Monster of the Geek

Monster of the Geek
A Monster of the Week real play podcast featuring Jeremy, the Keeper, Lara, the half-ghost half- human 100% teenage girl, Lev, the highly radioactive Divine Messenger, and Ann, the past her prime, redneck, Chosen One.

All In Episode 1
Nov 20 • 78 min
Our heroes race to catch the nemesis before it is too late.
Interlude: B-Siders Assemble
Nov 12 • 68 min
As the B-Siders prepare to take on their nemesis, they gather allies to their cause.
A Broken Song Episode 8
Nov 5 • 73 min
The thrilling conclusion to the Broken Song Arc!
A Broken Song Episode 7
Oct 29 • 72 min
With the plans made and just the execution left, there’s nothing like a pack of werewolves to keep our heroes focused on the goal.
A Broken Song Episode 6
Oct 22 • 55 min
Our heroes finally get a chance to directly discuss the issues at hand with Sasha and Gina.
A Broken Song Episode 5
Oct 15 • 54 min
Things finally become clearer for the B-Siders as they pin down exactly what is going on, and make plans to fix it. Also, Tiny Bob starts a new religion.
A Broken Song Episode 4
Oct 8 • 65 min
The gang tests to see if drugs are actually the answer after all! Spoilers: they are not.
A Broken Song Episode 3
Oct 1 • 49 min
Sophronia goes on a trip, and the gang dig deeper into the mystery.
A Broken Song Episode 2
Sep 24 • 37 min
Some search for knowledge, some search for the woman named Sasha Moore, some search for… mescalin?
A Broken Song Episode 1
Sep 17 • 69 min
It’s time for the Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival in Winfield!
Interlude: All the Small Things
Sep 10 • 71 min
Our crew settles into life after Debts, with all the craziness that entails.
Debts Episode 6
Sep 3 • 102 min
The conclusion to the Debts Arc!
Debts Episode 5
Aug 27 • 58 min
Bob cuts loose, Ladies night out finally happens, and there is much ado about Chuck Tingle.
Debts Episode 4
Aug 20 • 70 min
Time for a polite sit down dinner with a billionaire.
Debts Episode 3
Aug 13 • 53 min
Surely, nothing could go horribly wrong at a restaurant, not with this capable group.
Debts Episode 2
Aug 6 • 54 min
It’s time for a three-way throw down for the artifact!
Debts Episode 1
Jul 30 • 85 min
Past favors are called in and it’s time to do a crime.
Interlude: Before the Storm
Jul 23 • 77 min
Our heroes take a day trip, try some light shoplifting, learn more about the nature of space, time, and order, and engage in general shenanigans.
Overgrowth Episode 4
Jul 16 • 85 min
The conclusion of overgrowth- how will our heroes face down a rampaging mutant plant mass?
Overgrowth Episode 3
Jul 9 • 73 min
Our heroes delve into the secrets of the overgrowth!
Overgrowth Episode 2
Jul 2 • 62 min
Into the woods, and then to figure out what is going on!
Overgrowth Episode 1
Jun 25 • 46 min
A new mystery! A new player! A new attitude for Bob!
Interlude: Before the Spring
Jun 18 • 52 min
Bob searches for answers, Sephronia takes a walk down memory lane, and Cherilynn pimps her ride.
Where the Green Soy Grows Episode 8
Jun 11 • 54 min
The heart pounding conclusion to our first mystery!
Where the Green Soy Grows Episode 7
Jun 4 • 51 min
A fight at the CO-OP! David learns more than he wanted! New Magic?!?
Where the Green Soy Grows Episode 6
May 28 • 47 min
The continuation of Episode 5, plans are made, truth is revealed, and exposition is… exposited.
Where the Green Soy Grows Episode 5
May 28 • 46 min
Mysteries are investigated, phone calls are awkward, and Game of Thrones is mourned.
Where the Green Soy Grows Episode 4
May 21 • 57 min
Zombies attack, police get involved, and a suspect deal is considered in this weeks Monster of the Geek!
Where the Green Soy Grows Episode 3
May 14 • 58 min
The investigation heats up, as our heroes struggle to locate the source of the herbaceous undead stalking the town.
Where the Green Soy Grows Episode 2
Apr 29 • 54 min
The mystery grows, as our heroes start their investigation into a mysterious grave tampering.
Where the Green Soy Grows Episode 1
Apr 20 • 54 min
Wherein our hunters meet seemingly for the first time and harass a photographer and each other.