The Big Wheel Coaching Podcast

The Big Wheel Coaching Podcast
On the Big Wheel Podcast we discuss training and preparation tips, tricks, hacks, as well as Athlete stories to help Athletes everywhere achieve their best. Although our primary focus is cycling of all types, the concepts discussed are applicable to Athletes in other sports. We hope you enjoy the podcast!

How Great Athletes Think, Train, & Thrive, The Champion’s Mind Book Review Part 3: BWC Podcast EP23
Aug 16 • 77 min
“The ultimate is not to win, but to reach within the depths of your capabilities and compete against yourself to the greatest extent possible. When you do that you can walk about with pride, no matter what place you finished.” -Billy Mills, Olympic Gold…
Lead-Up Events As A Dress Rehearsal For Your Big Goal: BWC Podcast EP22
Aug 9 • 68 min
Having a great ride at your Goal Event takes focused preparation and so much more… One of the best ways to test your preparation and see if you are on track, as well as uncover any weak links, is by doing “mock races” or Lead-Up events. These events or…
Good Sleep Is The Best Way To Guarantee A Great Ride: BWC Podcast EP21
Jul 26 • 55 min
Endurance Athletes everywhere have felt the drag of doing a hard workout after a restless night in bed…and almost as powerful is the feeling of invincibility on a day when you could ride as hard as you want for as long as you want. Most of us experience…
Mindset Tips Honed By Olympic Experience, The Champions Mind Book Review Part 2: BWC Podcast EP20
Jul 19 • 78 min
Do you have a Champion’s Mind? As Athletes we spend nearly all of our time addressing our physical preparation, through interval work, endurance training, and pedaling dynamics… Rarely do we devote time and energy to developing a ‘gold-medal’ mindset that…
A Gold Medal Mindset, The Champions Mind Book Review Part 1: BWC Podcast EP19
Jul 12 • 84 min
There is far more to being a successful cyclist than pushing the pedals hard, but you already know that! Although being ‘fit’ is very important, focusing only on this aspect of performance would leave so much of your potential untapped. Developing an…
An Athletes Guide To Training While Traveling: BWC Podcast EP18
Jul 5 • 67 min
Being an Endurance Athlete takes a lot “sport-specific” training in order to be competitive, meaning that it takes a lot of saddle time to maintain your best fitness. But for busy professionals that have jobs requiring regular business travel, the time…
Bike Fit 101, Why A Poor Position Is Costing You Speed: BWC Podcast EP17
Jun 28 • 58 min
Is your bike a tool that is adapted to you, meaning you feel comfortable and ready to get the most from your body on every ride? Or, are you struggling with upper back or neck pain, a sore lower back, possibly even numbness in your feet, hands and/or…
From Bolivia On A 125lb. MTB To 100-Mile Gravel Events In NorCal: Meet Athlete Erik Andrejko BWC Podcast EP16
Jun 20 • 65 min
“The toughest challenge I have ever faced on a bike was 3-days in the Gobi Desert when I thought I was lost and had to spend the majority of my day walking my bike through the deep sand…” Not many competitive cyclists have a background that includes…
When Experience Counts…And There Is Little To Be Had: Lessons Learned At Dirty Kanza 2019
Jun 13 • 76 min
It was just two weeks ago that Big Wheel Coaching made a pilgrimage to one of the most challenging races ever-imagined…The 200-mile Dirty Kanza Gravel Race. Although the race has earned the reputation as the “World’s Premier Gravel Race”, for nearly ever…
Beating The Summer Sizzle, Strategies To Help You Train & Race Better In The Heat: BWC Podcast Episode 14
Jun 7 • 53 min
The summer heat has arrived across much of the United States, especially in Southern California at BWC Headquarters, and that means one thing… Helping our Athletes train properly and race effectively in the soaring temperatures. With this in mind Coaches…
BWC EP13: Special Edition Interview With Dirty Kanza Race Director LeLan Dains!
May 29 • 58 min
Ahead of Coach Brian’s first participation in the ultra-endurance Dirty Kanza 200, he spoke with Race Director, LeLan Dains who has some great tips in his 15+ years of experience with the infamous DK200! These tips are as applicable for gravel riding as…
Why You Should Sign-Up For A Bucket-List Event: BWC Podcast EP12
May 24 • 71 min
There is an old-saying that goes like this… Question: “How do you eat an elephant?” Answer: “One bite at a time!” Signing up for a bucket-list event like Dirty Kanza, the Leadville Trail 100, Paris-Roubaix Sportive, or any other epic ride takes a whole…
EP11: Tony Rago Has 9 Podium Finishes In 11 Race Weekends An Incredible Ratio By Any Measure!
May 16 • 64 min
Coach Brian and his Athlete Tony Rago have been working together for a few years now, but 2019 has been filled with success for Tony. What has been the difference? In short, one part mindset and one part training, to find out more about Tony’s…
Two Pillars Of Recovery Fundamental To Great Training: BWC Podcast EP10
May 10 • 49 min
Sleep hygiene and proper nutrition are most likely not the first two things an Athlete thinks of as fundamental in their preparation for a big goal, but they most certainly should be! Both sleep and nutrition, as well as massage, ice-bath’s, and…
EP9: Preparing For Your Epic Endurance Event, Training Tips & Tricks
May 3 • 54 min
In this episode of the BWC Podcast, Coaches Joy and Brian overview Endurance Training and share tips you can implement into your training routine to help you thrive in your upcoming epic endurance event.
EP8: BWC Athlete Eric Zook Won His First Race & Is Working Hard For More!
Apr 25 • 50 min
In this episode of the BWC Podcast, we interview Athlete Eric Zook and his coach, BWC’s Leo Bugtai to share some insights into Eric’s training and how he went from casual masters racer to a fit and confident race winner! Enjoy!
BWC EP7: Active Recovery For Endurance Athletes, Why It Is Important & How To Optimize It In Your Training
Apr 19 • 47 min
It doesn’t take a whole lot of hard training for an Endurance Athlete to develop an appreciation for their recovery days, but unfortunately what is often missed is the “why” behind the various recovery techniques that are central to endurance sports like…
BWC EP4: Coaches Brady and Brian Talk “Lessons Learned” From Team Coaching For Individual Athletes
Apr 12 • 36 min
Coaches Brian & Brady share insight that transcend group coaching environments to help individual Athletes achieve their very best.
BWC EP: 6 Marginal Gains For The Every Day Cyclist With Coach Joy & Brian
Apr 12 • 55 min
Coaches Joy and Brian over-view a recent TrainingPeaks article titled “Marginal Gains For The Everyday Cyclist” and share their coaching experience to help Athletes of all levels focus their energies on the areas that will translate into the greatest…
BWC EP: 5 Athlete Profile Interview With Fred Archambault
Apr 12 • 61 min
BWC Athlete Fred Archambault just completed his very first stage race at the San Dimas Stage Race. Although this was not his goal event, it was incredibly demanding and took a monumental amount of effort. In this episode Fred and Coach Brian talk through…
BWC EP: 3 Coach Leo And The Redlands Bicycle Classic
Apr 12 • 36 min
Coach Brian interviews Coach Leo from the Tour de Taiwan while Leo is racing his second Redlands Bicycle Classic. In the discussion important topics are covered that focus on the preparing for and performing optimally at a major event.
BWC Podcast EP: 2 Mental Toughness w/Coach Joy
Apr 12 • 40 min
Coaches Joy and Brian review mental toughness and how it can benefit your athletic endeavors!