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Weekly Roundup - August 16, 2019
Aug 16 • 56 min
On this roundup, The Texan staff discuss the escalating U.S.-China trade war, recent violent acts targeting immigration and border officials, and the growing conversation about red flag laws in the wake of the tragic El Paso shooting.
RPT Chair James Dickey and Konni Burton
Aug 12 • 46 min
In this interview, Texas Republican Party Chairman James Dickey sits down with The Texan‘s CEO and founder, Konni Burton. In the course of their conversation, Dickey discusses why he is running for reelection, outlines his take on the 86th legislative…
Weekly Roundup - August 9, 2019
Aug 9 • 65 min
On this week’s roundup, Drew and the team discuss the heartbreaking shooting in El Paso last weekend, the recent explosion of criticism over Joaquin Castro’s doxxing of Trump donors in his district, and the snowballing controversy over an alleged quid pro…
Allen West and Konni Burton
Aug 5 • 40 min
Former Florida Congressman Allen West joins Konni Burton to discuss why he is running for Republican Party of Texas chair, his thoughts on the 86th legislative session, and his love of motorcycles.
Weekly Roundup - August 2, 2019
Aug 2 • 61 min
In this roundup, The Texan’s editorial team wades into the imbroglio between Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen and Empower Texans, discusses the 2020 Democrat Presidential primary, and address a developing story about African immigrants seeking asylum in…
Weekly Roundup - July 26, 2019
Jul 26 • 54 min
On this roundup, Drew White and reporters at The Texan discuss Wendy Davis’ announcement to run against Congressman Chip Roy, updates with the Trump Administration’s asylum policy in response to the border crisis, the new bipartisan budget agreement in…
Weekly Roundup - July 19, 2019
Jul 19 • 41 min
In this news roundup, The Texan welcomes Sarah McConnell to the reporting staff as the team discusses the impeachment proceedings filed against President Trump by Texas Congressman Al Green, the implications of new asylum rules issued in response to the…
Weekly News Roundup - July 12, 2019
Jul 12 • 51 min
In this news roundup, The Texan team discusses recent developments with the ongoing border crisis, the resolution adopted in Presidio declaring the county a “Second Amendment sanctuary,” and the passing of Texas political figure Ross Perot.
Battleground 2020: Don Zimmerman, Candidate for HD 47
Jul 5 • 43 min
In this Battleground podcast, former Austin City Councilman Don Zimmerman and Senior Editor Drew White discuss Zimmerman’s experience on the city council, his plans if elected to represent Texas House District 47, and who he would cast as “Captain Texan.”
Weekly News Roundup - June 28, 2019
Jun 28 • 53 min
In this roundup, Drew White, Brad Johnson, McKenzie Taylor, and the latest addition to the team, Daniel Friend, discuss the week’s top stories. We address Beto and Castro in the Democrat Presidential debate, Jonathan Stickland’s retirement, a developing…
Battleground 2020: Sen. Pete Flores
Jun 24 • 55 min
On this Battleground 2020 podcast, Senator Pete Flores (R-Pleasanton) sat down with Senior Editor Drew White to discuss the unique circumstances by which he won his seat in 2018, what the path to reelection looks like in his historically blue district,…
Congressman Dan Crenshaw & Konni Burton
Jun 17 • 24 min
In this interview, Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX-2) and Konni Burton talk about the trade tariffs proposed by Donald Trump, the 2020 presidential election, and his feelings regarding the “Game of Thrones” finale.
Patrick Svitek and Tyler Norris - 2019 Legislature Review & 2020 Predictions
Jun 10 • 48 min
In this interview, Drew sits down with Patrick Svitek of the Texas Tribune and consultant Tyler Norris to discuss their take on the 86th Legislature, predictions for the 2020 election cycle, and whether or not “Old Town Road” qualifies as a country song.
Aaron Reitz - Candidate for HD 47
Jun 3 • 24 min
On this week’s episode, Aaron Reitz, Republican candidate for Texas House District 47, spoke with Senior Editor Drew White about why he chose to run for office, the failure of the Texas Heartbeat Bill, and who he would cast as “Captain Texan.“
State Rep. Kyle Biedermann and Drew White
May 27 • 21 min
In this interview, Drew and Rep. Biedermann discuss his upbringing in New York with a native Texan mother, unconventional dynamics with leadership in the Texas Capitol, and his perspective on the crisis at the Texas border.
State Rep. Matt Krause with Konni Burton
May 20 • 17 min
In this interview, Konni and Rep. Krause discuss how he discovered his personal convictions, the reasoning behind some of his more controversial legislation, his take on the new Texas House speaker, and the unpredictable twists and turns in the Krause…
Interview with Congressman Chip Roy
May 6 • 24 min
In this interview, Konni Burton and U.S. Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX-21) discuss problems facing Texas and the country, such as border security and healthcare, and what life is like as a legislator.
Interview with Konni Burton - CEO of The Texan
Apr 19 • 34 min
In this episode, Senior Editor Drew White interviews CEO Konni Burton. Drew and Konni discuss why The Texan is launching, the current state of news media, and Konni’s favorite superhero.