The Radical Gentleness Podcast

The Radical Gentleness Podcast
The Radical Gentleness Podcast explores self care, modern day mindfulness and the potency of listening to ourselves. Brooke uses story telling as a springboard to explore transition and womanhood.

6: Applied Mindfulness with Delta Evergreen Likins
Aug 26 • 48 min
If you’re passionate about mindfulness as a method of being a skillful and kind human being this episode is a must. On today’s episode Brooke interviews dear friend and contemplative educator, Delta Evergreen Likins. It’s full of juicy conversation…
5: Ruin, A Verb
Aug 12 • 8 min
On todays short and sweet episode, host Brooke Lorimer reads aloud her essay “Ruin, A Verb” where she explores the effort it takes to surrender to life’s painful and fruitful seasons. You can find the original essay here You can find Brooke on instagram…
Ep 4: Living Your Values As An Act Of Resistance, a Conversation w/ Kate Weiner
Jul 15 • 36 min
Today’s episode is a joyful conversation between host Brooke Lorimer and Kate Weiner of Loam in a new Segment Titled “My Friends Are Experts”. The theme of today’s conversation is Living your values as an act of resistance. What are we resisting?…
3: Love & Heartbreak
Jun 23 • 18 min
On Episode 3 of The Radical Gentleness Podcast, host Brooke Lorimer explores the idea that heartbreak is just a different word for love, and the fact that all love ending in heartbreak is surprisingly good news. You can find Brooke’s website here:…
2: Presence & Befriending Ourselves
May 28 • 19 min
On Ep. 2 of The Radical Gentleness Podcast host Brooke Lorimer discusses how practicing being present helped her move through grief and transition. You can find Brooke’s Website here: Her Instagram Here:…
1: Welcoming Radical Gentleness
May 14 • 20 min
On this very first episode host Brooke Lorimer discusses the origin story behind this podcast, the story of a transition that left her reeling at the doorstep of adulthood. She also defines the term Radical Gentleness, and guides listeners back to…