The Slapdash Slant

The Slapdash Slant
Listen to Matt and Jonathan share their Slapdash Slant, talk through relatable life situations, explore ridiculous unrealistic situations, and share the back and forth that only friends of 2 decades can share. They know a lot about each other, sometime…

19 - Game of Pwns
Aug 20 • 39 min
Life is a game, right? According to Matt and Jonathan, everything can be a game.
18 - The One About Nothing
Aug 13 • 38 min
Did we peak? Or Bottom out? This is the penultimate episode about nothing! No plan, no guide, just pure, unadulterated randomness. Enjoy.
17 - Time-Hopping
Jul 29 • 35 min
If you could travel to any time in history, where would you go?
16 - Secret Identity
Jul 23 • 33 min
What was the things that defined you growing up? Was it being funny? Were you the class clown?
15 - Pet Peeves
Jul 16 • 34 min
What are those things that just REALLY get under your skin?
14 - Proud To Be An American
Jul 9 • 31 min
BBQs, trucks, World War Champs, listen to all the ways we think America is the best nation in the world!
13 - Build-a-Buddy
Jul 2 • 33 min
What if you could tell your best friend the one thing you’d change to make them the best buddy?
12 - Gold Star Parenting
Jun 19 • 40 min
Ever thought the parenting styles nowadays seem a lot different than when you grew up? Us too!
11 - ‘99 vs ‘19
Jun 11 • 39 min
Music, TV, Movies, was it better then? Or better now? Here’s our view for the 90s/00s vs now!
10 - Adulting
Jun 4 • 36 min
Listen to Jonathan and Matt discuss all of the things we weren’t expecting we would have to get good at when we grew up.
9 - Winning the Lottery
May 28 • 34 min
Matt and Jonathan discuss how things would change for them if they were to win the lottery. It involves a tiger…
8 - Matt Gets Waxed!
May 21 • 29 min
Matt got on the table and got waxed for the first time!
7 - Technuhmological
May 14 • 29 min
Matt and Jonathan describe their past experience with technology, their current struggles, and where they hope it goes.
6 - Dolla Dolla Bills Ya’ll
May 7 • 28 min
OUR FIRST GUEST! Matt and Jonathan have Gentry join them to talk about life of a “saver” vs a “spender.”
5 - Jonathan and Matt 2020
Apr 30 • 31 min
Jonathan and Matt describe their platform for their potential 2020 (er, 2021?) run for office.
4 - Mountains Out of Molehills
Apr 23 • 28 min
Matt and Jonathan talk about funny little things couples fight about, and Matt shares his most embarrassing story yet!
1 - Today’s Dating
Apr 16 • 31 min
In this episode, Matt and Jonathan talk about their hilarious experiences in the dating world both 17 years and recently.
2 - In The Apocalypse
Apr 16 • 32 min
Listen to Matt and Jonathan describe their idea of how the apocalypse is coming, and find out if Matt survives!
3 - Betrayed By Our Bodies
Apr 16 • 31 min
Hear the harrowing tale of a betrayal so great, you can’t get out of bed.