Book Me

Book Me
Join former CBC Maritime Noon Host Costas Halavrezos as he interviews the Atlantic Canadians who create the books you love to read. From established, award-winning authors, illustrators, and photographers to the lesser known up-and-comers and other key book contributors delve into the beautiful, mysterious world of books… and discover the passion that fuels it.

S3 E8 Simon Thibault
Nov 20 • 20 min
Season 3, Episode 8: The Soul of Cuisine. Author, broadcaster and developmental editor-at-large Simon Thibault explains how his maternal lineage helped him explore Acadian cuisine and the timing of baking donuts, and how he now helps cultivate book seeds…
S3 E7 Wanda Baxter
Nov 18 • 13 min
Season 3, Episode 7: And maple trees lining the way… Author Wanda Baxter on the rhythm, feeling and childlike wonder behind writing If I Had An Old House On the East Coast.
S3 E6 Lesley Choyce
Nov 15 • 14 min
Season 3, Episode 6: Sidney Crosby and the Whirlpool clothes dryer. Author, creative writing professor and publisher Lesley Choyce on how he was inspired to write a spirited and fun children’s story about the clothes dryer in the basement of Sidney…
S3 E5 Kris Bertin
Nov 13 • 20 min
Season 3, Episode 5: Unravelling the fabric of self. Author and barkeeper Kris Bertin openly reflects on the wide range of human experience and our universal search for identity in writing his first book of short stories Use Your Imagination.
S3 E4 Daphne Greer
Nov 12 • 12 min
Season 3, Episode 4: One page at a time. Author Daphne Greer on how she stitched together the inspiration of a Belgian convent’s boarding school with themes of abandonment, family, friendships and secrets and lies in her novel Finding Grace.
S3 E3 Adam Barnett
Nov 8 • 18 min
Season 3, Episode 3: Explore Nova Scotia on Two Wheels. Join author and cyclist Adam Barnett as he shares the many vistas, routes and checklists for any two-wheeled explorer hoping to peddle Nova Scotia’s trails.
S3 E2 Jaime Burnet
Nov 6 • 21 min
Season 3, Episode 2: Because crocuses hatch in snow. In her debut novel, author and lawyer Jaime Burnet explains how gentrification, obsession, racism and history forces come together to shape two queer love stories in the heart of Halifax’s North End.
S3 E1 Jennifer Thornhill-Verma
Nov 4 • 24 min
Season 3, Episode 1: Canada Day, 1992: the story behind the largest mass layoff in our nation’s history. Author Jennifer Thornhill Verma discusses how the cod fishery’s unbridled success over five centuries would culminate in the Cod Moratorium of 1992,…
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S2 E9 Alan Syliboy
Jul 31 • 13 min
Alan Syliboy on how he managed to nurture his life-long love of Mi’kmaq art, culture and heritage.
S2 E7 Mayann Francis
Jul 30 • 35 min
Her Honour Mayann Francis and host Costas Halavrezos discuss her path to becoming the second woman and first African Nova Scotian ever to accept the title of Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia.
S2 E8 Briana Corr Scott
Jul 30 • 11 min
Learn how a fateful trip to Sable Island inspired artist, illustrator and author Briana Corr Scott
S2 E4 Nicola Davison
Jul 23 • 16 min
Photographer and author Nicola Davison draws us into the potent characters of her first novel, In the Wake.
S2 E5 Kayla Hounsell
Jul 23 • 17 min
Kayla Hounsell shares her first-hand account of the murder trial of young Will Sanderson—a trial that riveted local community and shocked the nation.
S2 E6 Alison DeLory
Jul 23 • 17 min
Alison DeLory explains how the island of Cape Breton, beaching whales, Syrian refugees and even a “calendrical savant” converge to create universally shared notions of home.
S2 E1 Whitney Moran
Jul 16 • 21 min
Whitney Moran shares her passion for writing, editing and publishing great books
S2E3 Katelyn Bellafontaine
Jul 16 • 17 min
The Path from Engaged to “I Do.”
S2E2 Marilyn Davidson Elliott
Jul 16 • 18 min
The Story Behind the Blind Mechanic
S1E9 Jamie Simpson
May 7 • 16 min
Nature’s bounty of scrumptious wild organics.
S1E7 Lesley Crewe
May 6 • 16 min
Our grandmother’s stories…
S1E8 Graham Steele
May 6 • 27 min
How to turn politicians into champions.
S1E6 Steve Vernon
Apr 30 • 23 min
Steve Vernon and the tradition of ghost story-telling.
S1E4 Linda Moore
Apr 30 • 20 min
All the world’s a stage.
S1E5 Quentin Casey
Apr 30 • 15 min
The sea disaster that captured the hearts of a nation.
S1 E1 Sarah Sawler
Apr 23 • 18 min
Author Sarah Sawler on some things you probably don’t know about Atlantic Canada.
S1E2 Carol Bruneau
Apr 23 • 17 min
Author Carol Bruneau discusses some of her many sources of inspiration.
S1E3 Len Wagg
Apr 23 • 19 min
Photographer and author Len Wagg on how how he gets some of his best shots in.
TEASER - Sarah Sawler
Apr 17 • 1 min
Preview of S1E1 - Sarah Sawler