Curiosity Continuum

Curiosity Continuum
Josh and Brian take on a myriad of relevant topics in today’s world where life, tech, and time have created understanding gaps among people. The aim is to understand one another better and spark curiosity in the heart and mind.

Mandatory Side Quest
Oct 7 • 15 min
When your main quest has you at an impasse, take a side quest to level up in a related, indirect way that directly benefits your main quest.
Dystopian Utopia
Sep 30 • 19 min
Which scenario resonates more with you: Dystopian Future, or Utopian Future? Can we ever really achieve it?
Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
Sep 23 • 13 min
Unless we get comfortable with being uncomfortable, we will stay mired in the familiar and uninspiring. Forging a new direction or making progress always goes against our comfort. Do it anyway!
People as a Resource
Sep 16 • 15 min
People are individuals and unique: They a company’s most valuable resource. No matter the automations or innovations, humans are necessary to make the world run. What do YOU bring to the table?
The Overreach of Technology
Sep 9 • 18 min
What happens when the speed of innovation outpaces the critical social, ethical, and moral conversations around the science? How have we prepared for its success? Are we prepared if it fails?
The Rise of Nerd Culture
Sep 2 • 16 min
Nerd culture used to live in the uncool places of society. Now, in the age when nerds sway the world’s course, it has become the culture.
Expectations VS. Reality
Aug 26 • 19 min
Expectations - whether great, small, positive, or negative - should be compared and contrasted against Reality, to assess, learn, and iterate in all areas. Launch out with us on this episode of Curiosity Continuum as we discuss Expectations VS. Reality.
Saving The Princess (?)
Aug 19 • 14 min
What if the princess didn’t want to be rescued? What if there is more to the story? Put on your retro gaming hat and listen to a discussion on the tropes and pitfalls of “saving the princess” and what it might actually mean.
Collaboration is Essential
Aug 12 • 15 min
Collaboration is essential in all areas of life if we want to achieve things beyond ourselves. Think about the ways we collaborate well, and how we can do better, together.
Why The Center Matters
Aug 5 • 12 min
If there are edges, there’s a middle. What’s your center? Why is it important?
Why Apathy is Dangerous
Jul 29 • 15 min
Is apathy bad? Does it have a purpose in today’s culture? Think and wonder on today’s episode.
You’re Trying Too Hard
Jul 22 • 17 min
Don’t let good be the enemy of perfect. It’s a process. We discuss the value in just doing something and releasing it into the world.
Failure IS an Option
Jul 15 • 19 min
Failure has its benefits if you move through it and not set up camp. What has failure taught you?
The Values of Blue Collar Workers
Jul 8 • 19 min
Certain attributes of blue collar workers directly relate to values, as they function largely in the analog world and work within and overcome real constraints.
Expertise Does Not Always Equal Leadership
Jul 1 • 22 min
Sometimes, being an expert does not always mean you are a leader.
The Lessons of Zelda
Jun 24 • 20 min
A fun discussion where Brian and Josh discuss lessons they have learned from The Legend of Zelda and how it applied to real life. (Yes Mom, video games taught me something useful).
The Necessity of Rest
Jun 17 • 18 min
Rest is not a four-letter word. Well, it is, but not a bad one. It’s a good thing, and increasingly scarce, in today’s world.
Adaptation is Iteration
Jun 10 • 17 min
We all should be adapting and iterating within and without of ourselves in a constantly changing world.
The Necessity Of Boredom
Jun 3 • 21 min
Nobody died from being bored. In fact, it can spark curiosity. That’s a good thing!
The Impermanence Of Permanence
May 27 • 17 min
Is there anything that is permanent? Is it all transient? Is change itself a permanent attribute?
Contextual Awareness
May 20 • 16 min
Context is key in properly perceiving and understanding people and the world around us. Listen to this conversation about Contextual Awareness, with a special guest intro by Sabrina.
The Ageless Wisdom of Grandparents
May 13 • 19 min
What have you learned from the older generations? Josh and Brian discuss their grandparents and what lessons we can glean and apply today.
The Importance of The Box
May 6 • 24 min
Why should we always “think outside the box?” Is the box inherently bad? We discuss what “The Box” is, its meaning, and its importance.
The Art of the Conversation
Apr 29 • 27 min
Conversations are an art form that everyone can become a better artist. Learn how to have better conversations during your daily adventures.
The Analog Experience
Apr 22 • 26 min
Analog experiences are important and necessary as a person. It is the real world, and understanding the analog foundations of the world will give us bearing and context for everything built upon it, especially in a constantly changing world.
The Value of Friendship
Apr 15 • 22 min
Why is friendship important? Do you have any lifelong friends? In today’s world, friendship is even more critical in an ever increasing digital world that can be isolating from real relationships.
Curiosity Continuum
Apr 9 • 2 min
Brian and Josh explain a bit about the journey you’re about to go on with Curiosity Continuum.