The Book Commander Podcast

The Book Commander Podcast
Bestselling author John M. Davis hosts the Internet’s nonpareil podcast. Philosophy collides with the writing industry in this one-of-a-kind show! #bookcommander

The #bookcommander Podcast S3E3 - How to Be a Full-Time Author
Aug 21 • 24 min
John explains what writing means to him, and how to do it full-time.
Where’s My Tech Guy?
Jul 24 • 20 min
Get your blank milk cartons ready! My tech guy switched day jobs and the low-tech #bookcommander is in way over his head.
The Book Commander Podcast S2E2 “Control What You Can”
Jun 18 • 20 min
The Book Commander talks about controlling what you can and letting the rest go, and how it ties-in to a virtually stress-free life.
Book Commander Podcast S2E1 - “A New Season”
May 28 • 20 min
Season 2 of the #bookcommander Podcast has arrived!
Book Commander Episode #30 “State of the Union”
May 3 • 28 min
Bestselling author John M. Davis talks about his writing and the future, including his upcoming series Immortal. He also discusses the banning of conservative figures such as Alex Jones, and how America has entered a very dangerous time.
#29 The “Jim and Pam” Episode
Apr 29 • 23 min
The Book Commander talks Jim and Pam from The Office.
The “Spring Break” Episode
Apr 23 • 21 min
The #bookcommander Podcast returns as bestselling author John M. Davis talks about spring break, the Nintendo Classic, and his upcoming book.
The “Hit List” Episode
Apr 19 • 26 min
Bestselling author goes full-on Angry Writer after catching wind of a vampire who’s spreading misinformation. #bookcommander