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Coffee, Crypto and the Hodling Merchant’s Perspective
Aug 14 • 30 min
Today’s guest is Denet Lewis, owner of Beans N Barbels, who accepted bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at his coffee kiosk at the Bitcoin 2019 conference. Lewis helps paint a picture of the pros and cons of accepting bitcoin as a small business owner and…
Alex Gladstein and the Moral Case for Lightning
Aug 7 • 59 min
In an increasingly cashless society, our everyday payments are being tracked and monitored by third parties in an attempt to learn our habits so they can advertise to us more effectively. Tracking our shopping habits to market to us might not be that…
Lolli’s Alex Adelman on Earning Bitcoin and Democratizing Commerce
Jul 31 • 46 min
In this episode, Lolli CEO and co-founder Alex Adelman joins the Bitcoin Magazine podcast to discuss Lolli’s rapid growth, democratizing commerce, driving bitcoin adoption and the future of video games.
Entiende Bitcoin feat. Max Webster
Jul 23 • 42 min
In this episode, Dave and Grahm get back to the news: Paying Taxes in Bitcoin, Trumps Deriding Bitcoin, and Iran’s “potential” mining industry. After that, they sit down with Max Webster, co-founder of Entiende Bitcoin, to hear about Bitcoin adoption in…
A Conversation with Joel Comm and Gary Leland at Bitcoin 2019
Jul 12 • 63 min
In this episode, recorded at the Bitcoin2019 Conference, Dave and Grahm are joined by Joel Comm of the Bad Crypto Podcast and Gary Leland of Crypto Cousins to discuss everything from Bitcoin, podcasting, regulations, Facebook’s Libra and even a little…
FATF Guidelines and What They Get Wrong About Bitcoin feat. Simon Lelieveldt
Jul 5 • 23 min
In this episode, Dave discusses the new Financial Action Task Force (FATF) guidelines with Amsterdam-based regulatory consultant Simon Lelieveldt, who argues that these guidelines have gone way too far and are disproportionate, technically unsound and…
Being John McAfee
Jul 3 • 38 min
On today’s episode, Dave and Grahm chat with the one and only John McAfee, currently living in exile in Cuba. They talk about freedom, Bitcoin, McAfee’s 2020 Presidential run, the McAfee movie starring Michael Keaton, death threats and more!
Facebook’s Libra Might Not Be What You Think feat. Colin Harper
Jun 22 • 49 min
In this episode, Grahm and Dave invite Colin Harper from the other side of the office to discuss his recent article on the Libra white paper. The three of them quickly hop aboard the Facebook/Libra hype train, and speculate on how Libra could affect the…
Relax, Man…Bitcoin’s Security is Fine feat Dan Held
Jun 18 • 44 min
In this episode, Dave and Grahm cover the news: shadow banking, Binance’s spinoff company and explaining Bitcoin to your dad. Then they talk with the myth, the legend, the Texan, Dan Held. They discuss Held’s recent essay on Bitcoin’s Security, the…
A Bitcoiner On Hong Kong’s Anti-Extradition Bill Protests feat. Leo Weese
Jun 15 • 45 min
In this episode, Dave and Grahm talk with Leo Weese, a Bitcoiner and statistician living in Hong Kong about the anti-extradition bill protests in his city that have been escalating over the past week. Leo explains why Hong Kong isn’t already under…
P2P Crypto Exchanges Still HodlHodling On feat. Max Keidun
Jun 14 • 35 min
In this episode Dave and Grahm cover the recent news and development happening around peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchanges. They talk with Hodlhodl’s Max Keidun about LocalBitcoins, regulatory uncertainty, predictions and different kinds of p2p exchanges.
Speculating On Crypto’s 4 Million Dollar Lunch with Warren Buffett
Jun 5 • 42 min
In this supposedly short episode that ended up being long, Dave and Grahm discuss Justin Sun’s winning charity bid for a lunch with Warren Buffett. Joined by Delphi Digital’s Tom Shaughnessy, the three of them speculate on who they would send to lunch…
Proof of Wrongs: Debunking Faketoshi feat. Jameson Lopp
Jun 3 • 40 min
In today’s episode, Dave and Grahm sit down with Jameson Lopp to discuss his recent Op-Ed “How Many Wrongs Make a Wright”, a comprehensive investigation into Craig Wright and his questionable claims of being Satoshi Nakamoto — the creator of Bitcoin.
Bullish on Bitcoin | Bearish on Trade Relations feat. Jeffrey Tucker
May 28 • 29 min
On this episode of the Bitcoin Magazine Podcast, Dave and Grahm talk to Jeffery Tucker, the Editorial Director of the American Institute of Economic Research, about how the U.S./China trade conflict might be affecting the Bitcoin price.
Quantum Narratives feat. Dan Held
May 20 • 26 min
Dave and Grahm are back with the latest on news and narratives in the Bitcoin community. News includes Bitcoin’s recent price spike, Blockstream’s Liquid Securities launch, Microsoft’s plan to build on the Bitcoin blockchain, CFTC’s crypto whistleblowing…
Bitcoin Rationalism and Community Feuds feat. Kyle Torpey
May 14 • 22 min
In today’s episode, hosts Dave and Grahm get you caught up on Fidelity and E-Trade’s plan to launch crypto trading platforms, the growing number of CoinJoin transactions, the Binance hack and the latest on Bitfinex. After that, they’re joined by longtime…
Bitcoin Blockchain Forks feat. Aaron Van Wirdum
Apr 29 • 21 min
Welcome back to The Bitcoin Magazine Podcast, your source for all the news, commentary and thought leadership driving the financial revolution that is Bitcoin. In today’s episode, hosts Dave and Grahm get you caught up on Bitfinex, Satoshi’s Treasure,…
The Bitcoin Magazine Podcast feat. Jameson Lopp
Apr 15 • 19 min
Welcome to The Bitcoin Magazine Podcast, the source for all the news, commentary and thought leadership driving the financial revolution that is Bitcoin. In today’s episode, hosts Dave and Grahm get you caught up on the SEC, China’s proposed ban on crypto…