Showcasing the best retro gaming and demoscene audio.

The Summer Party Edition
Aug 15 • 50 min
This episode covers my favourite music entries at the Summer Nordic parties; Assembly and Datastorm. Included are streaming and tracked entries plus a C64 SID tune. There were so many great entries at both parties, the tracks included here are only a…
The Amstrad CPC
Aug 1 • 34 min
The Amstrad CPC 464 was my first computer so very special to me. Here I present some of the best Amstrad CPC tunes from classic and new games, plus the CPC demoscene. Featured composers include Tom Follin, Olivier Maver, Targhan, Dave Rogers, David…
The Amiga Remixed
Jul 18 • 43 min
Featuring the best remixes of Amiga game and demoscene tracks. Despite using modern instruments, many remixes still sound like poor substitutes for the originals. Here, I present what are in my opinion, the better remixes; bringing modern production…
The Self Indulgent Episode
Jun 27 • 20 min
In this episode I recall some memories of the the Amiga demo scene in the 1990s, specifically related to my involvement with Slipstream and The Foul Critters. All music featured in this episode is my own.
FM Synthesis With The Adlib OPL3
Jun 13 • 28 min
In this episode I focus on the often neglected PC Adlib soundcard, specifically the 18 channel OPL3 chip. This episode features tracks predominantly created in Adlib Tracker II by artists NAB622/Xaxxon, Nula, Roger Ojala, Loudness Sound System, Encore,…
At The Arcade
May 30 • 31 min
A selection of the best soundtracks from the most memorable arcade machines. This episode features the themes to X-Men, R Type Leo, Street Fighter, Fatal Fury, After Burner, Hang on and more.
The SID and Paula Show
May 16 • 28 min
With special guest, the Yamaha YM. Comparing the soundtracks from games and demos that exist on both the C64 and Amiga. Featuring R-Type, Turrican 2, Shadow of the Beast, Supremacy, Speedball and more. Due to the limited number of games released across…
Memories of the Commodore Amiga
May 2 • 27 min
Covering my first impressions of the Commodore Amiga as a 14 year old; the single experience that sealed the fate of my poor Atari ST. In this episode I cover the best game and demo soundtracks that were not only impressive back then, but sound as good…
Memories of the Atari ST
Apr 20 • 30 min
In this first episode I re-live my first impressions of the Atari ST as an impressionable 13 year old, having migrated from the Amstrad CPC; experiencing the Atari ST for the first time. Whilst both machines contained a near-identical sound chip, the…