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23: How to Grow a Franchise by Partnering Private Equity with Chris DeJong of BigBlue Swim School
Sep 18 • 33 min
If you have a passion for swimming then you’re in the same lane as the founder of the Big Blue Swim School franchise! He knew there had to be a better solution than renting pool time for swim lessons. His business was born out of a desire to offer…
22: How to have your business run like clockwork with Mike Michalowicz
Sep 11 • 48 min
Are you trying to develop organizational efficiency in your business? Are you trying to find a way to take a step back and become an owner and strategist—NOT an operator? Effective leadership as a business owner begins with some tactical decision…
21: Erik’s Deal Matrix
Sep 6 • 22 min
Today I’m going to give you insight into my deal matrix— how I choose what franchise to purchase. Over the years working as a franchisee, area developer, and serial entrepreneur I’ve developed a method for choosing franchises that will work for…
20: The Benefits and Challenges of a Business Partnership
Sep 4 • 30 min
A business partnership can be daunting to some—and to others, it’s their means of being able to own a Franchise in the first place. Do you know where you fall on the spectrum? Are you open to a partnership or actively looking for a partner? In…
19: Why a Strategic Partnership Could Work for Your Franchise
Aug 21 • 47 min
Are you wondering if a strategic partnership could benefit your business endeavors? Are there just some skills that you lack that a partner could take on? If you don’t possess all the necessary skills—or even finances required—to be a business owner,…
18: How To Choose The Best Franchise For You With Guest Eric Stites
Aug 14 • 38 min
Are you wondering how to find the best franchise for the investment you’re willing to make? Are you looking for an awesome tool to help narrow down your choices? Franchise Business Review is a market research firm that rates and reviews today’s top…
17: The Different Paths To Becoming An Entrepreneur With Matt Tanner
Aug 7 • 35 min
Have you dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur? Did you grow up working in a family business or just knew at a young age you wanted to own your own business? In a day and age where young adults are catapulted towards college, perhaps there is another way.…
16: Key Success Factors You Need To Embrace As An Entrepreneur With Guest Bedros Keuilian
Jul 31 • 47 min
Have you ever wondered if there are key personality traits or routines that successful people have in common? Are you looking for some inspiration to kick yourself into gear? In this episode of Franchise Secrets, I talk with a wildly successful…
15: Cultivate A Culture That Allows Your Team To Learn From Failure
Jul 24 • 19 min
As business owners we need to create an environment for our team where they are allowed to make mistakes and learn from failure. Too often, people are scared to take initiative because if they fail their jobs and livelihoods are at risk. In this episode…
14: How To Build A Successful Team For Your Franchise With Chris Oakley
Jul 17 • 31 min
If you’re looking to build a successful team of employees for your business, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Do you hire based on the education and experience of the candidate? Or do you consider their work ethic and their personality? There…
13: A Non-Traditional Franchise Financing Option, With Guest Ron Feldman
Jul 10 • 46 min
If you’re looking at funding options as a new franchisee and are struggling with the franchise financing options available to you, there are options. Sometimes the traditional route just isn’t available. In this episode, I talk with Apple Pie Capital…
12: Creating A Strategic Plan For Your Business Is Key to Its Success
Jul 3 • 24 min
If you’re looking at creating a strategic plan for your business, you’re taking the needed steps towards success. Is strategic planning a concept you are familiar with? Do you need direction on how to get started? Listen to this episode of Franchise…
11: Business Turnaround: Why You Should Purchase an Underperforming Franchise, with Kevin Easterly
Jun 26 • 42 min
If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity, consider investing in a business turnaround—an underperforming franchise can make money in the right hands. If you’ve got experience and the necessary drive and willpower, it can be a great opportunity.…
10: Buying A Franchise: The Final Decisions To Make, with Lance Freeman
Jun 19 • 37 min
This episode is the second in a two-part series all about buying a franchise! In the first episode, we covered everything from how to start the process, to understanding the financial model and being able to intelligently converse with franchisees. Listen…
9: The Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing Franchise Development with guest Ryan Zink
Jun 12 • 42 min
As a business owner in the beginning stages of starting a franchise, how do you know when to outsource franchise development? Do you have a few locations and you want to focus your time and energy on your current franchisees? Do you have a quality…
8: Buying A Franchise: An Inside Look At The Process, With Lance Freeman
Jun 5 • 25 min
In this episode of Franchise Secrets, we will talk about the step-by-step process of buying a franchise. Are you ready to purchase a franchise and want to know what the process looks like? Do you know what information to look for—and what they are looking…
7: Franchise Opportunities: The Role Of A Regional Developer With Guest Mark Johnson
May 29 • 30 min
When researching franchise opportunities an important role for you to understand is that of a regional developer (RD). They are sometimes also referred to as area developers or master franchisors. The role is somewhat of a hidden gem—the opportunity to…
6: Navigating a Commercial Lease Agreement with Guest Eric Finkelstein
May 22 • 37 min
Sourcing a franchise location and learning to understand how a commercial lease agreement works can be daunting. The technical jargon can be overwhelming—and these agreements are riddled with things you need to know. On this episode of Franchise Secrets,…
5: Want to Create a Franchise? Address These Legal Red Flags First, with Lane Fisher
May 15 • 35 min
As a Franchise Attorney, Lane currently represents more than 500 franchise brands in business transactions and complex franchise litigation and is a member of the American Bar Association’s Forum Committee on Franchising. He deals with the legal side of…
4: Joe Mathews’ 3 Eras of Franchising, Part 2
May 8 • 38 min
In part 2 of this interview, Joe and I talk about all about franchisors - what makes a good one, what makes a bad one, and the value they should be providing their franchisees.
3: Joe Mathews’ 3 Eras of Franchising, Part 1
May 2 • 39 min
Franchising veteran Joe Mathews can see into the future. At least that would help explain why he knows so much about where franchisors are headed… As just the 40th employee at Subway, Joe played a key role in the rapid expansion of the restaurant from 400…
2: What Ned Bolcar Knows Best
May 1 • 49 min
Former NFL linebacker and NCAA champion Ned Bolcar comes on the show to talk about what he knows best, and how the lessons he learned as an elite athlete at Notre Dame translated to his success as an equity trader on Wall Street, and eventually an…
1: Erik’s Story
Apr 18 • 24 min
Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Franchise Secrets Podcast! In this episode, host Erik Van Horn talks about the goal of the podcast, and how he got started as a franchise entrepreneur.