Clinton Ware Live - A Formula 1 Podcast

Clinton Ware Live - A Formula 1 Podcast
The Blind Comedian talks Formula 1 from the perspective of an American idiot who can’t legally drive.

Hungary Grand Prix
Aug 4 • 25 min
Clinton talks about the Hungarian Grand Prix, who the best driver is in Formula 1, Bottas and Gasly being out of favor, and Pittsburgh.
German Grand Prix
Jul 28 • 14 min
Clinton talks Red Bull, Jeremy Clarkson, and the German Grand Prix
British Grand Prix
Jul 14 • 17 min
Clinton talks conspiracy, Haas and Rich Energy, and the British Grand Prix
Austrian Grand Prix
Jun 30 • 16 min
Clinton talks about a bright spot in the Formula 1 season - the Austrian Grand Prix
Monaco Grand Prix
May 26 • 13 min
Clinton talks about Monaco, Ferrari screw ups, and Niki Lauda
Spanish Grand Prix
May 12 • 20 min
Clinton talks about Qualifying, sad millionaires, the race, and how a salary cap/cheating will make the sport more exciting.
Azerbaijan Grand Prix
Apr 28 • 15 min
Clinton talks about practice, the race, and old people not checking their mirrors before going in reverse
Front of the Pack Drama
Apr 22 • 9 min
Clinton talks about Ferrari Drama, Bottas and Mercedes, and makes his Baku predictions
Chinese Grand Prix
Apr 14 • 6 min
Clinton gives his instant reaction to a boring Chinese Grand Prix, Seb’s mustache, his pick for driver of the day
Intro to the Podcast
Apr 10 • 0 min
A brief description of myself and what the podcast is all about!