Breathe: Faith and Creativity Podcast

Breathe: Faith and Creativity Podcast
Welcome to the Breathe Podcast, where we explore the intersection of faith and creativity. We interview artists from all walks of life to discover how faith plays a role in their art and expression, hoping to encourage you to live a life of creativity …

01.11 - Small Business and a Prickly Persona w/Marissa Engoy
Aug 12 • 43 min
Navigating life through difficult situations and finding creativity in the mysterious ways of God.
01.10 - Humble Beginnings, Mourning Well, and Embracing Your Gifts w/Antonio Appling
Aug 5 • 48 min
Humble beginnings, mourning well, and embracing your gifts and talents in order to take that first step toward progress.
01.09 - Culinary Arts, Traveling, and Change w/Yanica Goco
Jul 29 • 37 min
Culinary arts, the joy of traveling, and the challenges that come with change.
01.08 - Cerebral Palsy, Quirky Banter, and Horror Conventions w/Kevin Horton
Jul 22 • 39 min
Grieving loss can be hard, but embracing your gifts can be beneficial in helping you process.
01.07 - Creative Expression Through Pop Culture w/Justin Castillo
Jul 15 • 23 min
Nerds are cool too.
01.06 - Hope, Healing, and Graffiti w/Ronnie Robles
Jul 8 • 49 min
There’s hope and healing in graffiti art.
01.05 - The Beauty of Submission w/Sheila Sadr
Jul 1 • 49 min
Finding power in submission.
01.04 - Being a Hip Hop Cobbler w/Ron Lodevico
Jun 24 • 30 min
“Love what you do and do what you love!”
01.03 - Creating Poetry From a Position of Vulnerability w/Rachel Hall
Jun 17 • 36 min
There’s beauty in being vulnerable.
01.02 - Painting, Healing, and Bipolar Disorder w/Christian Mendoza
Jun 9 • 43 min
Find healing in painting and art from your bipolar disorder
01.01 - Fight Evil With Poetry w/Micah Bournes
Apr 18 • 51 min
Poetry/Spoken Word, guns, and choosing love over hate.