The Pixel Punishers

The Pixel Punishers
Ramblings of professional photographer Tony Roslund, discussing everything photo related, interviews with creatives, and reviews of the latest tech. Follow us on Twitter @pixelpunishers and hit us with questions for the show.

Ep11: Seamus Payne Makes Barry Contemplate A Switch To Sony
Jul 2 • 86 min
Baking Bread With Seamus Payne
Ep10: Barry Almost Dies in a Car Crash
Jun 24 • 73 min
Car Crashes, Firing Clients, PFRE, and Barry’s Bookshelf
Ep9: Aaron Nace of PHLEARN Reveals his Favorite Photoshop Tool (aka the Paint Bucket)
Jun 10 • 100 min
The Future of Mobile Editing with Aaron Nace of PHLEARN
Ep8: Recovery Day
Jun 4 • 68 min
New Stuff From Apple, EOS R, Dirty Kanza, Barry’s Bookshelf
Ep7: Jason Roehner Talks Wireless Tethering, While Waiting Patiently For CamRanger 2
May 27 • 94 min
Jason Roehner Talks Wireless Tethering, Raising Kids, and his Home Screen
Ep6: Paul Terrell Talks Branding, Marketing, and Pregnant Painters
May 21 • 100 min
Graphic designer Paul Terrell talks marketing & design, Chase shits the bed, and Barry’s Bookshelf.
Ep5: Going Old Skool w/Tony Roslund Sr
May 13 • 83 min
Tony Roslund Sr. talks film, sales tax, and Barry’s Bookshelf
Ep4: Skye Schillhammer Masters a Foursome
May 6 • 85 min
One-Man-Show vs. Running With a Crew
Ep3: Barry Sh*ts His Pants and We Talk File Delivery With Andy Macpherson
Apr 29 • 102 min
File Delivery With Andy Macpherson
Ep2: Our First Hate Mail!
Apr 24 • 89 min
Hate Mail, EOS R, Reshoots, and Barry’s Bookshelf
Ep1: Our Thoughts on the Canon Mirrorless Cameras
Apr 15 • 78 min
Tripods, Canon Mirrorless, and Barry’s Bookshelf