The Avenue Mama Podcast

The Avenue Mama Podcast
We explore the avenues of motherhood, mindset and mompreneurship with actionable tips that you can implement today.

Mindset: Carly Anderson of Lipgloss and Crayons talking about the #JustWearTheSuit Movement
Sep 16 • 53 min
In this podcast, I sit down with Carly Anderson during her first “Just Wear The Suit” weekend in Temecula California. Carly Anderson is the founder of Lipgloss and Crayons and #justwearthesuit. This former Los Angeles inner city elementary school…
Mompreneurship: Gary Vaynerchuk on Mompreneurs
Jul 28 • 44 min
I had the greatest pleasure in my 14 year entrepreneur journey to sit down and interview Gary Vaynerchuk at Vayner Media in Los Angeles where we addressed what is not working in mompreneurship and so much more. I’m seriously still not dying from it!! The…
Mindset: How She Became Danika Brysha
Jul 26 • 62 min
this episode, I interviewed Danika Brysha. Danika Brysha is an IMG Curve Model, the founder and CEO of Model Meals, a Whole30 meal delivery business, a self-care coach, and the creator of The Brunch Series wellness events and 2018 US tour. Danika’s…
Mindset: Aren’t you tired of being overwhelmed?
Jul 18 • 9 min
In today’s episode, I’ll share what you can do to step out of overwhelm and offer you the mindset exercise that is a must in order for you to create the impact you want. Don’t skip the part where I give you time to think about your possibilities, mama!
Motherhood: How to protect your children from predators and harm
Jul 10 • 50 min
In this episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing Pattie Fitzgerald of Safely Ever After. You will learn her tips on: *Thumbs up and thumbs down rules and how to teach your kids who is allowed to touch your body *Checklist for playdates and sleep overs…
Motherhood: Mama is a Piece of the TIME Pie
Jun 6 • 11 min
Last night at my Mommy & Me group monthly meeting (going strong for 5+ years with the same group of mamas, gah!) , our therapist/instructor said “We have to be intentional about THRIVING in these years of Motherhood and not just SURVIVING.” This goes…
Mindset: Your Achievements are Secondary to This
May 30 • 12 min
During this episode, I share with you how to look at your goals as more than an arrival. It is truly the emotion that you are going after, moreso than the goal itself. Are you intrigued by this? Take a listen and see how you don’t have to wait to access…
Mindset: The Morning Mindset Routine that is GOLD
May 21 • 10 min
There are a ton of different ways to start your morning, am I right? These are the steps to share with you in which I take, to decrease overwhelm, increase productivity for the day, and to be less likely to hit rock bottom by 5pm!
Mompreneurship: The Basic Website Audit that Increased My Sales By 30% for You To Try
May 1 • 11 min
In this episode, I share 3 ways to look at your website to make sure you are speaking in a way, that even a caveman could understand what you are offering. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 14 yrs, with the last 4 as a “mompreneur.” Being so busy as mamas,…
Mindset: No More Waking Up Grumpy, Implement This!
Apr 24 • 7 min
If you already start the majority of your days overwhelmed, overtired and in a bad mood -then you should consider this practice to start your day. It takes 21 days to change a habit, so I invite you to do this practice 21 days in a row, and see your life…
Motherhood: Actually, You Do Have Enough Time in the Day
Apr 24 • 7 min
This short episode will guide you through 2 scenarios for you to look at how you spend your time and what is NOT working for you. You’ll learn 2 mindset hacks so you can focus on your priorities, with YOU being one of them, mama!
The boy and the ship
Apr 19 • 8 min
Welcome! In this first episode, I share a story and a lesson I learned BEFORE motherhood. This is my go-to mindset hack that I use when I can’t make a decision for myself. Enjoy!