The Working Mom Mindset

The Working Mom Mindset
Talking about the real real in working mom life, The Working Mom Mindset addresses overwhelm, career advancement, self care, relationships, communication, parenting and so much more! Natalie Ihde is a 9-5 mom turned entrepreneur who is dedicated to hel…

069 - Embracing the Pause When You Have a Micromanaging Boss
Sep 6 • 20 min
When you have a micromanaging boss, it can become quite difficult to enjoy your job, how embracing the pause can help you.
066 - Being an Introverted Mom, What It Really Means
Aug 30 • 14 min
What it really means to be an introverted mom.
065 - The Benefits of Choosing an AuPair As Your Childcare with Pooja Palimar
Aug 28 • 46 min
We’re talking with Pooja Palimar, The AuPair Concierge, about the differences and benefits of bringing in an AuPair for your childcare needs
064 - You Might Not Be Where You Want To Be, But You’re Where You’re Supposed To Be
Aug 26 • 13 min
Just because you’re not where you want to be in life doesn’t mean you’ve failed, remind yourself that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be
063 - Emotional and Physical Baggage - Handle Your Ish
Aug 23 • 19 min
How the bags you carry and your emotional baggage may be related.
062 - Maternity Leave, Communication and The Motherhood Penalty with Lisa Durante
Aug 21 • 50 min
We’re talking with Working Parent Consultant, Lisa Durante about maternity leave, the importance of communication, and the motherhood penalty
061 - Is Your Job or Your Business Impacting Your Relationship
Aug 19 • 11 min
We’re talking about being honest about whether or not your job - or business - impacts your relationship
060 - 7 Steps To Go From Employee to Entrepreneur
Aug 16 • 30 min
How to transition between being and employee & being an entrepreneur
059 - The Importance of Financial Literacy for Women with Shana Sissel
Aug 14 • 47 min
We’re talking with Shana Sissel about financial literacy, how women can positively impact the future, and how we can teach our daughters to embrace finance
058 - You’re Not Allowed to Treat Yourself Like *ish*
Aug 12 • 9 min
Thank you for listening, it means the world to me that you’re tuning in and that I can help you! You can connect with me at: Email: [email protected] IG Nat…
057 - You Want to Advance Your Career, But Not Right Now
Aug 9 • 23 min
We’re talking about how to approach the delicate topic of when you want to advance your career, just not right now
056 - Minimalism Lite - Incorporating Minimalism Into Different Areas of Your Life with Maria Halcumb
Aug 7 • 47 min
Minimalism doesn’t have to mean getting rid of absolutely everything - we’re talking to Maria about how she incorporates it into ever area of her life, including work and budget!
055 - Stop Running Around on Your Lunch Like a Chicken with Your Head Cut Off
Aug 5 • 7 min
We get things done on our lunch to free up our evenings, but why not focus some of that time on you?!
054 - Unsatisfied With Your Job…Stop Playing Victim
Aug 2 • 18 min
Questions to ask and steps to take when you find yourself dreading your job.
052 - You’re Not Stuck, Change Your Pattern to Change Your Life
Jul 29 • 10 min
Does the same situation keep happening in your life leading you to think you’re “stuck”, this is how you change it!
051 - Being a Working Couple and Having No Tribe
Jul 26 • 23 min
Making life as a working couple with no tribe less stressful
050 - All Things Mom Life - Sleep Training, Developmental Activities, Volunteer Work & More with Kara Strickland
Jul 24 • 62 min
Kara is the mom of a toddler who nannies, volunteers, and goes to school, we’re talking to her about sleep training, developmental activities, and so much more!
049 - Stop Thinking You’re Not Enough at Work
Jul 22 • 9 min
We second guess our own work ethic and we allow the theory of the motherhood penalty to impact our personal lives, how do we combat those thoughts?
048 - Planners, Cell Phones, and Stress
Jul 19 • 11 min
Finding just the right planner can be a huge relief, even exciting, but what happens when that planner stops working for us?
047 - Charter Schools; What Are they and When Should We Consider Them for Our Kids with Juliet Lucero
Jul 17 • 39 min
Charter schools; what are they, what are the benefits, what are the disadvantages, and should we be considering them?
046 -Lucy’s Words of Wisdom
Jul 15 • 5 min
Loving yourself is the only way to get anywhere in this world
045 - Choose Your Hard
Jul 12 • 11 min
Staying at a job you hate is hard, and so is deciding to leave, whether it’s to work for another company or to do something on your own.
044 - Nurturing Friendships - What Your Friends Without Kids Want You To Know with Kimberly Walker
Jul 10 • 52 min
Talking with author Kimberly Walker about how we can nurture our relationships with our friends who struggle with infertility and those who don’t or can’t have children
043 - Make Space for the Bad Days
Jul 8 • 6 min
How making space for the bad days enables us to level up.
042 - Start Dreaming Big
Jul 5 • 7 min
You deserve the life you’re dreaming of and this episode helps you visualize and actualize that dream!
041 - Auto-Immune Issues, Holistic Health, and The Five Pillars of Wellness with Candice Mallicoat
Jul 3 • 38 min
Talking with Candice Mallicoat about how she used holistic medicine and the five pillars of wellness to rid herself of the pain and symptoms of autoimmune issues
040 - Strive Not to Be a Success, but to Be of Value
Jul 1 • 8 min
Talking about success versus or value in working mom life
039 - Coaching and the Lynch Mob
Jun 28 • 12 min
We’re talking about coaching, the negative stigma behind it, and the reason people get into it.
038 - Niches, Branding and the Importance of Having a Website with Ashley Kaplan
Jun 26 • 43 min
We’re talking with Ashley Kaplan about why, if you’re starting your own business, you need a website and everything that goes along with that
037 - Have a Contingency Plan and Set Yourself Up for Success
Jun 24 • 9 min
Getting interrupted when we’re set on getting something done can be frustrating, let’s talk about how we can set ourselves up for success even with those tedious interruptions.
036 - I’m Not a Hot Mess, None of Us Are
Jun 21 • 5 min
Talking about the term “hot mess”, what it means for us, and how we can embrace who we are without using it
035 - The Fertility Struggle; How to Advocate for Yourself During Your Journey
Jun 19 • 52 min
We are talking with fertility coach Courtney Tully about fertility struggles and how and why women need to be advocating for themselves
034 - Goals, Retirement, and Diana Ross
Jun 17 • 9 min
As moms, we typically don’t set goals, and many of us are just working towards retirement, so how does one Diana Ross quote help us change that?
033 - Masterminds and Business Girlfriends with Nicole Ware of Fempreneur Online
Jun 14 • 19 min
We’re talking with Nicole Ware of Fempreneur Online today about business, why you need business girlfriends, and why masterminds are important
032 - The ABC’s of Working Motherhood with Chloe Bass
Jun 12 • 56 min
Talking with Chloe Bass of Making Working Motherhood Work about mom guilt, communication, career advancement and self care!
031 - Thoughts of a Working Mom - I love my job, I love my family, why is balance so hard
Jun 10 • 12 min
Today we’re talking about balance - whether it’s a valid concept - and how we can achieve the right balance
030 - Do You Have A Side Hustle
Jun 7 • 16 min
Talking about having a side hustle and why we shouldn’t put all of our income “eggs” in one basket
BONUS 005 - Making Mom Life Easier - Morning Routines, Limiting Beliefs, Toddler Life & More!
Jun 6 • 60 min
Making mom life easier by establishing morning routines, conquering limiting beliefs, toddler life, and more!
029 -Aligning with the Truth of Who You Are with Krista Resnick
Jun 5 • 60 min
Talking with Krista Resnick about how we can ditch the guilt, pick up our confidence and create life on our terms
028 - The Working Mom Manifesto
Jun 3 • 5 min
As moms, we live in service to those we care about - but we also deserve to be happy and fulfilled
027 - Leaning Out, Self Care, and Vacations That Don’t Stress a Mama Out with Sara Youngblood Ochoa
May 31 • 44 min
What it means to lean out instead of lean in, self care, and vacations that won’t stress you out (too much at least)
026 - Finding Balance in Fitness & Nutrition Without Feeling Like You’re Giving Up Everything You Love with Gina Sperry, Be Sperry Fit
May 29 • 66 min
As a working mom, fitness and nutrition are always at the forefront of our thoughts, but we don’t always make them priority - we’re talking with Gina about how to find balance in fitness and nutrition without feeling like you’re giving everything up.
025 - 7 Steps to Becoming the Next Best Version of You
May 27 • 8 min
A review of the 7 steps to becoming the next best version of you
024 - Incorporating Self Care Throughout Your Day To Be The Best Version of You
May 24 • 9 min
Self care isn’t just salon services, nights out, weekends away - it is so much more - and you can incorporate it into your day if you really want to
BONUS 004 - Peaceful Parenting; Yelling, Time-Ins, and the CALM Technique
May 23 • 56 min
We’re talking with parenting coach Irene McKenna about fostering healthy communication with our kids using peaceful parenting
023 - What You Don’t Know About PTSD; Using Cognitive Behavior Techniques to Live a Successful life with Lisa Adams, founder of H.E.A.R.T.
May 22 • 57 min
In this episode we talk with Lisa Adams about PTSD, why it’s just not a “military thing” and how we can still live an amazing life even if it does affect our lives.
022 - Creating Boundaries Between Work and Home So You Can Be Fully Present
May 20 • 11 min
We’re talking about how to create boundaries between work and home so you can be fully present in both areas
021 - The Importance of Breaks for Your Mental and Physical Health
May 17 • 7 min
We’re talking about how breaks can improve your productivity and how to make sure you take them
020 - Talking All Things Doula; Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth & Back to Work Support with Martha Snyder, Brave Steps Doula
May 15 • 53 min
In this episode, we talk with Martha Snyder of Brave Steps Doula, to discuss what services and support a doula can provide in various stages of mom life.
019 - Trash Your To-Do List - The Technique That Leaves You Feeling Accomplished Every Day
May 13 • 10 min
We all have the never ending to-do list, but we never seem to get anything done - until we start being strategic!
018 - How Our Digital Devices Can Jack Up Our Day & What To Do About It
May 10 • 8 min
Talking about “the scroll”, if we need to check our phones in the morning & how not to let it screw up our day.
017 - Working From Home & Creating a Stand Out Brand with Andrea Miyares, Iconic Design Group LLC
May 8 • 47 min
Working From Home & Creating a Stand Out Brand with Andrea Miyares
016 - Do You Check In With Yourself Before You Get Out Of Bed?
May 6 • 8 min
Why it’s important to take a few minutes before we get out of bed to acknowledge how we feel mentally, physically and emotionally
BONUS 003 - Design Your Dream Life; Gratitude, a Personal Plan, Inspired Action & More!
May 3 • 59 min
We talk with author and motivational speaker, Denise Walsh, about creating your dream life.
BONUS 002 - Being Intentional in Your Relationship and How to Reconnect with Your Husband
May 2 • 58 min
Communication, being intentional in our relationship, and reconnecting with our husbands.
014 - How to Recognize When Your Child Has Anxiety - What Contributes to Anxiety & How Can We Manage It Effectively with Joy Acaso
May 1 • 43 min
In this episode we talk with Joy Acaso, Family Therapist and Anxiety Support Coach for Parents and Children. Some highlights below:IG:
013 - Gratitude
Apr 29 • 9 min
How gratitude can literally change your whole day - and when should you be expressing this gratitude!
012 - Are You Stuck in a Season of Neglect?
Apr 26 • 23 min
What is a season of neglect? How do you know if you’re in one and what do you do about it?
011 - Putting Yourself First - Why Does This Feel So Wrong For Working Moms with Marlis Huebner
Apr 23 • 37 min
Putting yourself first, guilt, morning routines, journaling, we’re talking about all this and more with Marlis Huebner
010 - What Makes You Happy?
Apr 22 • 9 min
What really makes us happy, other than the usual answers, and how we can incorporate that into our daily lives.
009 - Embrace the Chaos? No, Let’s Create the Peace
Apr 19 • 32 min
Talking about the phrase “embrace the chaos”, it being directed at moms, how these words create more chaos and how to change that in your life.
008 Time and Money Saving Tips - Real Life - Actionable - Tips From a Working Mom of FOUR with Beth Karwoski
Apr 17 • 42 min
Time and money saving tips that you can really use from a working mom of FOUR!
007 How to Actually Be Productive When You’re In a Busy Season at Work
Apr 15 • 13 min
We’re talking about our busy seasons at work - and how to be productive without feeling overwhelmed and sabotaging our productivity
006 Do We Learn Not to Take Care of Ourselves (Do We Learn to Neglect Our Needs)
Apr 12 • 31 min
When we’re young, preteen and teen years, and even sometimes early 20s, we are all about doing things for ourselves. Why does that change when we have kids?
005 - Succeed at Both Home and Career by Identifying Your Priorities & Focusing Your Energy with Alejandra Zapata
Apr 10 • 45 min
How are we supposed to succeed at home and at work; Alejandra helps us identify our priorities and focus our energy to achieve that success!
004 Give Your Mondays a Purpose
Apr 8 • 7 min
Whether you love or hate Mondays, or are completely indifferent to them, it’s important to give them a purpose, but what does that mean?
BONUS 001 - Teaching Our Kids How To Learn; Why Labels Aren’t Accurate and Everyone is Intelligent
Apr 4 • 53 min
Kids may not “get’ what’s being taught to them, but that doesn’t mean they’re not intelligent; learn the essential skills needed to bring out the best in your child!
003 - The Unconventional Way I Became A Working Mom
Mar 29 • 27 min
Why kids weren’t part of my life until I was in my 30s and how I became a working mom in 24 hours
002 - Including Acts of Kindness When You Already Have a Busy Family Life with Kim David, Project Stella Resources
Mar 26 • 59 min
We want to teach our kids to be kind. But how can we make sure we’re teaching them the right thing? Our lives are so busy already, we can’t fit in volunteering or service projects very often, if at all. Kim David, Project Stella Resources, takes us …
001 - Intro & Who This Podcast Is For
Mar 26 • 18 min
Who this podcast is for, the goal of the podcast, and a little about me!