Click Here To Apply - Interviews About Interesting Jobs And How To Do Them

Click Here To Apply - Interviews About Interesting Jobs And How To Do Them
Once again, Tony Sheng finds himself without a job. This time, he wants to get it right. There are millions of things you could do, but you can only ever do one of those things at a time. It’s not fair. How do you find what you’re really meant to do? So instead of getting a job, he is starting a podcast to find out what everybody else is doing. And whether he should do it too. Honest and playful, Click Here To Apply is a weekly opportunity for Tony to catch up with the most interesting people he knows and just maybe find something to do along the way.

#04 - Kyle Samani teaches me about starting and operating a crypto hedge fund
May 20 • 55 min
Kyle Samani, General Partner of Multicoin Capital, is one of the deepest thinkers and prolific writers in crypto. In this conversation, I learn why. Before he started his first company, he set a goal of writing three blog posts a week. And today, he reads…
#03 - Nathaniel Whittemore teaches me how to meet the most interesting people and coach executives on communication
May 13 • 70 min
Nathaniel Whittemore, an independent communications advisor and curator of Long Reads Sunday, attributes his success to his consistent desire to meet the most interesting people of his generation. Nathaniel and Tony discuss experimenting with media, the…
#02 - Soona Amhaz teaches me about founding Token Daily
May 6 • 65 min
Soona Amhaz, founder of Token Daily, thinks sometimes people should ebb and sometimes people should flow. And whether you should start a company depends on the direction of your tide. Soona and Tony discuss media as an important form of leverage,…
#01 - Peter McCormack teaches me about podcasting
Apr 22 • 67 min
Peter McCormack thinks Tony should start a podcast (and here we are!). Peter and Tony sit down and discuss building a hit podcast from scratch in a controversial and sometimes hostile industry, what Peter does to supercharge growth that other podcasters…