The Startup Green Room

The Startup Green Room
Behind the scenes with operators building India’s best tech startups.

Prashant Tandon: Solving trust and access in the Indian healthcare ecosystem
Aug 12 • 42 min
Prashant Tandon is the co-founder and CEO of 1mg, the largest healthcare app in India. He’s a veteran in the space, and shares his insights on healthcare in India.
Tapan Pandita: The Indian fin-tech landscape digest
Jul 10 • 78 min
Tapan Pandita is the Chief Architect at ICICI’s Innovation Labs, and takes a deep dive into the Indian fin-tech opportunity space.
Zishaan Hayath: The secret sauce of product management at Toppr
Jun 26 • 51 min
Zishaan Hayath reveals the secret sauce behind product management at Toppr, and how they achieve best-in-class retention metrics.
Ankit Nagori: Building for customer experience at Cure.Fit
Jun 5 • 35 min
Ankit Nagori is the co-founder at Cure.Fit, where they are building an expansive health and fitness company that is focused on customer experience.
Shrey Gupta: Achieving product-market fit for Oyo’s supply-side
May 22 • 45 min
Shrey shares his learnings in pitching to, transforming, and onboarding properties on OYO Rooms – and then scaling this across the country.
Swetabh Pathak: Consulting services to SaaS product at Elucidata
May 1 • 27 min
Swetabh shares his learnings as his company Elucidata transitions from consulting services to a SaaS product.
Sanjeev Rao: Scaling Swiggy 10x
Apr 23 • 34 min
Sanjeev shares his learnings from leading HR at Swiggy and growing the team from 70 to 800 people.
Deepit Purkayastha: Product learnings from Inshorts
Apr 17 • 37 min
Deepit walks us through product milestones and decisions that made Inshorts successful.
Apr 4 • 7 min
Arjun and Alokik walk you through the idea behind The Startup Green Room, and share a sneak peek on what to expect from the following episodes.