The Opportunity Zone Expo Podcast

The Opportunity Zone Expo Podcast
On “The OZExpo Podcast”, host Jack Heald has conversations with people who really know the Opportunity Zone market. From investors, fund managers and developers to tax experts, politicians and attorneys, if it involves Opportunity Zones, you’ll hear

John Lore - Top-Notch Legal Advice from Crypto to Opportunity Zone by way of Utah and Moscow
Aug 29 • 31 min
Capital Fund Law Group is narrowly focused on the needs of the capital funding industry.
Peter Hirshberg - Let’s Treat Our Cities as Development Platforms
Aug 22 • 55 min
Peter Hirshberg thinks the Silicon Valley hackathon model is one of the best ways to redevelop our cities.
David Waxman - Historic Redevelopment of His Hometown Makes Philly a Better Place to Live
Aug 15 • 45 min
David Waxman of MMPartners has been doing OZ development before OZ development was even a thing.
Hotbed Entertainment Group - A True “Unicorn” Opportunity: the rare Real Estate Plus Business Gambit
Aug 13 • 41 min
Hotbed Music Hall is the name, transformed OZ communities is the game.
Nicole Pecoulas - “Barings Has the Money, Bring Us the Deals”
Aug 12 • 39 min
Nicole Pecoulas, Managing Director at Barings, talks about the kinds of OZ deals Barings is seeking.
Stephanie M. Smith - How to Win Neighborhood Trust as well as Government Tax Games
Aug 7 • 59 min
Stephanie M Smith describes how to build relationships and navigate government programs: two essential qualities for success in the OZ.
Avy Stein - Creating Capitalism to Drive Results in Underinvested Communities
Aug 7 • 47 min
Avy Stein’s battle with cancer made him determined to make the world better. The OZ program is one vehicle he identified to help do just that.
Jonathan Talansky - This “Two-Handed Lawyer” Who Gets the Joke
Aug 6 • 30 min
Jon Talansky of King & Spalding is “a two-handed lawyer” who gets the joke.
Cory Bilodeau - Serious Risks in OZ Investing, and How to Navigate Them
Aug 5 • 39 min
Tax attorney Cory Bilodeau guides us through the risks and rewards of OZ investing.
AJ Patton - Affordable Housing and Alternative Energy under one QOF Banner
Aug 1 • 37 min
AJ Patton talks about his plan of merging alternative energy and affordable housing in Opportunity Zones.
Sam Hales - Mobile Home Communities: Un-Sexy and Very Profitable
Jul 31 • 35 min
He recognized the opportunity in mobile home parks before the OZ program existed.
Mike McMahon - Tax Wizard Talks QOF structures, and has some surprises
Jul 31 • 32 min
Mike McMahon has surprising advice for folks who believe there’s no way to make a REIT work in the OZ.
Jerry McGaughy - Public-Private Partnership the Key to OZ Impact Investing
Jul 30 • 36 min
Jerry McGaughy creates success in the OZ with an utterly unique approach to investing in distressed communities.
Martin Muoto - Renovate South-Central Los Angeles? Sure! Why not?
Jul 23 • 38 min
Martin Muoto’s improbable success renovating South-Central LA is one of the most inspiring OZ stories I’ve heard yet.
Scott Krone – Coda Group head finds OZ Gold in Self-Storage OZ Funds
Jul 22 • 35 min
Scott Krone got a meat-grinder, ground-up education in every aspect of real estate funding, design, development, and management. It’s paying off for his investors now.
Dan Topple - “Everyone deserves a fair shot”
Jul 21 • 28 min
Dan Topple embodies the spirit of the Opportunity Zone program. He has the passion to help those who need it most, plus the mandate and power of a private bank to help where it’s needed.
Jay Soave - His Capital Firm Looks Past the Usual Suspects
Jul 19 • 32 min
Jay Soave of Cadence Capital Partners builds relationships with “patient capital” - that’s perfect for the OZ.
Brett Siglin Knows Least 8 Different Ways to Build a Capital Stack Using Government Programs
Jul 17 • 31 min
Brett Siglin Knows Least 8 Different Ways to Build a Capital Stack Using Government Programs
Michael Sanders - A Lifetime Unraveling the Worst Tangles in the Tax Code
Jul 15 • 34 min
Michael Sanders literally wrote the book law students read when studying tax law. So he knows what OZ tax law is all about.
Maria Rivera – Puerto Rico Tax Partner on why PR is the best place for OZ Projects
Jul 12 • 35 min
Maria Rivera talks about the especially attractive opportunities to OZ investors in Puerto Rico.
Eric Kodesch - The Go-To Voice for FIRPTA-to-OZ Expertise
Jul 11 • 36 min
Tax attorney Eric Kodesch explains how FIRPTA and OZ regulations interact.
Warren Collier - “Show Us Your Track Record & We’ll Give You a Credit Line”
Jul 4 • 30 min
most. Warren Collier of Black Wealth Group is our guest on this episode of The OZExpo Podcast.
What is Opportunity Zone Expo?
Jul 2 • 1 min
What is Opportunity Zone Expo
Peter Valleau - SVN VP Warns “Watch Out for Ignorant Brokers”
Jul 1 • 25 min
Peter Valleau of SVN has a warning for investors. He sits down to discuss the problem of ignorant brokers and related issues.
Blake Christian - The Grand Slams in OZ will be Operating Businesses, Not Real Estate
Jul 1 • 35 min
Blake Christian believes the real massive successes of the OZ program will be operating businesses, not real estate.
Kim Lisa Taylor - How to Manage Mixed-Fund Investing in the Opportunity Zone Space
Jun 28 • 33 min
Attorney Kim Lisa Taylor talks about how to structure mixed-fund investing so both gain investors and cash investors can benefit in the OZ.
Dave Euzarraga - Sierra Creek Developer Drops by for a Chat
Jun 11 • 21 min
Dave Euzarraga
California Deputy Treasurer Jovan Agee - Right Man, Right Time, Right Place for OZ Success
Jun 9 • 41 min
Jovan Agee, California’s Deputy Treasurer, may be exactly the right man in the right place at the right time for this moment in history.
Sasha Favelukis - Gentrification without Displacement? Yes, It Can Be Done, (and He’s Proven It)
Jun 9 • 70 min
Sasha Favelukis has created an Impact Investing model that’s proven to work in San Diego. Now, he’s branching out.
Neal Bawa - Grocapitus Founder Avoids “Irrational Exuberance” in OZ Investing
May 30 • 47 min
Neal Bawa uses analytical and productivity skills honed as a tech industry executive to analyze investment opportunities in the OZ.
Barry Stem - Champion of Factory-Built, Precast Concrete Homes for OZ Investment
May 24 • 26 min
Barry Stem of Fortified Precast Technologies is ready to disrupt the building industry in Florida opportunity zones.
John McCarthy - OZMaps Creator Built It Because He Needed It
May 24 • 19 min
The creator of the mobile app OZMaps joins us to talk about why he developed the program.
Manuel Laboy - Puerto Rico Economic Development Chief Confirms OZ is Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity
May 24 • 42 min
Manuel Labor, Secretary of Economic Development for Puerto Rico
Stefan Schimenes - InvestReal Provides the Data to Transform OZ Investing
May 22 • 35 min
Stefan Shimenes created InvestReal to support his own investments. Then the OZ program came along and he made it available to all OZ investors and developers.
Michael Bernier - Precision Analysis of OZ Tax Strategies
May 17 • 29 min
Michael Bernier of Ernst & Young guides us through the subtleties of taxes and OZ investing.
Susan P. Rounds - Deutsche Bank Director of Wealth Planning on the Benefits of OZ Investing
May 16 • 28 min
Susan P. Rounds’ rare combination of experience and skills honed in the courtroom make her a formidable force and a voice to be heard in the OZ world.
Craig Bernstein - Fund Manager Believes OZ Program is “the Opportunity of a Lifetime”
May 16 • 33 min
Craig Bernstein has done the analysis and knows the promise of the OZ. His insights into the market and opportunities of OZ investing are both unique and compelling.
Brandon Lacoff - BelPointe REIT Leader: “I’ve Always Had to Work Harder than Everyone Else”
May 16 • 31 min
Brandon Lacoff has figured out a way to deliver OZ benefits to investors who are wary of OZ restrictions.
Jay Darby - Harvard-Educated Sportswriter-turned-OZ Tax Wizard Gives Guidance with Levity
May 15 • 44 min
Jay Darby was trained as mathematician before becoming a tax lawyer. And it shows in the most entertaining fashion.
Chenin Dow - The City of Lancaster, California Is Serious About OZ Development
May 14 • 23 min
The City of Lancaster, California is not waiting around for OZ Development
Jill Homan - D.C. Investment Advisor With Deep Roots in Impact Investing
May 13 • 45 min
Jill Homan’s company focuses exclusively on Opportunity Zone investments.
Paul Wassgren - From Youngest Bond Trader Ever to OZ Legal Expert
May 13 • 48 min
Paul Wassgren combines a lifetime of investing experience and a first-class legal mind to his work with OZ investors.
Zack Streit - LA Native Finds His Calling Driving Entrepreneurial Mid-Market Deals
May 13 • 30 min
Zack Streit found his calling. At George Smith Partners he helps bring development projects to life.
Ronnie Fieldstone - A 40 Year Record of Capitalizing on Opportunities
May 8 • 40 min
Attorney Ronnie Fieldstone has been spotting and taking advantage of opportunities longer than most of us. His track record is impressive. And His enthusiasm is telling. When he speaks, anyone with an interest in the OZ program should be listening. …
Jessica Millett - Peace Corps Vet, Tax Attorney and Passionate OZ Advocate
May 6 • 32 min
Her time as a Peace Corps volunteer informs her work as a Tax Attorney. That’s why Jessica Millett is so passionate about making the OZ program work.
Jim Costello - Real Capital Analytics Provides Real Time Pricing Answers
May 6 • 52 min
Jim Costello’s company - Real Capital Analytics - offers equity market-style data to real estate investors.
Jim Sanford - Financial Industry Vet Knows the Risks & Reward of the OZ
May 6 • 55 min
Jim Sanford of Sag Harbor Advisors talks about both the risks and the rewards of OZ investing.
Erin Gillespie - Madison Street Strategies Founder Knows OZ Development from the Inside
May 4 • 34 min
Erin Gillespie helped guide the designation of Florida’s OZs. Now she guides clients through the mase of rules.
Adam Yormack - Entrepreneur-Turned-Tax Lawyer Guides OZ Business Creation
May 3 • 34 min
He traded the life of an entrepreneur for the life of a tax lawyer, and the Rocky Mountains for the South Florida Beaches. Adam Yormack is our guest on The OZExpo Podcast.
Jon Bonanno - How 9/11 Changed His Life - and perhaps - World Energy Usage
May 3 • 51 min
His experience on Sept 11, 2001 changed the course of his life; and maybe the course of world energy usage.
Tom Ortiz - 4th Generation Builder Revolutionizes Affordable Housing
May 2 • 42 min
Tom Ortiz’s “Bionic” building system could revolutionize the affordable housing industry.
Toby Moskovits - Where Other Developers See Obstacles, She Sees Possibilities
May 1 • 36 min
Where more experienced developers might only see obstacles, Toby Moskovits saw possibilities.
James Mann - This Self-Described “Boring Tax Attorney” Believes in the Cannabis Opportunity
May 1 • 24 min
James Mann describes himself as “a boring tax lawyer,” and he believes the cannabis business is a great opportunity for OZ investment.
Eddie Lorin - A Passion for Developing Communities, Not Just Building Buildings
Apr 30 • 30 min
Eddie Lorin has a passion for affordable housing not only does good, but does well.
Steve Schneider - A “Star Trek Mind” and a “Mister Rogers” Heart
Apr 29 • 25 min
Tax Attorney Steve Schneider admits he has a mind as logical as Star Trek’s “Mr. Data. But he also has a heart for connecting people.
Matthew Rappaport - Fanatical Attention to Detail in Tax Law …and Baseball!
Apr 27 • 33 min
Matthew Rappaport’s fanatical attention to detail reveals itself in his encyclopedic recall of the baseball playoffs as well as his expertise to the ins and out of Opportunity Zone tax law.
Jared Hutter - Visionary Developer Transforms OZ Student Housing
Apr 27 • 36 min
Jared Hutter is a visionary developer who is transforming the face of student housing in opportunity zones.
Mike Sassano - A Cannabis Business in the Opportunity Zone
Apr 27 • 25 min
Mike Sassano leads one of the first cannabis businesses in an oppportunity zone.
Derek Armstrong – Heads Governor’s Economic Development Office with Rare Mix of Heart, Mind & Will
Apr 27 • 37 min
He’s served the country as a Marine, the city of Las Vegas as a lawyer, the state of Nevada as an assemblyman and now - in his role as deputy director of the Governor’s Office of economic development for nevada, he’s serving not just his state, but the…
Gerardo Portela - Puerto Rico’s First-ever Chief Investment Officer
Apr 27 • 53 min
Puerto Rico native Gerardo (Gerry) Portela is the first-ever Chief Investment Officer of Puerto Rico, and he’s our guest on The OZExpo Podcast.
Lance Growth – “Pain is Coming; Don’t Fear It”
Apr 26 • 28 min
Lance Growth may be the only skateboarding, championship boxing, tax attorney in the world.
Brett Messing - Leadership by Example at SkyBridge Capital Partners
Apr 25 • 28 min
Brett Messing brings broad and deep experience in the industry and public service to the leadership of SkyBridge Capital Partners.
Paul Saint-Pierre - A Passion to Protect the Investor
Apr 24 • 28 min
Paul Saint-Pierre talks about protecting against investory risk in opportunity zone investing.
Reid Thomas - Software Solutions for OZ Fund Managers
Apr 23 • 38 min
Reid Thomas’s company - NES Financial His company’s impact reporting software may well become the industry standard for the opportunity zone market.
Kevin Kim - Master of OZ Regulatory Hurdles
Apr 21 • 34 min
Kevin Kim comes from a long line of investment bankers. He chose law instead and is now a master of the regulations surrounding OZ.
Brett Johnson - Opportunity at the Intersection of Pro Sports and OZ
Apr 20 • 37 min
Brett Johnson’s compelling vision is to combine sports venues with OZ investing to truly fulfill the promise of Opportunity Zones in traditionally neglected areas.
Michael Fitzpatrick - For Questions About Alt OZ Financing, Nobody Listens Better
Apr 19 • 42 min
Michael Fitzpatrick of Baker-Tilly has a gift for making the complex simple to understand. Today, he explains some of the ins and outs of alternative financing for Opportunity Zone projects here on the OZExpo Podcast.
Tim Trifilo - Digging Deep to Unearth OZ Tax Advantages
Apr 19 • 37 min
Tax Attorney Tim Trifilo has always known how to dig deep and find answers for whatever problem he faced. The new OZ regulations are fertile ground for his expertise.
Kyle Walker - Disruption Squared - Blockchain Combined with OZ
Apr 16 • 38 min
Kyle Walker talks about the disruptive technology of blockchain that his company - AgoraAltX - brings to the OZ market.
Moses Kagan - A Permanent-Hold Approach to OZ Development
Apr 13 • 0 min
Developer Moses Kagan applies a “buy and hold” model of investing to his Los Angeles-area property development and management company.
Phil Jelsma - Opportunity Lurks in “The Gray Areas”
Apr 11 • 30 min
Tax attorney Phil Jelsma talks about the gray areas of the new Opportunity Zone law and how investors can benefit from them.
Anthony Nanula - Don’t BS Yourself; Don’t BS Other People
Apr 9 • 43 min
“Don’t B.S. yourself, don’t B.S other people, always be an honest thinker.” Anthony Nanula carries his father’s lesson with him in every business he creates.
Jay Gold - Experience, Expertise, and Extraordinary Good Fortune
Apr 7 • 27 min
Developer Jay Gold woke up one morning to discover that 4 of his already-in-progress projects were in brand new Opportunity Zones. Learn he took advantage of the new opportunities.