
Happy birthday, now accept this goldfish..
May 10 • 54 min
Dr Seuss type sex toy
May 3 • 53 min
On todays episode:- We try out weird food- how not to be racist- breast pumping at a KFC- shot through a peephole- fetish STAT GAME!!!- what smells?- death by flaming port-a-potty …
Mean bean movie trivia
Apr 26 • 84 min
Some of today’s highlights include:- We HATE hidden fees when trying to buy concert tickets (Opening Mega-Rant)- Pets Stupid People Put on their Face (Yes, you read that correctly)- Why Hooters is Failing Debate- Glen “#MeToo’s” Wet …
Meth pipe bear fight
Apr 19 • 57 min
Get ready for oodles of idiocy, insane internet posts and downright wild news that is sure to leave a bad taste in your mouth…. and if the news doesn’t, the All Star Popcorn flavors likely will.
Pool Dr. Prostate exam
Apr 12 • 57 min
- Hot dog debate- Rubber nuggets- Someone who hates Dominos more than us- Getting wood from your food- Injecting a naval fleet- Worst article ever- My knife is bigger- STAT GAME!!- Anot…
Burt Reynolds sure leaves a lasting impression
Apr 5 • 61 min
- Repressed Reynolds- Steve O needs attention- Logan Paul tells us what we already knew- Another stupid internet challenge- Bad health advice- Monopoly is changing - Real coin for Bread coin
Xbox for life.. literally.
Mar 28 • 54 min
Today we delve into some really strange and stupid topics that you are sure to love! - Karma Just Bought Her First Stocks!- New AI Face Scan Tech- Things You Should NEVER Put On Your Resume- New App Helps Blind People- Top L…
Mar 21 • 48 min
Welcome to The Products of Public Schools Very First Podcast!