PLMA Load Management Dialogue

PLMA Load Management Dialogue
Welcome to the Load Management Dialogues podcast presented by PLMA . Here you will discover industry trends and thinking in practical applications of dynamic load management, including demand response and distributed energy resources.

Behavioral Demand Response Programs
Mar 26 • 60 min
Join the Customer Engagement Interest group as we explore residential behavioral DR techniques currently employed across various utilities. We’ll have Baltimore Gas and Electric speaking about their large scale Peak-Time Rebate program, Arizona Public…
The Promise and Progress of Integrated Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Programs
Mar 19 • 50 min
In a large missed opportunity to boost power grid flexibility and benefit customers, relatively few US utilities have programs that fully integrate energy efficiency and demand response, according to ACEEE’s recently published review of 44 utility…
02-27-2020 Utility Dive’s State of the Electric Utility Industry Survey: Insights for Load Management Practitioners
Feb 27 • 31 min
Join this discussion about implications for load management practitioners from Utility Dive’s Annual Industry Survey.
Trends and Opportunities in Residential Energy Management
Feb 10 • 61 min
This webcast presents industry insights, buzz from the recent Consumer Electronics Show and new consumer and industry research from Parks Associates, including adoption of smart home products, new partnerships, and deployment of new programs by utilities.
2019-10-31 PLMA Customer Engagement Group Discussion
Nov 1, 2019 • 51 min
A growing number of utilities have launched or are considering online marketplaces aiming to engage customers effectively in an era of increasing online service offerings.