The Part-Time Artist Podcast

The Part-Time Artist Podcast
The show where artists from various fields talk about their story, their daily life and their struggles. The podcast is all about how to survive as an artist, how to find the time to create, how to set up your creative business and much more. Tune in, …

10: Look After Your Mental Health
Aug 13 • 41 min
Artists are 3 times more likely to develop mental health problems so in this episode I talk about influencing factors and how to prevent these issues.
9: Special Episode at YALC 2019!
Jul 30 • 41 min
Special episode about the YA book industry, libraries, publishing, working with an agent, making book-inspired jewellery, studying, blogging and much more!
8: You Are More Than What You Create, with T.A. Hernandez
Jul 16 • 31 min
Finishing your first book, self-publishing vs traditional publishing, and mental health for creatives, with T.A. Hernandez.
7: Give Yourself Enough Time to Succeed, with Andy Robertson
Jul 2 • 40 min
Creating a thriving Youtube channel, working while having a family and taking the leap to become freelancer, with Andy Robertson.
6: Just Start, with Grant Koper
Jun 18 • 36 min
Self-publishing children’s books, marketing yourself and living with HIV, with Grant Koper.
5: Learn How to Persist, with Mia Hawk
Jun 4 • 43 min
Selling your art, persisting despite the obstacles and living a minimalist life, with Mia Hawk.
4: Think Wide and Believe in Yourself, with Vicky Brewster
May 21 • 46 min
Working with writers, building a creative business and dealing with taxes, with Vicky Brewster.
3: How To Find Your Calling, with Juan Carlos Porcel
May 7 • 50 min
Teaching comic books and changing society’s perception of art, with Juan Carlos Porcel.
2: Never Stop Learning, with Lauren Shields
Apr 23 • 38 min
Organisation, inspiration and taking a different path with singer Lauren Shields.
1: You Are Unique! With Joseph O’Reilly
Apr 7 • 28 min
Auditions, rejections and comparisons, with musical theatre performer Joseph O’Reilly.