Join me AlongTheWay! Most of my favorite moments in life are ones that happen “Along The Way”. They weren’t necessarily planned or even expected but they are moments along the way in everyday life that have helped me grow and learn to be more like J

Living Simply On Purpose - Matt Snyder’s Journey AlongTheWay 20
Aug 19 • 51 min
Matt Snyder shares the journey of his prodigal turn around and how simplicity helps drive his purpose.
Whatever It Takes to Discover Grace - Steve McVey’s Journey AlongTheWay 19
Aug 12 • 71 min
Steve shares his journey of Discovering how to walk in God’s Grace
Anything Is Possible - Sydni Goldman’s Journey AlongTheWay 18
Aug 5 • 40 min
Sydni Goldman shares her Journey into the world of Television and how God led her into marriage.
Translating Life’s Languages Part 2 - Carolyn Santos’ Journey AlongTheWay 17
Jul 29 • 34 min
Carolyn Santos shares insight into Host John Matarazzo’s Life Languages assessment
Translating Life’s Languages Part 1 - Anna Kendall’s Journey AlongTheWay 16
Jul 29 • 42 min
Anna Kendall shares her journey of learning how God designed us to communicate, it saved her marriage and helped hundreds of thousands communicate Life’s 7 Languages.
Becoming StormProof - Carol McLeod’s Journey AlongTheWay 15
Jul 22 • 37 min
Carol McLeod shares the lessons learned through life’s most difficult storms as well as the storms in the Bible.
The Asian Forest Gump - Doug Stringer’s Journey AlongTheWay 14
Jul 15 • 80 min
Discover how Doug Stringer learned to walk in Simple Obedience and Availability that has international impact
Healed from Autism - Dr. Reg Morais’ Journey AlongTheWay 13
Jul 8 • 66 min
Dr. Reg Morais was healed from autism as a child through the ministry of David Yonggi Cho. He tells the story of his adventure into prophetic ministry and a powerful prophecy about the unexpected Prime Minister of Australia.
Finding the Story Between The Lines - John Matarazzo’s Journey AlongTheWay 12
Jul 1 • 25 min
Discover how an encounter with a homeless man led John onto an unexpected life path
Keeping Your Edge Sharp - Doug from YWAM’s Journey AlongTheWay 11
Jun 24 • 73 min
Discover how Doug learned to trust God in everything and Keep his edge sharp AlongTheWay
Hearing Heaven’s Conversation - Abigail Holt-Jenning’s Journey AlongTheWay 10
Jun 17 • 74 min
Discover how Abigail learned to hear Heaven’s Conversation over her life and believe heaven’s truth while rejecting the lies
The Secret to a Long and Healthy Life from a 102 Year Old Preacher - Beatrice Lamonte’s Journey AlongTheWay 09
Jun 10 • 63 min
102 (almost 103) year old Rev. Beatrice Lamonte tells her story of healing from Tuberculosis, starting a church, adopting a baby at 58 years old and her secrets for a long and healthy life.
God Speaks the Language of Music - Andrew Greer’s Journey AlongTheWay 08
Jun 3 • 79 min
Singer/Songwriter, Andrew Greer shares how God communicates through the language of music and how daily surrender combats fear.
How Dropping an “F-Bomb” Changed Her Life - Amanda Brougher’s Journey AlongTheWay 07
May 27 • 62 min
RealLife CoHost, Amanda Brougher, shares her journey of faith, falling in love with the Word of God, pioneering a DreamCenter, trusting God through loving wayward child and working in TV ministry.
Desperation Changes Your Season - Tom Hollis’ Journey AlongTheWay 06
May 20 • 50 min
RealLife Host, Tom Hollis, shares his life changing encounter with the Holy Spirit. His time as a missionary, being called off of the mission field and working in TV ministry.
Trusting God Through the Camera Lens - John DeVries’ Journey AlongTheWay Ep 05
May 13 • 54 min
South African Filmmaker tells how receiving a camera set him on a journey of adventure and faith
Searching for Patterns of Evidence - Timothy Mahoney’s Journey AlongTheWay Ep 04
May 6 • 71 min
A Crisis of Faith leads Filmmaker Tim Mahoney to search for Patterns of Evidence
Setting Your Watch By Trouble - J. Anthony Gilbert’s AlongTheWay Journey Ep 02
Apr 15 • 37 min
J. Anthony Gilbert tells about his journey into a life of ministry, finding his wife through a method that he previously preached against and the process of looking for and overcoming the devil’s goalline defense.
Finding Joy in the Journey - Amy Schafer’s Journey AlongTheWay Ep 03
Apr 15 • 41 min
Amy Schafer tells about her journey into ministry started in musical theater, then a phone call from a man she hadn’t met before changed her destiny now she is Co-pastoring a thriving church and co-hosting a TV show.
From Addiction to Redemption - Dan Perkins’ Journey AlongTheWay Ep 01
Apr 3 • 40 min
Dan Perkins shares his journey from drug addiction to redemption and ministry