Conversations with Yoders' Farm

Conversations with Yoders' Farm
A biweekly conversation around what has been going on here at Yoders’ Farm in Rustburg, Virginia.

007 - The Corn Maze is Planted & Other Maze Details
Jul 10 • 13 min
We’ve been thinking a lot about fall these days, mostly because we’ve recently planted the Corn Maze and are working to decide what our design will be this year. Beyond that we’re also planting pumpkins and working to prepare the area where we’ll be…
006 - Strawberry Season is Over - A Quick Look at Whats Next
Jun 24 • 10 min
This is a quick episode that puts the 2019 strawberry season to bed. After that we discuss sweet corn just a little bit before talking about a few possible future episodes.
005 - Common Misconceptions About Strawberry Farming
Jun 8 • 24 min
In this episode Lowell and I give a quick run down of a bunch of little things that are common misconceptions about strawberry farming, strawberry raising and farming in general. Things like “are all strawberry farmers grumpy” or “rain is great for…
004 - Strawberry Varieties - What We Grow at Yoders’ Farm
May 27 • 30 min
In this episode Lowell and I give a brief overview of how the Pick-Your-Own strawberry season has gone here in South Central Virginia. Then we dive into the main topic of the episode, strawberry varieties. Lowell gave an overview of several varieties that…
003 - A Day in the Life of a Strawberry Farmer
May 11 • 28 min
In this episode Lowell and I give a quick recap of the last couple of weeks since we’ve been open for Pick-Your-Own strawberry picking. Lowell also walks through what a “normal” day during strawberry season looks like. Finally we talk through several tips…
002 - Strawberry Growing Life Cycle
Apr 24 • 25 min
On this episode Lowell and I talk through an overview of the “life cycle” of the strawberry cycle. We talk about field preparation, planting, the winter and spring months leading up to opening for pick your own. And then it all starts over again!
001 - Who We Are & What We Do
Apr 13 • 14 min
This episode is just a quick overview of “who” Yoders’ Farm is as well as “what” we do and what we offer to the public.
000 - Podcast Introduction
Apr 8 • 1 min
Just a very brief welcome to the podcast. We’re glad you’ve stopped by!