Thoughtful Moments

Thoughtful Moments
Thoughtful Moments Podcast was created to help inspire those who have had a rough road in life, those who have had dreams crushed, those whose lives have been imperfect, those who have had changes happen, those who can fil in the blank. This podcast is…

37 | In Awe
Aug 20 • 9 min
I paid our bills yesterday and one of them is a portion of our mortgage payment. I was looking at the balance was surprised. I usually check it once a month, but it slipped my mind in December. When I checked it today, I was floored. So many t…
36 | Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid
Aug 15 • 6 min
Some things in life are better left unsaid. We are so quick to say our own piece of what we believe yet we don’t gather all of the facts before we throw them all up on other people. That has been the reason I haven’t written in the last few days. I …
35 | Don’t Worry About the Small Stuff
Aug 13 • 8 min
There are five things that I learned when I started over to avoid being worried about the unknown.1
34 - Love Lock
Aug 8 • 7 min
Love Lock is a great book that tackles many issues of marriage and this is the review of it.
33 - No Comparison
Aug 6 • 7 min
It is so easy to get caught up in the comparison game. We want to do and be everything that someone else is when we have been created to be unique. As a curator, it is easy for me to get caught up in this game. I explain in this episode why I do thi…
32 - Warning Signs
Aug 1 • 7 min
Wouldn’t it be great if we all could see a blaring warning sign when rough times are ahead? I talk about it in this episode of Thoughtful Moments.
31 - Detours
Jul 30 • 7 min
We all have detours in life that cause us to go in a different direction. This episode tackles the topic to help you navigate those detours.
30 - Great Things Come From Great Pressure
Jul 25 • 5 min
A coffee nut’s prospective on espresso and life.
29 - The Key To Answered Prayers - It’s Not What You May Think
Jul 23 • 9 min
The key to prayer is not that complicated. I talk about the importance of prayer and the simplicity of it.
28 - Leave a Legacy Worth Having
Jul 18 • 13 min
Leaving a legacy is more than just a piece of paper. Our hope is that it will change course of our family tree.
27 - Put Fear In Its Place
Jul 16 • 9 min
It is easy to allow fear to try to get us distracted. Now - it is time to put fear in its place
Mobile Moments - A Tale of Two Identities
Jul 12 • 14 min
In this episode, I talk about learning how to distinguish the time for your 9-5 and side hustle.
26 - Financial Freedom is NOT a Myth
Jul 11 • 13 min
After making on $30,000 for most of my life, I was convinced that we would never be free. I found out that I would be wrong! Find out why!Instagram: @willandsarahowellFacebook:
25 - The Day I Unfriended 400 People
Jul 9 • 6 min
It seems extreme but it did happen. I had a moment when I looked at these names and couldn’t tell you who they were. Find out more by listening to this episode!
Mobile Moments - Guard Your Heart
Jul 5 • 7 min
I have had my share of heartaches and have had to learn how to guard my most sacred tool.
24 - Happy Fourth of July
Jul 4 • 7 min
4th, fourth of july, july 4th, july 4th
23 - My Experience with MLM
Jul 2 • 10 min
Find out my thoughts on my time with Multi-Level Marketing
22 - Ways to Avoid Social Media Scams
Jun 27 • 13 min
In this episode, I talk about the six ways to spot social media scams.
21 | Envision
Jun 25 • 6 min
Mobile Moments - You Be You
Jun 21 • 7 min
So often we see others and want their life. I tackle the idea of just being you without falling into the trap of being someone else.
20 | The Art of Collaboration
Jun 20 • 7 min
I talk about the fears that you and I tend to have when it comes to collaborating with others. It is beyond the fear of the theft of our intellectual property. I tackle many topics that will help you to overcome.
19 | Start Now
Jun 18 • 8 min
We all get caught up in trying to make it perfect instead of getting it done. I help you take the steps to move from stagnant to done.
14 A Father’s Day Message
Jun 16 • 9 min
Happy Father’s Day! This is a non-abusive message for dads.
Mobile Moments - Marriage is What You Make It
Jun 14 • 10 min
I have always heard the marriage can be difficult and I agree, however, it is whatever you make it. I talk about why in this episode.
17 | You Cannot Take It Back
Jun 13 • 8 min
We all have things that we wish that could take back. Here is how to maneuver our way through.
16 | How to Mourn the Death of a Dream
Jun 11 • 14 min
There are times that we have to lay down a dream and bury it. I talk about how to overcome that and to move onto the next phase in your life.
On The Road Moments - Pilot
Jun 7 • 8 min
I’m on the road an hour and a half a day with thoughts running through my head. I’ve been looking for ways to save it. Now featuring: The On The Road Moments or Mobile Moments. This is the pilot.
15 | How to Bounce Back When You’ve Hit Rock Bottom
Jun 6 • 14 min
When you have hit rock bottom, you want to find a way to bounce right back.
13 | You Are One Moment Away
Jun 4 • 7 min
Even in the darkest of times, we need to be reminded that we are another moment closer to our miracle.
12 | Five Ways To Wow Your Customers
May 30 • 7 min
After 25+ years in the Customer Service field, I made a statement that caused a lot of blowback and yet I did not retract it. Find out what it was in this episode!
11 | 3 Ways to Wow Those Who Help You
May 28 • 9 min
3 Ways to Wow the people who help you
10 | Why I Cut Ties With Most of My Former Co-Workers
May 23 • 6 min
After becoming unemployed, I had to make several difficult decisions when it came to the people I worked with. Though it hurt, I had to break ties. Find out why in this episode.
9 | Is Longevity Hurting Your Career?
May 21 • 7 min
If you have worked any length of time in a career, you have to begin asking if longevity hurting your career. We will talk about that in this episode.
8 | Four Career Killing Clues That it is Time to Flee
May 16 • 7 min
When do we decide that it is time to pull the plug? When do you need to make that decision? Over time, I have seen these four things happen that were a red flag for an employee to pull that very plug and move on.
6 | 5 Ways to Stand Out Above the Crowd
May 14 • 7 min
Have you ever felt like you were lost in obscurity? Maybe you stepped into a position that you didn’t believe that you were fully equipped for. Perhaps there was a time when you knew that you would be an amazing candidate for a position but found yourself…
7 | Mother’s Day Special Message
May 12 • 2 min
Happy Mother’s Day
5 | Five Musts of an Unemployed Rock Star
May 7 • 9 min
What do you do now that you are an Unemployed Rock Star? I have five keys that I am finding that works in my life as I go through this journey.
Bonus Episode 1 | Listen To Your Gut!
May 1 • 4 min
Listening to your gut is vital to success
4 | To Honor
Apr 30 • 6 min
On this episode of Thoughtful Moments, I will talk about the importance of support and communication in marriage.
3 | Expect the Unexpected
Apr 22 • 6 min
We all have unexpected things happen to us. It’s how we handle them that we see the good come out of it.
2 | Preparing for Rain
Apr 16 • 4 min
This episode was recorded to encourage you that when you are in waiting that you can prepare for greater things.
1 | The Three Lies of Disappointment
Apr 5 • 6 min
We have all had disappointments in life. Sometimes, it seems like a crashing wave of them and we just don’t know how to come up out of the water. We hear the lies come at us and don’t honestly know how to win this war. I have found three lies that…