Good Work

Good Work
Good Work is a social impact podcast about good people doing good sh*t. Every week, we’ll speak to thought-leaders and change-makers in industries ranging from food, fashion, travel, blockchain, and so much more. These are the folks responsible for mak?

Vy Tran of Wonder Hoodie on Gun Control and Safety
Aug 15 • 37 min
Vy Tran is the founder and creator of the world’s first bulletproof hoodie. Her story and the stories she hears from her customers will have you wonder why we have come to the point of needing bulletproof casual wear.
Alicia and James Hadlock of BluNovus on Addiction
Jul 31 • 61 min
We spoke to the founders of BluNovus, a nonprofit based out of Utah founded by Alicia and James Hadlock that focuses on treating the root of addiction.
The Destination Impact Team on Travel with a Purpose
Jun 25 • 55 min
Destination Impact plan incredible trips abroad where they travel with a purpose by building relationships with locals in places like Kenya, Haiti, or Morocco, and then find out the needs of these communities and learn about how they can help.
Peter Borenstein of RJ Fund on Prison Reform
May 22 • 45 min
This week we speak to Peter Borenstein of the Restorative Justice Fund. RJ Fund provides full-service legal representation to lifers coming home after decades of incarceration. RJ Fund has recovered over $1,000,000 in assets to the formerly incarcerated,…
Kimberly Wilson of Hued on Race Equality
May 13 • 43 min
Monica interviews Kimberly Wilson, founder of HuedCo, an app that introduces people of color to doctors of color to fight race inequality within the health care system.
Apr 12 • 2 min
A social impact podcast about good people doing good sh*t.