Life After Paralysis with Tiffiny Carlson

Life After Paralysis with Tiffiny Carlson
SPINALpedia’s podcast, Life After Paralysis with Tiffiny Carlson, is the official podcast of, a nonprofit dedicated to helping people with spinal cord injuries. Hosted by Tiffiny Carlson, a C6 quadriplegic of over 25 years and the executive director of SPINALpedia, she interviews guests from all areas of life with a spinal cord injury, highlighting important topics within the paralysis community from spinal cord injury research and advocacy to lifestyle topics. New episodes are uploaded monthly. Send show ideas to [email protected]

Episode 4: Buying a Home After a Spinal Cord Injury
Jul 22 • 96 min
How do you find a home that’s accessible or can easily be made accessible? Are their special home buying grants available? What about making your home accessible after the purchase? Tiffiny is joined by 4 guests for an epic 1.5 hour show on everything SCI…
Episode 3: Adaptive Camping
Jun 19 • 43 min
Camping in a wheelchair can be some adventurous stuff. What tents do people use? How and where do you sleep? Tiffiny chats with three avid campers with spinal cord injuries - Jason Thurston, Ty Hockett and Greg Niedzielski - to get the dirt, and they…
Episode 2: A Roundtable Discussion on Ableism
Apr 30 • 55 min
A roundtable discussion on the topic of ableism, with three people with disabilities.
Episode 1: Current State of Spinal Cord Injury Research w/ Dr. Lyn Jakeman and Rob Wudlick
Mar 19 • 31 min
This episode is about spinal cord injury research, with the two guests being a research doctor and a quadriplegic,