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Family Strategies Podcast
Where authenticity promotes thought.Welcome to Family Strategies Podcast. Join Professor Kimanne Foraker-Koons as she introduces herself, and her mission. This podcast centers around Experiential therapy, and dives deep into topics like sex, relationsh…

108 - Preschool
Aug 7 • 15 min
Preschool can be a huge point of stress for parents. Kimanne expands on how this seemingly simple choice can be so complicated.
107 - Tit For Tat
Jul 17 • 15 min
How keeping score in a relationship is a futile and toxic behavior
106 - Computer Parenting
Jul 10 • 14 min
Kimanne explains how outsourcing parenting to a device can be harmful to children.
105 - Your Emotional Needs
Jun 12 • 20 min
This episode is inspired by Willard Harley’s 1986 book His Needs, Her Needs; Building an Affair-Proof Marriage. Kimanne touches on the 10 Emotional Needs listed in the book, and gives some insight as to how to be more sexually fulfilled.
104 - Your Relationship With Your Significant Other
May 22 • 16 min
Kimanne explains how the flow of information can hurt or help your relationship in the long run.
103 - Your Relationship With Yourself
May 11 • 17 min
Kimanne goes into detail about relationships; and most importantly, your relationship with yourself.
102 - Sex, God, Ghosts, and FaceBook
May 11 • 17 min
Kimanne explains how sex, God, Ghosts, and FaceBook can affect every day life.
Family Strategies Podcast Episode 101 - Introduction
Apr 24 • 15 min
Family Strategies Podcast, Where Authenticity Promotes Thought