The Sharing is Caring Podcast

The Sharing is Caring Podcast
SHARING IS CARING - your Podcast with Rahel J. Papis. I am a Kinesiology & Hypnotherapist and I want to share my wisdom with you! This Podcast will teach you how our subconscious works and tools to connect with yourself anytime in your daily life. You will await Meditations, Talks with Experts, Self-Care Tips, Therapy-Stories and knowledge for Emotional Freedom.

IRINA HORVATH: Dance-Therapy
Sep 2 • 28 min
When in doubt, dance it out!⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Did you know: ⁠⠀ In each of us is a dancer! You don’t even have to know how to dance …⁠⠀ Remember back when you were a child, you didn’t ask for permission to do anything, you just followed the joy! That’s what you’re…
Aug 11 • 40 min
It happens a lot, I’m honest! But this lady made my chin drop!!😲⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Did you know: ⁠⠀ Even just from the shape of the hands ✋ we can already see some kind of personality or character!⁠ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠You can see, how a person thinks and what a person needs in…
CHRISTINA SICLIANI: Ayurveda in Summer
Jul 28 • 27 min
Christina Siciliani, Ayurveda Nutritionist with a background as international product manager. She supports people to quit negative eating habits and go back to intuitive eating to activate their Selfhealing powers of their bodies. In this episode you…
ALEXANDRA ZUBER: It’s all about the Mindset
Jul 14 • 33 min
This girl is a Digital Nomad who inspires a lot of people by sharing her wisdom. In this episode you will hear: How she creates her life as a Life Coach What your idol has to do with yourself and work with that Success Story with a client The power of…
TANJA KLAUS: Self-Referencing
Jun 29 • 38 min
This lady inspired me at the Hypnotherapy-Congress in Zurich with her skills about Self-Referencing. You will hear: Her story of becoming a coach How the method Self-Referencing works How you can use it anytime Questions to ask yourself Inner dialogue to…
INÉS BETSCHART: Holistic Pregnancy
Jun 13 • 30 min
Inés is a very gentile Woman who supports pregnant Women with holistic methods. Hear from her: - How she started her business - What method she uses - Commit yourself - Benefits of essential oils - Exercise of Kundalini Yoga Kirtan Kriya (…
HAZEL GALE: The Mind Monster Solution
May 20 • 37 min
This Woman knows what she is talking about. Hazel Gale is a world champion kickboxer and listen to her stories: How she turned into a Cognitive Hypnotherapist Identify your inner Monster How to figure out what language our Monsters need Qualities of…
May 14 • 17 min
I am thrilled to share this episode that is all about Hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is a natural, familiar and relaxed state of concentration. The breathing becomes more regular and slows down. The heart rate and the blood pressure also decreases. This condition…
HEIDI HAUER: Eat-well without calorie counting
Apr 29 • 40 min
Learn how to listen to your body and decide intuitively what your body needs. Heidi will tell you more about: How she became a Health Coach How important digestion is What emotions & skin have to do with gut-health All about trends Eating-Rules Her…
Apr 29 • 13 min
Kine-what? Learn how to do the Self-test on your own by just thinking of what makes you happy or sad and discover your own body movement.
MIRJAM ULBERT: Run a life based on love, compassion & community
Apr 29 • 30 min
What a beautiful episode to talk about Love with Mirjam Ulbert who is an experienced Life Coach. In this episode you will hear more about: How her journey started as a Life Coach How important it is to know who you are What tools she uses with clients Act…
Apr 17 • 9 min
This Episode is all about me Rahel J. Papis. Enjoy the show! Follow me on IG: rahelpapis.therapy