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Hunt For Real
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28: Laden Force- Why Public Land Whitetails Are Different From Other Deer
Oct 10 • 85 min
Laden Force is the Publisher of North American Whitetail magazine and an avid DIY bowhunter. Force bowhunts his home state of Missouri every year, as well as several other states in search of public land whitetails.
27: Tyler Pearce- Backstraps in The Backcountry - A Colorado OTC Elk Recap
Oct 3 • 99 min
Tyler Pearce is a Colorado resident who spends a crazy amount of time scouting, planning hunts, and then adapting to the high-country conditions as they unfold. He’s an accomplished mule deer and elk hunter who offers up plenty of real-world advice for…
26: Patrick Durkin- Where Our Hunting Opportunities Go To Die
Sep 26 • 77 min
Patrick Durkin is one of the most well-respected and accomplished journalists in the hunting space. He’s also a wealth of knowledge on outdoor issues that range from biological mysteries to social injustices - and everything in between.
25: James Jubran- Finding Success On Unconventional Public Lands
Sep 19 • 59 min
James Jubran is a teacher by trade who currently lives and hunts in Texas. He is also the co-author of a children’s book series that is aimed at properly teaching youth about game animals and conservation.
24: Kevin Robling- Making Hunting A Family Affair
Sep 12 • 67 min
Kevin Robling is the Deputy Secretary for the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks department. Robling is a dedicated bowhunter who travels west in search of elk each fall and has spent much of his life working in the wildlife sciences.
23: Josh Dahlke- Weapon Choice & DIY Strategies For Hunting New Public Ground
Sep 5 • 78 min
ScoutLook’s Josh Dahlke, is a dedicated hunter who uses multiple different weapons each season to try to bag whitetails and western game. He is the host of the internet series The Hunger, and considers game meat the ultimate trophy.
22: CJ Davis- Mixing Tradbows, Decoys & A DIY Attitude
Aug 29 • 56 min
CJ Davis is the President of Montana Decoys and a dedicated bowhunter. Each year he hunts multiple species in his home state of South Carolina, as well as many others - all while toting a traditional bow.
21: Eyad Yehyawi- Bowhunting Gear That Will Actually Help You Succeed
Aug 22 • 96 min
Eyad Yehyawi is an Iowa resident, accomplished bowhunter, and the author of the book Crimson Arrows. He has vast experience in the whitetail woods and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to archery equipment.
20: Tyler Jones- Public-Land Hunt Planning With A Texas Twist
Aug 15 • 71 min
Tyler Jones is the host of The Element Podcast and a dedicated public land bowhunter. He hails from Texas, but hunts across the midwest and is a great source of information when it comes to figuring out where to travel for bowhunting adventure.
19: JC Navarro- Aggressive Elk Calling Strategies For Public-Land Bulls
Aug 8 • 69 min
JC Navarro lives in Wyoming and is the owner and founder of That’s Bowhunting. He’s also a well-respected western bowhunter who employs an aggressive elk-calling strategy no matter what state he’s in or how much hunting pressure the elk have already…
18: Brett Seng- Lessons From A Midwesterner Turned Elk Addict
Aug 1 • 82 min
Brett Seng is an accomplished professional photographer, fly-fishing guide, and bowhunter. He hails from Illinois, but now resides in Montana and in this episode he offers up not only his thoughts on how similar the two pursuits can be, but the state of…
17: Tim Kent- Scouting Food Sources To Develop A Season-Long Hunting Plan
Jul 25 • 65 min
Tim Kent is a hardcore whitetail hunter who spends his fall targeting whitetails, elk and other critters with a bow. In this episode, he dives deep into his strategy for glassing, running trail cameras, and identifying soft and hard mast food sources that…
16: Randy Ulmer- Legendary Advice On Bowhunting & Buck Fever
Jul 18 • 87 min
Easily one of the best bowhunters to ever walk the planet, Randy Ulmer is a wealth of information on increasing your archery skills and finding success in the mountains. He’s also an expert on buck fever and how it affects all of us, which makes him the…
15: Darron McDougal- Breaking The Rules For Public-Land Whitetails
Jul 11 • 69 min
Outdoor writer, Darron McDougal, succeeds where most bowhunters fail - on public land. He’s a serious bowhunter who spends much of his time each fall hunting whitetails on common ground, and he often finds himself bucking conventional wisdom to fill his…
14: Chris Burandt- A Different Perspective On The Backcountry
Jul 4 • 59 min
Chris Burandt is considered one of the best snowmobilers on the planet, a skill which he has parlayed into a career. He also happens to be a dedicated elk bowhunter who has a unique perspective on high-country hunting and what it takes to be successful at…
13: Jace Bauserman- A Passion For Pronghorns & Public Land
Jun 27 • 63 min
Jace Bauserman is the former Editor of Bowhunting World, a current freelance writer, and a well-known antelope expert. He shares his strategies for DIY hunting pronghorns on public dirt and gets in-depth on what traveling bowhunters need to consider if…
12: Nicole Belke- Finding Hunting Opportunities Where They Shouldn’t Be
Jun 20 • 75 min
Nicole Belke is a photographer by trade and a hunter by choice. She is a hardcore DIY bowhunter and devout duck hunter who spends much of her fall near the suburbs of Chicago.
11: Jeremy Moore- Of Deer, Dogs & Daughters
Jun 13 • 90 min
Jeremy Moore is most well-known as a dog trainer who specializes in shed dogs and game-recovery dogs. He’s also a diehard bowhunter and devoted father who does everything he can to encourage his kids to get outdoors and go hunting.
10: Zach Sandau- Mapping Up Mule Deer on Public Dirt
Jun 6 • 63 min
onX’s Zach Sandau is a western big game hunter who has a solid process for scouting public land and deciding on which areas to focus for all game animals. He’s an excellent source of information for both veteran western hunters and newbies looking to take…
9: Spencer Neuharth- Adjusting to a New State as an Avid Hunter
May 30 • 43 min
Spencer Neuharth is the Hunting Editor for MeatEater and a well-rounded hunter and fisherman. He’s recently left his native South Dakota for Montana, and is exploring the litany of opportunities that will come with his new residency.
8: Randy Newberg- Living and Loving Life As An Outdoorsman
May 23 • 62 min
Randy Newberg is the well-known host of the popular television series Leupold’s Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg. Randy also hosts the Hunt Talk podcast and produces more common-hunter worthy content than anyone on the planet.
7: John Barklow- Bowhunting The Hard Way
May 16 • 80 min
John Barklow is the Big Game Product Manager for Sitka Gear as well as a cold-weather survival expert. He has spent decades bowhunting multiple species of big game and is a great source for real-world hunting info.
6: Ben O’Brien- Understanding Conservation in a Divided Space
May 9 • 82 min
Ben O’Brien is MeatEater’s Editorial Director as well as the host of The Hunting Collective podcast. He’s a wealth of knowledge on conservation issues and the history of our public lands.
HFR Raw Episode 5: Iowa Turkeys Day 2- Mission(s) Accomplished - Sneaky Gobblers & Serious Deer Sign
May 5 • 13 min
After developing a plan to try a new parcel of public, Peterson hikes as deep as he can to see if he can find a few turkeys that haven’t been heavily pressured. Not only does he find just that, but he manages to scout several deer hotspots on the way out…
HFR Raw Episode 4: Iowa Turkeys Day 1- Breaking Weather, Mapwork & A Big-Hike Turkey Plan
May 4 • 14 min
Tony shows up to some public land in Iowa to try to locate a willing gobbler and scout for deer sign. While the deer sign is easy enough to find, the longbeards prove to be elusive. He spends most of his afternoon turkey hunting, but calls it early to…
5: Brodie Swisher- Giving the next generation of hunters an excellent start
May 2 • 59 min’s Brodie Swisher is a southern outdoorsman with a penchant for introducing youngsters to the outdoors and for DIY hunting just about any game that’s available throughout the year.
HFR Raw Episode 3: Nebraska Turkeys Day 3- Public Land Reality
Apr 28 • 17 min
Day three proves to be the toughest yet as the HFR crew tries, and fails, to find some gobblers who want to play the game.
HFR Raw Episode 2: Nebraska Turkeys Day 2- Thank God For Jakes
Apr 26 • 20 min
After 10 hours of unproductive blind time, the boys grab the shotguns and go running and gunning. Once again, jakes save the day.
HFR Raw Episode 1: Nebraska Turkeys Day 1- A Three-Minute Hunt
Apr 24 • 19 min
Tony experiences his shortest-in-duration public land hunt ever as he calls in a flock of jakes within a few minutes of setting up.
4: Aaron Warbritton- The Quest To Show Hunting Correctly
Apr 22 • 75 min
One of the co-founders of The Hunting Public, Aaron Warbritton, is on a mission to show hunting as it truly unfolds.
3: Lou Phillippe- Elk On Your Own
Apr 20 • 73 min
Colorado resident and elk-hunting fanatic, Lou Phillippe, has logged more hours in the mountains bowhunting bulls on his own than most bowhunters could imagine.
2: Alex Gyllstrom- Why efficiency matters in the whitetail woods
Apr 19 • 60 min
Michigan native, Alex Gyllstrom, is a public-land whitetail addict who has developed the mindset of not wasting a second in the deer woods whether he’s scouting or hunting.
1: Eddie Claypool- Bowhunting The Hard Way
Apr 15 • 65 min
Outdoor writer and DIY bowhunting expert, Eddie Claypool, is one of the most accomplished bowhunters on the planet.