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Concentrated Podcast
Concentrated is a podcast exploring Film, Television, Comics, Books, and really anything we feel like talking about. Join your hosts Maria, Eric, and Muneerah as they dive into the topics that interest them and provide insight from their combined lifet…

Aug 12 • 92 min
We’re talking Anime this episode!
Aug 5 • 49 min
It’s a special grab bag episode where we answer your burning questions!
Jul 29 • 56 min
It’s hot, the tv/internet is your friend. Find out what shows we’re keeping cool with.
Jul 22 • 87 min
We’re talking all the big new from San Diego Comic Con!
Jul 15 • 72 min
We spent the weekend hanging out with people that look like us in a building with no air conditioning! It’s all about BlerdCon this week!
Jul 8 • 63 min
Spider-Man is back! Did we enjoy his latest solo adventure? Listen and find out!
Jul 1 • 69 min
Beat the heat and come to the movie theater with us for the newest releases of July
Jun 24 • 65 min
It’s movie time! Find out what we thought about all the latest releases in theaters now
Jun 17 • 88 min
Join us as we talk about all things magic and wizardly, its our first Harry Potter episode!
Jun 10 • 65 min
It’s summer, that means there’s a lot of movies trying to get your money, we’re gonna highlight a few.
Jun 3 • 75 min
Summer movie season is upon us. Is that new movie worth your time and money?
May 27 • 69 min
What are you gonna watch now that Thrones is over? We’ve got you covered.
May 20 • 63 min
Game of Thrones is over, what did we think and how will we spend our Sunday nights now?
May 13 • 54 min
Wanna get into comics without having to read a billion back issues and know 80 years of history? This episode is for you.
May 6 • 58 min
Your childhood favorite is problematic as fuck
Apr 29 • 59 min
We’ve seen Avengers: Endgame! Was it everything we hoped for? Join us as we discuss it. *SPOILER WARNING*
Apr 22 • 89 min
Get ready for the biggest movie of the year, Avengers: Endgame!
Apr 14 • 76 min
Get a jump on the summer movie season and find out what we’re most excited about!