Bootstrapping Saas

Bootstrapping Saas
Hi my name is Val Sopi and I am the founder and solo maker of

The one where I have a lot to say
Aug 23 • 32 min
A tonne of things went on and I had a lot to say
Focusing on the ones who love Claritask
Aug 12 • 17 min
Video format here: Thought I almost lost this episode as I didn’t press the record button on Garage band. Listen for details how it went down : ) In this episode, I talk about how I want to continue focusing on…
How I work
Aug 3 • 21 min
Details on how I plan my work around Claritask features, tasks, support — and client work.
Embracing Bootstrapper Life
Jul 28 • 16 min
Notes on how I’m falling more in love with bootstrapping On Youtube:
Milestone: $500 All Time Revenue
Jul 20 • 23 min
Talking about crossing the $500 all time revenue with Claritask and having $200 for the first time in the business bank account.
Getting my head out of my ass
Jul 5 • 20 min
Talking about how the angel investment didn’t go through and how a listener friend make me realize a few things.
Should I be taking Angel investment?
Jun 21 • 29 min
Recorded this right after speaking with the potential angel investor in NYC who is interested in Claritask. My cons/pros regarding this potential investment and few more things.
Not doing what I should be doing!
Jun 16 • 18 min
I should be hanging out more in places where my potential clients hang out and less in Twitter where I feed my vanity.
Loving the boring bits and the Saas grind
Jun 9 • 32 min
An episode with a ton of talk on the boring side of Saas, the seriousness of having a growing user base, thinking about how it would be with an investment and taking a few listener questions.
When not to quit and how to run your Saas as a hobby
Jun 2 • 20 min
How to know when you have positive signals in your product and why not to quit. Also, running your business as a hobby could be beneficial on you talk to your customers and how you run your product overall.
Lead problems and what I’ll be doing next
May 26 • 26 min
EP06 is the first episode recorded with a proper microphone. I talk about how I am still having trouble generating more leads and what I will do this coming week on fixing this problem (new content angle on the website and highly prospected direct emails…
Weekly confessions while driving
May 19 • 29 min
Recorded this episode while driving. Taking a listener question and talking about my final-ish focus on marketing efforts.
Content marketing, the long game, and getting lucky
May 10 • 27 min
Talking about Content Marketing, “The numbers game”, Luck, and a few stats
Overwhelmed with work, taking small steps, and delighting customers
May 3 • 22 min
New pricing plans & the way forward
Apr 26 • 33 min
Worked less, did more. New pricing plans and few discoveries along the way.
Growth strategies I am currently considering
Apr 19 • 26 min
Various channels and tactics on how to increase the number of qualified leads for